The Girlfriend Massage, also known as the Girlfriend Experience, is an incredible way to experience a sensual massage with a pleasing dose of intimacy. Getting up close and personal with a stranger may seem uncomfortable but the masseuses at Secret Tantric know how to put you at ease. Whether you spend 1 hour with them or the whole day, they will ensure that you enjoy yourself every step of the way. If you’ve always wondered what a Girlfriend Massage is, this article will explain and you’ll see why it’s one of our most popular forms of massage.

There are a million and one reasons for seeking out a Girlfriend Massage. You may be surprised by some of the motivations that get our clients through the door for a Girlfriend Massage. In short the Girlfriend Massage provides a lot of intimacy and care without the responsibility and effort of a relationship. It’s a way for a client to feel appreciated and sop up some affection in a no-strings-attached environment. This is great for a lot of people for a lot of reasons. You may not think that it’s for you, but you may be surprised by how appealing it actually is.

Define ‘girlfriend’

Here at Secret Tantric our masseuses are just that, masseuses. They are not escorts and we do not advertise or condone anything beyond an erotic massage in each session. However, our clients and our masseuses are consenting adults and what happens between consenting adults behind closed doors is entirely up to them. When we say the Girlfriend Massage with the Girlfriend Experience we are suggesting that the massage will have an element of closeness and affection that may be less prominent in other massage styles. It does not imply or ensure sex of any kind,  nor does it imply that our masseuses are interested in relationships with clients beyond the professional.

 Feeling Rusty?

Many of the people who seek out the Girlfriend Massage are returning to intimacy after some sort of hiatus. The Girlfriend Experience can be a wonderful way to bridge the gap between being single and lonely and fully getting back into the world of dating and relationships. Consider our masseuses an opportunity to practice your flirtation skills and reacquaint yourself with intimacy with another person.

Great for divorcees

Maybe you’re feeling a bit vengeful, maybe you’re feeling a bit jealous, but if you’ve just gone through a separation or divorce, getting frisky with an incredibly stunning woman can do a lot for the ego. Even  a minor break up can cause a glitch in your confidence and self esteem. Get back in the saddle and learn to ride again with a professional massage session with a stunning tantric masseuse. Not only will she relax and rejuvenate your body, she will stimulate and arouse your imagination and help put you back in the mind of someone who is ready to get back on the hunt.

Enjoy your freedom

Let’s face it, relationships are a lot of work and not always a lot of payback. But everyone needs a little closeness and a bit of TLC from time to time!  A Girlfriend Massage is the perfect way to scratch the itch for some affection without having to become emotionally involved. What happens between you and your masseuse stays between you and your masseuse so enjoy yourself and leave your session a relaxed, satisfied, and free man.

You’re in very good hands

A lot of erotic massage agencies hire based on looks alone. We happen to have a very discerning clientele who demand more and better than just stunning women. All of our masseuses are bright, personable, well-trained in a variety of massage styles and gorgeous. Some massage agencies don’t even train their masseuses and an erotic massage is really just a thinly veiled rub and tug. Not so with Secret Tantric. We provide premium, world-class erotic massage and we cater to some very dignified and high-class clients. No matter the type of massage you see us for you will have the time of your life. And if it’s a Girlfriend Massage, you can guarantee that you will be fulfilled by the company that you receive from our incredible tantric goddesses.

Flirting is an art form

Not everyone is confident when it comes to their flirting skills. And that’s okay! The trouble with flirting is that it’s not really something you can practice on your own. The Girlfriend Experience gives you a prime opportunity to practice your flirting skills and conversation skills with a new woman. All of our masseuses are great fun to be around and they are there to help. Not having a lot of relationship experience can cause people to avoid having relationships.  It can be intimidating to get involved with someone if you feel under qualified. If only there was a way to get more comfortable with yourself and someone new in a low pressure environment. There is! The Girlfriend Experience is perfect for wallflowers, shy guys, or anyone else looking for more experience outside of a relationship. 

Grief is a long and lonely road

Erotic massage is obviously a lot of fun, but in the right context it can also be healing. It is not uncommon for us to have clients who are experiencing significant grief, often at the loss of a partner. Grief can absolutely cripple the libido and cause thoughts and feelings of shame and selfishness.  But the return of libido after grief can be a sign of growth and healing. During such complex times in our lives seeing a professional can be a healthy and responsible way to get the experience that you need. With a pro you aren’t implicating or hurting someone with a relationship that you’re not yet capable of. If you know it’s too soon to jump into a relationship but you need a little bit of closeness, a Girlfriend Massage can be just the ticket.

‘Touch starved’ is a real thing

If the pandemic taught us anything about human nature it’s that human beings need to touch and be touched. If you live alone and you’re single, it’s easy to go weeks or months without touching another person, particularly with social distancing. This is a strange and unnatural way for human beings to live. Many studies have shown that contact with other people is essential for mental health and overall wellness. A massage is a great way to get some much-needed contact without all of the intricacies and implications of hooking up with someone. If you’re feeling like your battery is low and the thought of someone touching you in a consensual way is exciting, try a paid service like an erotic massage. Sure, it’s more intimate than going to the dentist or the chiropractor, but it is still a body-centric service that is necessary and conveniently transactional.

It’s not therapy, but it’s close

Masseuses are not counsellors or therapists but they do know a thing or two about listening. It is completely okay to not chat throughout your massage, and it’s also okay to talk. Sometimes we just need someone to listen without judgment and without giving us unnecessary feedback. Why not get a few things off of your chest while a beautiful woman that tends to your physical needs and desires?  Blowing off steam with a girlfriend massage is a great way to relax and unwind after a long week. Reward yourself for the hard work that you do and give your mind and body a rest while you are pampered and adored by an absolutely stunning woman. You deserve it. 

Self-care is essential

Self-care has really become a buzzword in the last decade or so but all the fuss is legitimate. We live in increasingly difficult times and there is a lot going on in the world. If we don’t take care of ourselves everything starts to come apart. Self care and wellness management comes in many forms, one of which is attending to your desires. A girlfriend massage has all of the usual benefits of a muscular massage but with an intimate erotic component. It’s kind of the best of both worlds. So while you’re taking care of your body with the massage, you can be taking care of yourself in other ways by accepting the affection and intimacy she provides. 

Curiosity and adventure

There are so many good reasons for choosing a Girlfriend Massage and one of them is simply that you’re curious. Consider it an adventure to book yourself a Girlfriend Massage and surrender to the beauty and sensual prowess of one of our tantric goddesses. If it’s something you’ve never done and you’ve always been curious about, getting a professional erotic massage can be incredibly liberating. Trust your intuition and if your curiosity is getting the best of you just indulge! Take the plunge! Life is short and our masseuses are so incredible we are confident you will not regret a single minute of your appointment. 

No matter your needs or abilities a Girlfriend Massage  is a great way to  give your actual muscles a much-needed break. You enjoy the full body erotic massage of your choice with the added connection and intimacy of the Girlfriend Experience. Each of our sessions begins with a mini consultation where you can express any limitations you might have or ask any questions. From there you can lay back and relax and enjoy the time with your temporary ‘girlfriend.’ 

What are you waiting for?

Erotic massage is a luxury, but also an important part of your sexual health maintenance. Looking to relax? Are you touch-starved from being single? We can meet your every need.

Whether you are looking for a lingam massage or simply a sensual full body erotic massage, we have what you want. Our girls are the most beautiful in London, if not the world! We are absolutely confident that every session you booked with us will be better than the last. No matter your reasons for booking with us, we will always leave you satisfied, to whatever degree you desire.

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