Touch is extremely powerful. We convey so many emotions and a lot of information to others just by touching them. How we touch, how long, and how the touch is received all play into this. Touching can be healing and help a person in many ways. A powerful tool to use this healing property of touch is adult massage. An adult massage is often thought of only for its sensuality and sexuality, but an adult massage has a strong element of wellness. Through the science of touch, we can understand adult massage’s healing power.

What is this power of touch all about?

It’s simple to say that touch is powerful, but let’s dig into what that means.

Research shows that touch is essential for communication, bonding, and health. Study after study shows that it’s an important way to show compassion to others. We can recognise different emotions in how we’re being touched. Touching and being touched is how we connect with others and feel important and included in society. Just think about it – we feel loved and cared for when our partners touch us during an intimate conversation. We feel supported by our parents when they hug us. Being touched is immensely powerful and affects how we feel about ourselves and others.

Touch also does several things to our bodies. This means that it’s important that we’re touched enough by other people in various ways. Without a wide range of touch, we can struggle with poor health symptoms or even depression. Touch is powerful in so many ways, and as a result, adult massages are incredibly powerful.

What does touch do to our bodies?

What specifically happens to our bodies when other people touch us? What is that powerful action doing to us internally?

A simple touch soothes our cardiovascular system, including our heart and blood flow. This instantly reduces stress in our bodies and allows us to feel safe and secure. It also activates the bonding hormone known as oxytocin. This hormone floods our body and tells us that we can feel trust towards the person touching us, that they care about us and are important. And that we are important to them. All of these things add up to us feeling positive and good. Our general wellness is improved, and we feel connected to other people. We no longer feel lonely or forgotten.

Of course, different kinds of touch can do different things. Casual touch by a friend makes us feel different from an intimate touch from a lover. Different emotions can be conveyed by the way we touch another person. The kind of touch can matter a lot. Massage touch affects our physical body by massaging our muscles and encouraging relaxation. Our minds can let go of stressful thoughts and enjoy being touched.

Being touched tells our bodies that we’re safe. That we’re secure. We are with someone who is caring for us and whom we can trust. This is why adult massage is so powerful and healing.

We aren’t touched enough

Believe it or not, a study by Sidney Jourard showed that friends in England touch each other 0 times during a conversation while US friends touch twice. Compare this to France at 110 times per hour! Clearly, unlike in other countries, we don’t get touched enough by our friends and family. Other research shows that children can fail to thrive when they aren’t touched and hugged enough by their caretakers. Our growth as humans depends on being touched. And if we’re not being touched enough, we may feel like we lack connection, compassion, and understanding. This means that we must find ways to fulfil that touch need to take care of our health and wellness. An adult massage is a perfect way to fulfil that need.

The struggle with touch starvation

Our bodies develop symptoms when we’re not touched enough. Known as touch starvation or skin hunger, this phenomenon leaves us craving physical contact with others. We may experience higher anxiety and stress levels when struggling with touch starvation. We may struggle with sleeping well and having good digestion. Our immune system can worsen, and we may get sick more often or struggle to fight infections. All because of the lack of touch! If you’re not getting enough touch in your life, seeking out tools to help correct that is essential. A massage, especially an adult massage, can heal your touch starvation and leave you feeling better.

The power of an adult massage

Now that we understand just how important being touched is, we can explore methods of getting enough touch. Adult massages are one of the best ways to quickly get a lot of touch. These massages are incredibly intimate, which helps increase feelings of connection and appreciation. After an adult massage, we felt soothed, relaxed, reassured, and safe. Adult massages take care of our entire body from head to toe, bringing peace and alignment to our nervous systems. Since massages are all about receiving touch, your need for touch will be fulfilled. It’s also a wonderful idea to get an adult massage on a regular basis so that you never experience touch starvation and are always feeling great about how much touch you’re getting.

What does adult massage heal?

