If you’ve never had one you’re probably wondering what happens during a sensual massage. In order to demystify and debunk some erroneous ideas about sensual massage,  we have  conducted an interview with one of our most frequent customers so he can tell you in his own words what he has experienced.  If you are considering a sensual massage in London, Secret Tantric is the best in the business. Let us tell you why with some help from a very satisfied client!

Meet David. He’s a frequent, repeat client who has enjoyed several of our services with several of our masseuses. If ever there was a client who could tell you about the full experience at Secret Tantric, it is David. For context: David is in his late thirties, works as an attorney and is unmarried but frequently dates. He lives with his beloved pug, Reuben. 


When we first reached out to David about this interview for this article, he was very excited.  He too had some misgivings and hesitations before his first appointment. However, we are happy to report that his fears were immediately dashed. David has been back to see us several times, and he has a good depth of knowledge and perspective as a client. 


We are forever talking about Secret Tantric and the benefits of tantric and sensual massage from our point of view. We wanted to give you a more well-rounded perspective, so as a client you have a sense of how things work.  Let’s get into it!


Secret Tantric: Hi David, thank you so much for making the time for this interview. We are excited to hear your feedback and share it with other fans and clients.

]David: Absolutely! I’m happy to help. Feel free to ask me just about anything, I’m willing to share it all.

ST: Thank you, that’s very generous. Let’s start off easy. Tell us a bit about why you initially sought out a sensual massage.

D: I’m one of those people who very quickly realized that the pandemic was affecting me socially.  I don’t have a full-time steady partner, I tend to date around a lot. When the pandemic hit all of that changed. It took very little time for me to realise that without  flirtation and physical touch, I was suffering.

ST: What were some of the negative effects of that lack of touch?

D: I think we were all a bit overwhelmed and worried in the beginning, and that fear and anxiety is something that I would usually soothe with sex or other physical connection. My career as an attorney means that I have very little time to commit, so a wife and family is not currently in the cards for me. Because of that I date casually and have several friends-with-benefits that I can call. With the pandemic and lockdown that immediately became more worrisome and more difficult.  In the absence of the people who I usually share that intimacy with, I needed to find a different solution.

ST: Interesting that you were more comfortable seeking a service than people you actually know, in the face of covid-19.  Why do you think that was?

D: It was less that I was unwilling to connect with them as they were unwilling to connect in general. Different people responded differently to the pandemic and not everyone was comfortable enough with taking logical precautions. I understand that, but my needs and desires began to outweigh my fear of the virus. When I began looking online at options I came across Secret Tantric and I was immediately heartened by how clear the covid policy was and how responsive the agency seems to be regarding hygiene  and cleanliness. That gave me the confidence to look more seriously into what Secret Tantric had to offer.

ST: And when you began to look into it, what did you find?

D: I’ll admit, at first I was a bit nervous and unsure about sensual massage.  I had heard a lot about tantric massage here and there over the years, but I didn’t know what it was exactly and I didn’t know if it would be for me. I found the website very informative in terms of how the services were described, as well as the blog articles. The amount of general information that was available on the website gave me confidence that Secret Tantric was more than a simple in-and-out, thoughtless massage parlour. 

ST: What was the first service that you enjoyed from Secret Tantric and what was it like?

D: My first session was incredible. I saw Marissa, for an Aqua Massage.

ST: Oh wow! You really jumped into the deep end!

D: <laughter>  Yes, I certainly did.  It was wonderful. She was wonderful. There was really nothing about it that was worrisome or negative. I was at ease immediately and by the time I left I was more relaxed and feeling more like myself than I had in many months. 

ST: Can you walk us through the process? From your initial call through to the end of your session? 

D: Absolutely.  When I first called in I was immediately impressed that I got to speak to a real person. It wasn’t an endless menu of options and pre-recorded information. I rang them up with the idea that I would just get the basic information and that would be it.  Instead I had a lovely conversation with  a very knowledgeable bloke who answered all of my questions and was able to book my appointment right then and there.

ST: That sounds efficient and easy, was that a system that works for you?

D: Definitely.  When I initially called I thought that I’d grab some information and call back later with a decision of whether or not I wanted to go forward with my appointment. What I found was that there was no sales pressure, only information, and that set me at ease. He answered all of my questions and gave me tons of information about what to expect and how everything would work.

ST: And how did it go after that call? Did you have a same-day appointment?

D: Yes, miraculously, Marissa had some availability that day. When I scrolled through the website I was so impressed with how gorgeous all of the girls were and how professional the photos were. Full transparency though, I was worried that the Marissa that I was going to meet would not be the Marissa that I had seen on the website. Bait-and-switch is a big problem in this industry, from what I understand. My initial research told me that and warned against any agencies that seemed too good to be true.

ST: I take it that she did not disappoint?

D: Disappoint? Certainly not. When I arrived at Marisa’s flat, it was everything that I had been told it would be. It was well-appointed, luxurious and high-end, and totally discreet; it looks like every other building on the block. When she opened the door I had to make a note not to gasp out loud or make a fool of myself. I have dated some really beautiful women, and none of them were as much ‘the full package’ as she was. She looks exactly like her photos. She was warm and inviting and she immediately set me at ease.  I knew from my phone call to the head office that the session would begin with a consultation type conversation. She was wonderful at leading that conversation and she didn’t allow it to eat too far into our time together.

