What are the Most Popular Types of Erotic Massage

When understanding the benefits of the most popular erotic massage, they’re uncountable and not always easy to describe. The pleasure that a gentleman can experience, whilst receiving erotic therapy, is something quite rare and pleasurable. Anybody who massages is either gifted with the magic of fingers or will have gone through may years learning the right method. Hence, erotic massages hold far more value than most people understand.

But, there’s generally a perception stating that there’s only one way to massage especially when it comes to erotic massages. Well, there are many different types of erotic therapy that fall into the erotic massage category. Some of the most popular types of erotic massage are as follows: 

Tantric Massage 

Tantric Massage is all about the magic touch that aims to harness the sexual energy in the person being massaged and will enlighten them with the power that it holds. Many would argue that tantric therapy comes first out of the most popular erotic massages.

Discovered back in the times of medieval India, ancient teachings relate to tantra therapy. It is the most popular erotic tools used to awaken the sexual awareness hidden inside and can also build an intimate connection between two people through mere touch and breathing. The main idea of tantric therapy is for the giver or masseuse to deliver pleasure to the receiver. It is ironically different to other sensual activities as here you would not aim to give back the pleasure you receive but only receive it. You just need to lie back and receive the utmost pleasure that this tantric therapy provides. 

Thai Massage

Like most of the other popular erotic massages, Thai therapy originated in India as well. The primary idea of this therapy is to use basic stretching techniques to fully relax the receiver’s body. 

They believed that the proper technique is only known by native Thai people and yet some people in the West do it differently but deliver the same pleasurable results. It involves pulling and rocking with the hands, and stretched at all levels. The masseuses use every part of their body to deliver what they have promised-relieve your body of stress! 

Lingam Massage 

Lingam Massage is also one of the discoveries of tantric teachings from India. Here, the masseuse focuses on massaging the penis of the receiver. If you think this is going to be one of those hand-jobs you might receive at times, you’re probably mistaken. 

Here, the focus is not only on massaging or caressing your penis but other sensual parts around it. For example, testicles, prostate, or your perineum will also be a part of this erotic therapy. You won’t just give you pleasurable orgasms but will continue to benefit in other ways too. In fact, it’s about discovering how you feel pleasure and can help evolve your sex life. Unlike what you might have heard- this popular erotic therapy ensures pleasure again and again for penises and not just clitorises. 

Yoni Massage 

Ever wondered if your partner is doing enough for your vagina? If not, the popular Yoni Massage will be the best option to explore what pleases you most. If you feel like your vagina is on a break or you’re suffering from stress, Yoni therapy will help relieve all anxiety. 

This popular erotic therapy is meant to improve sex lives as it involves the power of exploring touch. Yoni is simply the word for Vagina and hence it’s all about your sacred temple! It involves touching the woman’s vagina repeatedly whilst she breathes heavily from the masseuse’s instructions. The feeling is highly pleasurable for anybody who has experienced it.

Nuru Massage

Originated in Japan, Nuru massage is one of the most popular erotic massages ever discovered. Here, the masseuse not only uses hands but her whole body to help the receiver acquire the pleasure he’s been searching for. It’s a little different to most other traditional tantric therapy as it involves more intimacy and involvement. 

It entails covering both parties in Nuru Gel, and they will feel an unexplainable heat. Some couples purposely stay actively involved in Nuru tantric therapy to keep the spark alive in their relationship. It also improves the emotional connection if experienced with a partner. On the same hand, this tantric therapy can help to relax muscles and moisturise the skin. 

Prostate Massage 

Prostate massage is popular but it isn’t No1 of the most popular erotic massages as only some men enjoy the experience. The prostate is the second most sexually arousing part of the man’s body and is located just below the bladder. Sometimes, men can experience prostate medical problems like inflammation and rather than visiting the doctor, some people prefer to visit a masseuse. Why? Simply because it delivers results in the form of intimate pleasure. 

In this case the masseuse will focus mainly on the man’s prostate so as to deliver sexual pleasure as only a few women know the location of this hidden pleasure point. The aim of a masseuse performing prostate therapy is to give it time and wring it out in the end. When applying the right amount of pressure near the prostate, men experience physical and psychological pleasure. The erotic therapy might lead to gentle stretching of the anus as well. All in all, it is one of the most rewarding and popular erotic massages for men. 

Most Popular Massage Conclusion 

Finding out the most popular erotic massages is only half the story as you need to determine which one works best for you. Erotic therapy a great source of pleasure for both men and women. If experienced with lovers, it improves their sex lives and emotional relationships. A full-fledged session of Erotic therapy is definitely worth trying as it relieves all physical and sexual stress. You can experience different types of erotic massage by booking some therapy with one of tantra therapists for the ultimate VIP massage in London.

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