There was a time when massage options were limited. You could have Swedish or shiatsu or “happy ending”,  and that was about it. Luckily, the massage industry has come a long way and  more than kept up with supply and demand.  These days any good massage agency will have multiple massage options, if not an extensive list. At Secret Tantric our masseuses provide numerous massages and combinations of massages. Sure, we specialize in tantric massage, but we do so much more. A perfect example is the deep tissue tantric massage. To put it simply, deep tissue tantric massage is the best of all worlds. Let’s look at what a deep tissue tantric massage involves and what its many benefits are.

Tantric massage alone is a delight for the senses. Adding a deep tissue element to a tantric massage means that not only is it a toe curling erotic experience, it also has the benefits of deep tissue massage, which are many.  Either one of these massages on their own would be incredible, but combining the two styles into one incredible session is something that we do best here at Secret Tantra.  Because our masseuses are so well trained in a variety of massage styles, we can accommodate almost any need or desire from our clients. Deep tissue tantric massage is incredibly popular because it delivers a strong and lasting massage with the intimacy and exoticism of Tantra. 

What is a deep-tissue tantric massage like?

A deep tissue tantric massage is not for the faint of heart. It is a rigorous and physical massage that addresses deep and significant muscle tension and pain. Simultaneously, the tantric elements of a deep tissue tantric massage are intimate and deeply soothing.  Both these forms of massage are considered intensive on their own, so when they are combined they are particularly potent. Not only will a deep tissue tantric massage be incredibly pleasurable, you will feel the benefits of it for days to come. 

What is Tantra?

Tantra is an ancient philosophy that originated in India and Tibet in the sixth century. It is based on the teachings of Hinduism and Buddhism but requires no particular spiritual or religious religious affiliation to partake in it. A lot of folks focus on the sexual end of Tantra, as it is the most well-known. Tantra is a holistic system but it does feature a lot of techniques that are erotic and intended for sexual well-being. The term Tantra is a Sanskrit word that translates to English as “woven web”, which is a very apt description because Tantra is all about the connections between oneself, the world around them, and The Divine.

The experience of a tantric massage

If the idea of a tantric massage seems overwhelming or too intimate, you’re not alone. Many people think that way at first.  A tantric massage can be very sexual, but it can also simply be sensual. You are not required to have a happy ending with a tantric massage, though that is completely common and somewhat expected. For some people the nudity is too intense in which case you can have your massage still wearing you’re under clothes.  W hat a tantric massage does not require of you is anything other than your relaxation and open-mindedness. The benefits of tantric massage are they they are more intimate and more fulfilling than a typical erotic massage. This intimacy is achieved through conscious breathing which your masseuse can lead you through, as well as focussed and continuous erotic stimulation. 

What is a deep tissue massage?

The secret to deep tissue massage is not simply the strength of the masseuse or how hard they work your muscles. What really makes a deep tissue massage feel so good is the length of time the masseuse  works on each pressure point. The intensity of their touch is greater in a deep tissue massage than a typical massage, but it’s the holding of the position and the extra strain to your muscles that makes it so rewarding.  A deep tissue massage is like having two or three massages in one. You may feel quite spent by the time you’re finished but your body will thank you. Whether you have an old injury, or you’re tense from sitting for too many hours, deep tissue massages can make a difference.

Combining tantric massage with deep tissue massage

When you put a deep tissue massage together with a tantric massage, you experience so much more than just the sum of its parts.  The depth and intensity of deep tissue massage pairs perfectly with the tantric experience because both have a somewhat transcendental element to them. A deep tissue massage can cause the same kind of euphoric escapism that tantric massage can, so when you unite the two you multiply the pleasure and the results. 

Our masseuses know what they’re doing

There are a million and one massage agencies in London, but none as thoroughly staffed with erotic massage experts as Secret Tantric.  We know that it’s not enough for our clients that our masseuses are simply gorgeous, they must be talented as well.  We work with some incredibly bright and brilliant masseuses. Many of them are well experienced when they join the team and all of them, regardless of their curriculum vitae receive additional training on any and all massage styles that interest them. We don’t force every massage style down the throats of our masseuses. We understand that they will do better work and provide better massages if they are comfortable with and enjoying the massages they provide.  Our goal is to have our masseuses deliver incredible experiences to clients, and for us to support and empower our masseuses in every way that we can. 

Our girls are just made different

Scroll through our masseuse profiles and look at how beautiful these women are! You may be thinking “They look great on the website but is that actually who I would find when I arrive at my massage?”. Absolutely! We do not bait and switch. We represent our masseuses honestly and authentically on our website and we are absolutely positive you will not be disappointed when you meet them in person. At Secret Tantric, we only work with the best and we allow our masseuses to set their own hours and their own rates so that they have as much control over their experience and earning potential as they wish.