ST: What sort of things did the two of you discuss during that consultation?

D: She walked me through the whole process explaining how things worked and how the time would be used. She also asked me about my limits and boundaries, and shared some of hers with me as well. This definitely made me feel more confident because she had the confidence and clarity to discuss her own consent with me. That made me feel more relaxed and last like a weirdo. <laughter> Once we had established the rules of engagement, I paid her directly and the session really began.

ST: What happened next?

D: First I went off for the requisite shower. I’m sure that some men balk at having to  shower at the beginning of the session, but to me it makes sense both from a hygiene point of view and it’s a great way to relax and get into the mood. Because it was an Aqua Massage she joined me in the shower and let’s just say we had a lot of fun.

ST: Don’t hold out on us!  Was it the best shower of your life?

D: Basically yes! It was a very indulgent experience and it really set the stage for the rest of the session. It was sensual and intoxicating. Like I said I am very familiar with gorgeous women, but this was a whole other experience.

ST: What made it so different?

D: I consider myself a very giving lover, pleasing my partner is always a top priority, but I don’t think that I have ever been the focus the way that I am in a Secret Tantric session. During that first appointment I got a taste of being totally pampered. Maybe that’s not a very masculine thing to say, but I now really understand the value in letting someone care for you with touch. The shower was soapy and slick, she gave me lots of eye contact and it was just a fun, sexy, flirtatious time.

ST: It sounds like you were off to a good start. Our Aqua Massage comes in two parts: the shower followed by the full body massage. How did the second part go for you?

D: At this point I was a willing participant, literally putty in her hands. When the shower portion of the Aqua Massage was complete, she dried me off which was a whole new experience, I’d never had anyone do that before. Then she led me to an incredibly cloud-like inflatable bed. She had me laid down on my front and then gave me the most incredible massage from the soles of my feet  all the way up to my shoulders. She was so thorough, and she had alarmingly strong hands for such a petite woman. I don’t think that I’ve ever had my arse rubbed that way but it was incredible.  Our bodies were basically frictionless so all I felt was the sensuality and the relaxation of the massage, no pain or strain like a traditional massage.

ST: Sounds like it was going well …

D: When she had me roll over onto my back, that’s when the fun really began.  She had slicked our bodies with some sort of delicious smelling gel that allowed her to move her body against mine smoothly and seamlessly. I run a lot so my legs and hips are often quite tight, but she managed to work all of that tension out with ease.

ST: Was there a particular move or action that she performed that you like best?

D: Yes! She did this really sexy thing where she used the strength of her thighs to both massage my torso and sort of hold me in place?  I just remember looking up into her eyes and thinking “This is the sexiest thing I’ve ever experienced.”

ST: Wow that’s really saying something. Did you opt in for the ‘grand finale’?

D: I did. And I’m glad that I did. I was experiencing so much pleasure by the time that we got to the last 15 minutes or so, I was more than ready for her to push me over the finish line. Speaking of, her technique was incredible. I don’t know if it’s the strong hands and wrists from massage, god-given talent, or what, but it was an unforgettably satisfying way to finish the session.

ST: When it was all over how did you feel?

D: To be honest I was exhausted but I was also ecstatic. That first session really opened my mind about sensual massage and what it involved. Before that I think I’d had a bit of a mental block about the stigma attached to sensual massage or paying for a massage. Like I said I date a lot, and I had never sought out a service for this kind of experience.

ST: Do you feel that your point of view about that stigma has changed?

D: Definitely. Paying for a sensual massage is no more morally complicated than paying for a sports medicine massage, the dentist, or the chiropractor.

ST: What would you tell a prospective client who had the same kind of trepidation that you did initially?

D: I would tell him to go for it! There’s really no reason to hold back from things that make you feel good, particularly when no one else is being harmed through your indulgence. It was clear to me by the way that Secret Tantric was set up that it  is a completely above board and legitimate business. None of the masseuses that I have seen since have seemed to be under duress or expressing anything other than incredible customer service and an honest love for the work that they do.

ST: Thank you so much for being so candid about your first session. Is there anything else that you think that our readers or prospective clients should know about Secret Tantric or booking essential massage?

D: The best advice that I can give is not to get too far into your own head. At the end of the day you are two consenting adults going through a legitimate transaction. Also, the massage is quality!  I think that I was initially unsure of how much “massaging” would actually happen. It’s easy to imagine a sensual massage as simply a covert way of going about prostitution. But it’s clear at Secret Tantric the massage is the focus, it just so happens to be a very, very sexy massage.

ST: David, thank you so much for your insights and for sharing so much with us. We hope that you will keep coming back and having such remarkable experiences. By sharing your experience you have no doubt heartened and inspired others to take the leap and get their first sensual massage! 

What are you waiting for?

It’s one thing to read about the sensual massage experience but it is something else entirely to have your own. There’s no reason to hesitate, simply pick up the phone and give us a ring and we will have you set up for the time of your life within minutes . Whether you seek deep tissue relaxation or a slippery sexy happy ending massage, Secret Tantric has what you need. And we know how to give it to you!  Call us today to set up your appointment. You will not regret it!

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