Looking for something more stimulating than the changing of the guards? Well, if you’re in the neighbourhood and find yourself in Green Park, add a Tantric Massage to your to-do list. It’s the ultimate in relaxation and the benefits can last up to several days. Whether your libido needs a kickstart or your body just needs a rub down, we have what you need. Let’s explore some of the types of Tantric Massages in Green Park that you can book today.

Green Park may not be your first destination when you think of getting a tantric massage, but we have moved in lock, stock and barrel. We have gorgeous masseuses scattered all across the area, providing in-call massages from their luxury flats. Gone are the days of the gritty massage ‘parlour’. Get your fix in comfort and privacy with the tantric goddess of your dreams.

What is tantra?

Tantra is an ancient wellness system that evolved from the spiritual practices of Hinduism and Buddhism many centuries ago. It aims to unites the energies of the Mind, Body, and Soul through intentional and sensual touch. In this day and age in the Western World when we hear the word tantra we immediately of yoga or sex. These two topics and forms of tantra are completely legitimate but they are not the full extent of what tantra can be. Tantra requires very little of its practitioners, other than focus, intention, and an openness to new kinds of intimacy. 

What is tantric massage?

Tantric massage has the ability to relieve physical discomfort and strain. It also inspires and evokes sensual and erotic sensations in the body and mind. A gifted tantric worker will take you on a journey of sensual delight. This journey will be unique from anything you have experienced before. If your physical body is tired and aching, almost any old massage will help. But if your needs are greater, or deeper, tantric massage can be the better solution. Many clients come to us as an alternative to their usual massage because they feel they just aren’t getting enough relief. The body can easily adapt to so many things including pain and strain.  Because tantric massage awakens more than just your body, it has overall wellness effects that can’t be achieved by other methods of touch or rehabilitation.


Slow and methodical, the classic tantric massage is a deliberate and intentional act of calm and intimacy. Through light meditation and guided breathing techniques, your masseuse will help you relax, open your heart chakra and become enveloped with pleasure. Excellent for deep relaxation, or for getting reacquainted with intimacy. You will leave your session feeling rejuvenated and re-born, more open and whole and at peace. You’ll also sleep like a baby after one of the most triumphant finishes of your life! 

Body to Body

In this iteration of tantric massage, the sexiness and contact is ratcheted up a few notches. 

Instead of your masseuse simply guiding you through the meditation and stimulating your body from head to toe with her hands, she uses her entire body. Astride your body she will use her body, arms, legs, and buttocks to rub and stimulate you, enhancing and enriching the massage experience. Good for clients who like to get up close and personal. Some of the masseuses will even allow for mutual massage, where you get to touch them back. 


According to tantric tradition, the man’s lingam (penis) is the root or source of his potency and sexual energy. A tantric Lingam Massage is a full body experience that focuses on the erogenous zones and the genitals. More than just an extended handjob, the Lingam Massage is a combination of traditional and intuitive techniques that sustain and stimulate the libido. Carefully paced and expertly administered, a Lingam Massage can help to unlock new pleasure potential within the brain and the body. 

You can’t go wrong

No matter your choice, you will leave your appointment feeling refreshed and walking on air. The quality of massage combined with the incredible sexiness of the masseuses will make your head spin. You’ll see from our masseuse portfolio that our team is made up of the most gorgeous women in London, if not the world. Most are models or ex-models and all of them are fully trained and experienced. Open-minded and enthusiastic, they all have heavenly hands and know how to use them. Whether you fancy a buxom brunette, a dazzling blonde, or a foxy redhead, there’s a gorgeous masseuse on our roster, ready to give you the massage you have been looking for. 

We are waiting for your call

When you call in you will speak with her massage coordinator directly and answer a series of questions to help us guide you in the direction of the best service for you. We will also give you more information about the appointment itself. From the time that you call in to book an appointment, it is possible to be meeting your masseuse within 1 to 2 hours after your call. Our roster of masseuses is quite extensive so we very rarely need to schedule beyond the same day or next day. Whether you just have an hour to spare, or you’re looking for a full day of pleasure, booking with us couldn’t be easier. Simply give us a call once you have perused the website and landed on a masseuse in your area that catches your eye. We will be able to answer all of your questions when you call in as well as providing you all the information you need to get to and enjoy your massage session.

In-call massage for your convenience

While some of our masseuses provide out-call massage to hotel rooms and private residences, the majority of our masseuses do in-call Tantric Massages in Green Park. With an in-call massage you travel to your masseuse. All our masseuses are located  within London’s poshest postal codes and since they are private locations, No passers-by need be any the wiser that you’re getting a massage. Each apartment is completely private and discreet with a dedicated massage space for your comfort.

Are you ready for the ultimate in pleasure?

Tantric Massages in Green Park are the best idea way to spend an hour (or more). We have gorgeous masseuses, brimming with talent and training, and a desire to provide pleasure and wellness  to our clients. All that’s missing is you! All of our masseuses are busy and popular, so to avoid disappointment, call us ASAP. Whether you’re looking for a Nuru Massage, Tantric Massage, or a slippery Aqua Massage, the ladies in Green Park do it all. Give yourself the gift of erotic touch and a happy ending you won’t soon forget!


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