Our clients know best

We serve some of the most elite and erudite men and women in all of London.  Our masseuses frequently host politicians, entertainers, diplomats, and yes, even royalty. Clients do us the immense service of giving us feedback and providing testimonials about our masseuses and the level of care they provide. Our clients are incredibly discerning and they require the best so that is exactly what we give them! Each and every one of our masseuses is well-trained, incredibly beautiful, personable, and ready to go the extra mile for every single one of you. 

You’ll love it, we promise

A deep tissue tantric massage is something everyone should try in their lifetime. You’ll feel like your legs are made of jelly and your brain is scrambled eggs. But in the best way! Experience:

  • Complete relaxation
  • Real therapeutic massage
  • Playful eroticism and flirtation
  • The healing and moisturizing benefits of our exclusive massage oil
  • The focussed attention and encouragement from your masseuse
  • A full and unrushed hour ( minimum) with a top London masseuse 

Our goal is for you to leave feeling better than when you came in, more relaxed, more clear-headed.

The benefits are incredible

Both deep tissue massage and tantric massage come with benefits. By combining these two styles the benefits seem to multiply each other making for a truly exceptional erotic massage experience. The deep tissue massage will heal muscles and joints and loosen you up. The tantric elements of your massage will relax you and help you feel more in sync with your body. (Tantric breathing helps us to reconnect with our physical bodies as well as our spiritual selves.) Don’t be put off by the spiritual element of Tantra. It is completely harmless and can only help in terms of achieving true relaxation and calm.

Tantric breathing is a powerful tool

All tantric massage, deep tissue or otherwise, involves conscious and intentional breathing. This deep breathing technique helps your mind and body achieve equilibrium with one another and gives an immediate sense of calm which enables you to enjoy and become receptive to the experience at hand.  There’s no real trick to Tantric breathing; it’s simply inhale-hold-exhale in (seconds) increments of 4-8-7.  Your massage goddess will lead your breathing and help you achieve a state of calm that is ideal for a deep tissue tantric massage.  Incidentally,  that same breathing technique is helpful in stressful situations outside of an erotic massage. You can use this technique anytime that you need to achieve a sense of calm in just a couple of minutes. It’s perfect before a big presentation or before delivering difficult news. 

Try it with Four Hands

Several of our gorgeous masseuses provide Four Hands Massage. Four Hands is an exciting form of massage that has two masseuses instead of just one. It’s incredibly erotic to have two women performing your massage. You also get twice as many hands doing twice as much massaging. When you add this feature to a deep tissue tantric massage you are in for an experience unlike anything you have ever had. Not only do they have magic hands, you have the opportunity to watch them doing their work, the Four Hands massage is exceptionally exciting for voyeuristic types who love watching girl-on-girl type scenes. Some of them are even open to mutual massage, in which you are allowed to massage them back.

It’s exciting, but manners still matter

It’s important to remember that while your masseuse is enthusiastic and open-minded, she’s still an autonomous human being. We absolutely expect that all manners of consent will be honoured. At the beginning of every massage session you and your masseuse will sit down for a brief consultation. You will discuss your desires and expectations for the session, and boundaries either of you may have. This consultative moment is essential for both of you. Use it to set the ground rules for the experience you are about to share. No one wants to feel unsure or fumbling when getting intimate with someone and no one wishes to harm or offend. The surest way to prevent any issues or misunderstandings is to speak plainly and be up front about everything.

Life is short, get the massage!

Your deep tissue tantric massage will be incredible, we are sure of that. It will also be enlightening to be reminded of how good your body can feel. We all face aches and pains, some of us more than others. A deep tissue tantric massage is a wonderful way to practice some healthy self care. Do something kind for yourself! You may have many vices, but getting an erotic massage from time to time is definitely a harmless indulgence. Most of our clients are repeat clients. Many of them have long-standing and respectful relationships with the masseuses they see regularly. There’s no shame in seeking out a professional erotic massage and there’s no shame in being a professional erotic masseuse. Where there is a need there is a solution, where there is demand there is supply.  We’re proud of the work that our masseuses do for locals and visitors in London.

It’s the obvious choice

Our girls are the most beautiful in London, if not the world, and we are absolutely confident that every session you booked with us will be better than the last. No matter your reasons for booking with us, we will always leave you satisfied, to whatever degree you desire. Call us now and book straight away!

What are you waiting for?

Erotic massage is a luxury, but also an important part of your sexual health maintenance. Looking to relax? Are you touch-starved from being single? We can meet your every need.

Whether you are looking for a lingam massage or simply a sensual full body erotic massage, we have what you want. Our girls are the most beautiful in London, if not the world! We are absolutely confident that every session you booked with us will be better than the last. No matter your reasons for booking with us, we will always leave you satisfied, to whatever degree you desire.

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