Massage is generally very healing. It can help muscular injuries repair and heal faster. It can help us feel better after an illness and recover faster. Massage is one of the best ways to get tension and pain out of our muscles and body. It also helps increase blood circulation, increase oxygen flow to your body, and slows your heart rate. It boosts our mood, reduces stress, and refreshes and rejuvenates us. Different kinds of adult massage can also help us heal spiritually or emotionally thanks to the wonderful breathwork that is utilised.

Adult massage is more than sexual

It’s easy to think that adult massage is all about the sexual element. The flirting, the sensual atmosphere, the happy endings. And while these elements make an adult massage, well, adult, they aren’t the only things you can get from one of these massages. On their own, massages are mighty, thanks to their unique properties. An adult massage is no different because they are real massages, just with some specific elements. Your muscles are massaged, tension soothed, and knots are undone. Adult massages use touch in slightly different ways than traditional massage, making them no less powerful or healing.

Sexual healing elements

Yes, adult massages are more than their sexual elements but it’s important to acknowledge that these elements are also very healing. Through adult massage, we can reconnect with our sexuality. Pressure to perform is removed, and we are left to experience sexual pleasure for the sake of sexual pleasure. This can help us heal our relationship with sex and leave us feeling replenished. Our libido can be improved or strengthened. Sensitivity to touch can be improved. And all of this is through the healing power of touch from adult massage.

Release pent-up emotions

If you’re a person who struggles with processing your emotions, the powerful, touching nature of adult massage can help you. We often carry our emotions in our bodies. They can manifest as stomach aches, neck pains, and high blood pressure. These aren’t things you’re imagining – our bodies can feel bad when we’re emotionally upset. An adult massage uses the power of touch to soothe these things and help your body release the emotion causing the problem. Your masseuse will work her warm hands over your muscles, gently working the feelings you’re carrying around out and allowing nothing but relaxation and joy to come back in.

Help your mental illness

Massage has been discovered to be helpful for people who are struggling with things like depression and anxiety. It isn’t a cure, but through the power of touch, massage can help boost positive chemicals in our brains and reduce symptoms. Thanks to touch encouraging our bodies to release oxytocin, that bonding hormone, a massage can help us feel more cheerful. And since many mental illnesses can cause us to withdraw from other people, we may be simultaneously experiencing touch starvation without healing it. Seeking an adult massage will help that, which, in turn, helps the depression or anxiety. It’s a stress-free, simple way of helping every part of our body.

Manage your pain

Many of us struggle with body pain in one form or another. Whether it’s an injury, you slept funny, or you deal with a chronic pain condition, massage can help soothe your muscles and nervous system. How your masseuse touches, you will help relieve muscle tension, reducing pain. She can also help relax tendons and painful joints. A study from Harvard also shows that massage can help stimulate nerve fibres and stop pain messages from being sent to the brain. It’s important to remember that there are different styles of adult massage, and some styles may not be suitable for the pain you are experiencing. Please discuss with your masseuse your pain issues so she can make the best decisions and modify your massage so that you get relief from pain, not worse.

Don’t ignore the healing power

Adult massages are a total experience all on their own. From the beautiful masseuse to the sexual atmosphere that leaves you aching, adult massages are something to try at least once in your life. But remember that the science of touch shows us that adult massages are incredibly powerful and healing for your body and mind. Touch alone is so powerful; a dedicated hour of being touched and soothed by someone else’s hands will keep you feeling amazing. Go for the fun and sexiness but don’t dismiss the healing power of adult massage either.

Giving adult massage a try

If you’ve never gotten an adult massage and are nervous about it, that’s okay. These massages are very similar to traditional massage but have unique twists. You’ll have fun and enjoy yourself differently than with a non-adult massage. And, remember, you’re going to experience all of those wonderful benefits of touch from your adult massage. No matter the type you try out – Nuru, full body, or tantric – the power of touch will be the driving force of your massage. Your need for touch will diminish, leaving you feeling secure and connected to people again.


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