If you like the sound of Aqua Massage, but you’re not quite ready to book a session with a professional, you need these tips for tantric Aqua Massage at home! We have put together an easy step-by-step guide for preparing and executing an incredibly sexy Aqua Massage in the comfort of your own home. Date night will never be the same with these DIY secrets and tips to take your relationship to a whole new level. 

Here at Secret Tantric we understand that professional massage is not for everyone. While there are a million great reasons for getting a professional erotic massage individuals may have very valid reasons for not taking that route as well. If you are of the latter camp, then a quality DIY at home massage with your partner can be a great substitute for the real thing. This article breaks down the process as well as the materials that are needed for a mind-blowing Aqua Massage at home. Luckily, it won’t take you very much time or effort to be fluent in all call massage and treating your partner to a truly sensual and intimate experience.

What is Aqua Massage?

In broadest terms, Tantric Aqua Massage is an erotic massage that has a water element. When you book an Aqua Massage with one of our gorgeous masseuses here at Secret Tantric, your massage will begin in the shower or bath before moving “back onto land”  for the second half.  Both components of our Aqua Massage include body on body techniques, making it one of the most erotic and sensual massage styles that we offer. Aqua Massage is an exciting way to add more dynamic energy to a body on body massage, it also works a treat for clients who have particularly sore bodies, especially in their legs and back.  The Aqua Massage is a fan-favourite of clients because of the variety and how comfortable and soothing the massage is. You can achieve similar results at home in just a few steps. 

Preparation is key

The number one thing that you need to give a great Aqua Massage at home is a bath or shower that will comfortably fit two of you. Our masseuses work out of their luxury London Flats, so they tend to have expansive and well-appointed bathrooms that are conducive to a sexy Aqua Massage. You may not have as much space or as luxurious a bathroom to begin with, but trust us, you will be too busy with the massage itself to even notice. The key to great at home massage is preparation. Just like the professionals, your massage would go best if you are well prepared, and have thought ahead about all of the elements you plan to include. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of spontaneity, but for the most part you want to have everything in hand that you will need so that the experience is calm and seamless for your partner.

Consent should be a no-brainer

We talked a lot about consent in these articles because it’s important to remember that even within established relationships consent is still necessary. You may be very excited to give your partner a tantric Aqua Massage at home  but if that’s not something that they are into, you will go to some effort for nothing. Be sure that you broach the idea ahead of time and get positive confirmation that they are also excited for your massage.  Check in with your partner and listen to both the words and sounds they make as well as their body language. Always check that the degree of touch that you’re using feels good for them and ask them if they need more or less of anything.  Giving  a massage is just that:  a gift. But gifts don’t mean much if they aren’t something the recipient wants. Be communicative, be clear, and be conscientious. 

Amass your supplies

Aqua Massage is easily broken down into two parts:  wet and dry. The wet component of Aqua Massage is performed in the tub or shower. The dry portion is performed on a bed, a massage table, or a massage platform.  Don’t worry if you don’t have access to all of these things,  you can absolutely make do with what you have,  or make some small inexpensive additions. 

Consider the following supplies necessities: 

  • Body wash, sponges, loofah, etc. 
  • Quality massage oil 
  • Towels or drop cloth to protect surfaces

But what about the sheets?

If you are giving DIY at home tantric Aqua Massage, you probably don’t have a massage table at hand. That’s okay!  Much like Japanese Nuru Massage, the easiest way to DIY an Aqua Massage is to use an inflatable air mattress. They are inexpensive, small to fold up and store, and they make for an excellent body on body massage.  Not only will you not have to worry about your sheets or bedding, you have all the comfort you could need, as well as more movement and bounce than a massage table or bed.  Putting an air mattress on the floor for a body on body massage  also makes it easier to position yourself over and on top of your partner.  The last thing you want is to be distracted by thinking about your new 900 thread count sheets being ruined by massage oil.  Take the stress and worry out of the messy side of massage by getting yourself an air mattress and tossing down a drop cloth to save your services from spills. 

