Lingam massage is integral to tantric practice, a system of beliefs and activities that can improve and enrich your sex life. Tantra is all about connecting with divine energy, including manifesting and releasing your own sexual energy. The lingam massage is an essential part of this system because it is representative not only of the penis but of maleness as a concept, as one of the primary forces of the universe.  It is thought that the lingam massage can awaken energy in the body and that negative blockages can be opened by properly stimulating it. But what are the benefits of lingam massage? Keep reading and find out!

The beauty of a lingam massage is that it not only feels good at the moment but helps with overall sexual performance. This is achieved through specific ways of touching, breathing, and responding to the lingam. Here at Secret Tantric, lingam massage in London is very popular and very common.  It is an opportunity to treat yourself, simply lay back and relax, and be pampered like your king. Our masseuses are specifically trained in the tantric arts, and they understand the needs of men. In short, they understand the needs of the lingam. 

No downside!

One of the best things about the benefits of a lingam massage is that there are no downsides. There is no reason not to enjoy a lingam massage. If you are facing erectile challenges or feeling stressed about your performance, a lingam massage can help you regain your confidence and get things working again. There’s certainly no reason not to indulge! Our masseuses know their way around the territory, and you will undoubtedly learn something from them.  Secret Tantric offers seminars and workshops by some of the UK’s most prominent and renowned tantric practitioners if you want more formal teaching.

Get Harder Faster and Easier 

Most men experience some sort of erectile dysfunction at some point in their life. Unfortunately, we live in a society that is not forgiving or tactful when discussing issues of erectile dysfunction and men’s sexual health. Erectile dysfunction is a broad term, and it doesn’t mean your penis doesn’t work. It means that, for one reason or another, you have trouble obtaining or maintaining an erection. For some men, this only affects them in situations without stimulation, and for others, their lingam cannot be awoken even with direct stimuli.  Whatever the degree of your erectile function, the techniques used in traditional lingam massage may help.  Certainly, not all erectile dysfunction can be cured with tantric massage, but it’s a perfect starting point on your journey to recovery. Combining deep relaxation, mindful breathing techniques, and indirect and direct stimulation of the penis all work towards improving erectile issues.

Stay harder longer

Any man will tell you that getting an erection is only half the battle. The real challenge is in keeping an erection. This is true for almost all men without significant erectile dysfunction. The fact of the matter is that penises are fickle things. All sorts of factors can contribute to losing an erection sooner than you’d like to. Physical health, mental health, the degree of stress you’re under,  and even the temperature of your body at the time can all influence whether or not you can keep an erection.  Because lingam massage focuses on the penis without ever overstimulating it,  over a length of time,  it helps to rewire your brain’s pleasure centres and change the association that getting hard means ejaculating quickly.

Have a more plentiful orgasm

Studies in the UK have determined that most men, around 85%, Masturbate daily.  Of those men, upwards of 95% of them ejaculate every time.  This is a good thing, as men’s sexual health research has discovered that prostate health is directly linked to the frequency of ejaculation, particularly in men over 45. So, there’s no reason to stop if you are cleaning out the pipes regularly. What you may notice if you are a man who ejaculates frequently is that the volume of ejaculation decreases over time. As your body learns that it can quickly be aroused and quickly ejaculate, there becomes less of a need for larger amounts of ejaculatory matter. Your body understands you’re having “sex” a lot. Therefore, it doesn’t need to spend a lot of sperm each time.  By changing how you achieve arousal and orgasm, you can change how you ejaculate! 

Discover new sources of pleasure

Lingam massage is not really about orgasm. That can be a wonderful part of lingam massage, but it is not the goal. Many men see arousal as a means to an end.  This makes perfect sense, as orgasms are easily the most pleasurable experience humans can have. If you’re finding that your orgasms, alone or with a partner, are beginning to feel a bit lacklustre, springing for a professional lingam massage might be the reset your body needs. Because lingam massage uses a variety of touches and techniques that go well beyond the dreaded death grip and the common pumping motion, you can expand your definition of arousal. You may even find something new that makes you orgasm. Part of the philosophy of Tantra is to stay open-minded and curious about your body, sex, and your partner’s body. With willingness and curiosity, you can expand your sexual experience and your partner’s.

Rediscover the joy of sex

No, we don’t mean the amazing how-to sex guide, The Joy of Sex originally published in 1972, we mean Reconnecting and rediscovering how’s joyous and freeing experience sex and orgasm can be. If you are in a rut with yourself or your partner, injecting a bit of tantric patience and energy into sex is a great idea. Lingam massage is one way to reintroduce communication and enthusiasm into the bedroom. 

Prevent premature ejaculation

Tantric practice is not something you can rush. Almost all tantric techniques are slow and deliberate, mindful and intentional. This is one of the most important tenets of Tantra:  intentionality.  Many men struggle with issues of premature ejaculation. Much like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation can affect young and older men. It can also be related to other physical or mental issues at the time, and sometimes, it’s simply a matter of being over-enthusiastic. Lingam massage is deliberate and sequential, slowly building anticipation and potential beneath the surface.  The slow and deliberate build towards the climax makes lingam massage so desirable. This is also what makes it an effective practice against premature ejaculation..

Have a mind-bending orgasm, if you want one 

It may sound counter-intuitive, but an orgasm at the end of a lingam massage is completely optional. Your masseuse will bring you to the break multiple times. As you near the end, you may feel an intense urgency for the pleasure your body has promised you. You can hold on to that energy and redirect it into other areas of your life. Or you can release that energy in a mind-shattering orgasmic experience. The culmination of pleasure from waiting and slowly building to that orgasm makes lingam massage so good. Neither choice is the wrong choice; it depends on what you want 

So much more than a handjob

A professional lingam massage from Secret Tantric is an incredible experience. Our masseuses are the most beautiful in all of London. They are also better trained than girls from almost any other agency. Their gorgeous good looks will wow you and their magic hands will transport you to a new level of pleasure with an exciting and revitalising lingam massage. What are you waiting for? Book yours today! 

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