If you’ve ever heard of a prostate massage, you may have heard that there are controversies around it. It can be hard to determine what is fact and what is fiction.

Separating Fact from Prostate Fiction:

What is a prostate?

All men have a prostate but may not know what it is or where it is. It’s a small gland located underneath the bladder, behind the penis. The prostate secretes fluids that help make up the majority of semen. Since the urethra runs through the prostate, irritation can contribute to issues with urine flow or frequent urination. The prostate also helps with getting an erection so irritation can contribute to erectile dysfunction. You can feel the prostate by slipping a finger inside your rectum and gently exploring the gland.

Prostate massage is simple

Massaging the prostate gland is very simple. A clean, lubed finger slips inside a man’s rectum and gently massages the gland with firm but gentle pressure. It doesn’t take much or very long to give a prostate massage, especially for medical reasons. Exploring prostate massage for sexual purposes can be a little bit different in length of time. The prostate massage is a gentle massage of the gland until the muscles and nerves relax or the prostate secretes a fluid.

So why get a massage?

The main benefit of a prostate massage is to clear the ducts of the prostate. By “milking” the prostate, you can push milky fluids through the urethra and clear out the prostate’s ducts. Prostate massages can also help reduce inflammation and soothe irritated nerves. For medical exams, prostate massages can help diagnose various conditions and diseases. For sexual purposes, prostate massages feel amazing and can help out with erections and give great orgasms.

Fact or fiction

There are some controversies and myths surrounding prostate massage, and we’ll do our best to dispel some of those things for you. Like anything else, make sure you read about prostate massages before jumping straight in. Because the prostate is a sensitive gland, you don’t want to do anything that might damage it by accident. So please read on to find out more about prostate massages and what they do or don’t do.

The controversies around prostate massage

The main controversy with prostate massage is that there isn’t much medical literature to back it up. Much of what we know about prostate massage and its benefits is anecdotal, meaning reports from various patients and not a formal study. Many doctors don’t recommend prostate massage to relieve medical symptoms. Doctors prefer other methods, although they will examine the prostate to determine any illnesses.

The biggest risks of prostate massage

In general, prostate massage doesn’t have many risks. The main ones are tearing the rectum or bruising the prostate because a person is too rough or doesn’t use enough lube. However, many doctors also believe that if a prostate is cancerous, a massage could cause those cancer cells to spread. So it is important to ensure you are medically healthy before exploring this kind of massage.

There are a few other risks

Smaller risks can include aggravation of haemorrhoids, cellulitis, and bleeding around the prostate. This is why it is important to understand the best ways to massage your prostate and always go slowly and gently. Many prostate massage risks are avoidable if you take great care and caution.

But does it work?

Another concern about prostate massage is that it doesn’t do anything. Because of the lack of studies we mentioned earlier, you have to rely on what others say to decide if it will help you. While many men do report that prostate massage eases their symptoms, it is possible that it may not help you at all if you are experiencing issues. Prostate massage is something you may have to explore to decide if it’s something that helps you or feels good to you.

Non-traditional sexual exploration

For many men, prostate massages are controversial just because it’s not the usual way for them to explore something sexually. Many men are focused on just their penis for pleasure when the prostate is also known to bring a different kind of pleasure. Pleasure comes in many forms, and prostate massage shouldn’t be ignored just because it’s different from what you may be used to.

Prostate massage is generally good

With all this in mind, we can still see that prostate massages can generally be good for the body. They are meant to be symptom-relieving. Prostate massage has been reported to soothe things like prostatitis or prostate inflammation. Since it helps the muscles and nerves relax, it generally does improve symptoms like urine flow issues and erectile dysfunction.

Let’s talk about myths

It’s important to dispel any myths about prostate massage. We’ve covered many controversies around prostate massage, so let’s talk about some myths you might have heard. There are many out there, and it’s important to be able to tell fact from fiction. We’re sure you’ll understand prostate massage much better after reading this.

It doesn’t cure disease

The main myth is that prostate massage can cure a disease. This is not true. Prostate massage can relieve symptoms, but it will not cure an infection. A doctor’s appointment is critical if you suspect any genuine health issues with your prostate. Taking care of our bodies inside and out must be done correctly. Prostate massages are great for many reasons, but please get a doctor involved for anything serious.

But it can relieve symptoms

While prostate massages don’t fix things like infections, they can often relieve symptoms. Many men who experience erectile dysfunction, urine hesitancy, and painful ejaculations have found that regular prostate massages have soothed these symptoms. Discussing your issues with your doctor is important, but a prostate massage could give you some relief in addition to what your doctor plans to do.

Prostate massage shouldn’t hurt

The prostate is located in a very sensitive area of a man’s body. It’s easy to see how many men think a prostate massage is painful. However, it shouldn’t be painful at all! The first few times may feel uncomfortable because it is a new sensation, but any pain is a sign of stopping all activities. There are plenty of ways to prevent pain from happening, so it’s important to know what you’re doing.

Prostate massage can be sexy

Besides the medical check-ups, prostate massage is something to explore in the bedroom. Many men report that prostate massages give them amazing erections and even better orgasms. A wide variety of toys out on the market can help you safely explore prostate massage. And it’s even something you can do with a partner. Prostate massages can be combined with hand jobs or oral sex to bring your sexual pleasure to new heights.

It’s not just for gay men

Many men may think exploring anything sexual in this region is only for gay men, but this isn’t true. Sexual pleasure isn’t off-limits for anyone, no matter their orientation. Having your prostate massage won’t make you gay or anything like that. Instead, you’ll get to explore a lot of pleasure and have fun!

It can be hygienic

It’s also easy to think that anything to do with your back door might be messy or dirty. While there can be some concerns and risks with hygiene, there are also many ways to mitigate these. Enemas are a great option before playing with prostate massage. Washing the rectum thoroughly before and after can also help. Using gloves will keep everything nice and clean and make it easier to apply lube. And if you’re exploring toys, make sure to get ones made out of non-porous materials like silicone or metal. They’re much easier to clean and keep sterile.

It’s not a one-and-done

Prostate massages for symptom relief sometimes need to be repeated twice a week over a month before reducing the number. One or two prostate massages may not bring immediate relief. Experiment with how many and how often you need massages to have fewer symptoms. Go slow at first and take note of how your body is feeling.

You don’t have to explore internally

If internal prostate massage still puts you off, you may want to try external stimulation of the prostate. The area between the testicles and anus is called the perineum and can be massaged in a way that massages the prostate. This works great with a partner who can massage with different kinds of pressure in circles. This is a great first step into prostate massage.

Exploring new things is great for you

If you’ve never tried prostate massage, it’s worth exploring at least once. Learn about safe ways to massage your prostate and give it a go! Exploring new things is a great way to expand your horizons and see if you like new items. Prostate massage is a fun and easy way to do just that. You shouldn’t deny yourself any form of sexual pleasure so give a prostate massage a try.

Try it out at home

We’ve already talked a little about how sexy it can be to explore prostate massage. Exploring at home, alone or with a partner, is relatively simple. Take the time to cleanse the area, get yourself plenty of lube, and take your time exploring. A partner can double the pleasure using their hands or mouth on other parts of your body while gently stroking your prostate. And we’ve already mentioned toys, but there are so many to explore and try out! You’re sure to find something that feels great to you.

Professional prostate massage

If you’re unsure about trying it at home or want a different approach, hiring an erotic masseuse is a great option. Erotic masseuses are trained in the art of massage, frequently including prostate massage. A professional will know how to put your mind at ease. They’ll know all the best methods from beginning to end and help you have an amazing time. All you have to do is lay back and enjoy yourself.

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