Consider the order of events

There’s no wrong way to give an erotic massage to your partner. Don’t worry so much about technique, they are not expecting a professional level massage. The point of a DIY at-home tantric Aqua Massage is spending quality time with your partner. It will also increase intimacy! By adding something new to your repertoire you start down a path towards better communication and ultimately better sex. In a professional massage setting, strictly speaking sex is not on the menu, but an at-home massage between lovers means that all bets are off. You can do whatever you want as long as you both want to do it. Use your massage as foreplay, use it to springboard into a mutual masturbation session, or simply enjoy the massage for what it is. There’s no wrong way to do it, just keep talking to each other and do what feels best for both of you.

How to actually give the massage

No one would fault you if you’re at-home tantric Aqua Massage quickly devolved into passionate lovemaking. In fact, we would give you a high-five for that. How rigidly you stick to the script of giving a full body massage, is up to you. For some, staging a massage is a great way to break the ice. Massage opens dialogue for more exciting things in a relationship. For others it is a skill they want to foster. Neither of those things is right or wrong! We recommend that you start with the person receiving the massage laying on their front so that the masseuse can start at their feet and work up words to their shoulders. From there if they turn over the masseuse can continue from their shoulders back down to their feet on the front side.

Teasing is pleasing

When it comes to eroticism, there’s a lot to be said for leaving something to the imagination. When giving an erotic massage, consider avoiding direct contact with your partners genitals and other erogenous zones. You don’t have to completely avoid them, but brushing past them on your way to touch somewhere else can be exciting and increase your partner’s arousability.  Add to that a little bit of playful talk, asking them if they like it, asking them if they want more, and slowly driving them wild.  Incidentally, this kind of teasing is also a great way to achieve ongoing consent. When you’re teasing and toying and asking your partner what they want you are actively gathering valuable information about how to go forward. 

Don’t obsess about your technique

True massage technique requires practice and a level of fluency in human anatomy that most people don’t have. Do not let this deter you from giving your partner an incredible erotic massage. The beauty of body on body and Aqua Massage is that you need not only use your hands. In fact the point is to use more than your hands. You can use your hands, forearms, chest, even your body weight to massage your partner.  Not surprisingly this is an incredibly erotic and intimate technique.  No matter how you’re touching your partner during this massage as long as you’re being respectful and considerate  they will love what you’re doing.  Make sure that during the wet portion of your massage you’re using lots of body wash. Likewise, massage oil for the dry portion.

Respect injuries and abilities

In the professional massage world we must respect clients’ limits. We must respect what they want and what they can do.  If you or your partner have any existing injuries or disabilities, it’s important to accommodate them. An erotic massage is not the time to aggravate an old wound or re-injure yourself.  If body on body massage on top of your partner doesn’t work for you, lay together in the spooning position. Or, sit together with your arms and legs around each other.  Technique is not the be-all end-all! Prioritise comfort,  both emotional and physical, for both you and your partner. 

Where to next?

A private at home Aqua Massage can turn into a really hot sexual situation between partners. An at-home DIY massage  is a wonderful way to get silly and messy together while trying something new. Whether or not your massage session carries on to a night of passion is up to you. There’s no wrong way to do it! Ultimately, you and your partner define what ‘erotic’ means to you. Don’t be worried if your massage seems low key or doesn’t turn into an orgiastic night of rampant sex.  Likewise, if you want to keep your Aqua Massage in the bathtub or shower that’s okay too. But, if you want to try a Secret Tantric Aqua Massage, give us a call! We would love to show you everything that is included in this particular massage menu item. We even do aqua massage for couples! You and your partner are both welcome and the two of you just might learn something! 

What are you waiting for?

It’s one thing to read about the lingam massage experience but it is something else entirely to have your own. There’s no reason to hesitate, simply pick up the phone and give us a ring and we will have you set up for the time of your life within minutes . Whether you seek deep tissue relaxation or a slippery sexy happy ending massage, Secret Tantric in Mayfair has what you need. And we know how to give it to you!  Call us today to set up your appointment. You will not regret it!

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