Massages are filled with many benefits, both physical and emotional. But did you know that this applies to adult massages too? And that adult massages bring their unique benefits to the massage table? There are many advantages to getting an adult massage rather than a traditional one. Let’s explore all of the physical and emotional benefits this special massage can give you.

What is an adult massage?

Adult massages are also known as erotic massages. These fun and sexy massages are about making you feel great from head to toe. They are massages done by real masseuses, just with a sexy edge. Adult massages often have a very hot and sensual atmosphere. The masseuse may be wearing lingerie or nothing at all, depending on the kind of massage. And many adult massages have happy endings, meaning they finish with an incredible orgasm. It’s a wonderful experience for any adult to have.

The mind-body connection

Massages take care of so much more than just our physical body. It can influence our minds and our emotions. This is because of the mind-body connection. It’s a complex relationship between emotions, thoughts, and our bodies. Have you ever been grouchy because you’re in pain? This is a sign of the mind-body connection. The pain in your body is influencing your emotions to be upset because you are uncomfortable. By relieving the pain, your emotions will smooth out, and you can be pleasant and joyful again.

If you’re struggling with anger, depression, anxiety, or loneliness, an adult massage is a great option to heal that mind-body connection. Your masseuse will massage your whole body, help your body’s energies flow, and clear out any blocks you may be experiencing. This is because emotions can manifest as physical symptoms so by relieving those symptoms, you are relieving yourself of those emotions.

Taking care of yourself

It’s important to care for ourselves for many reasons. Massages in general, are a great way to do just that, but an adult massage includes your sexuality and sexual health. Don’t ignore this vital component of your health just because it’s not common. Taking care of your sexual side is as important as caring for your physical body. Adult massages are excellent at healing in many ways and are a good way to ensure you’re performing at your absolute best.

We often don’t take care of ourselves as much as we should, putting things like family and work ahead of ourselves. So by taking the time once a week or once a month to get a wonderful massage means you’re making yourself a priority. You’ll improve your relationship with yourself, start putting yourself higher on your to-do list, and general feel better overall.

The physical benefits

Massage, in general, is primarily about the physical body. From head to toe, your masseuse will use her hands and body to gently massage every single muscle you have. They’ll break up tension, soothe sore spots, and help you truly relax. The physical benefits are frequently why people seek out massage in the first place. Adult massages are no different. You’ll be feeling wonderful physically after your sexy massage. Your body will be more relaxed, less sore, and definitely less tense.

Let’s explore some of the specific physical benefits you can get from an adult massage.

Get rid of muscle tension

The biggest thing massages can do for you physically is taking care of your muscles. Muscle tension is bad for us, especially if it’s long lasting and chronic. Being tense all the time can increase your risk of heart disease and affect your blood pressure. It’s often a symptom of stress but can be a symptom of various health concerns. Either way, relieving your body of tension and stress is a good way to improve how your body feels overall.

Because adult massages are real massages, your masseuse will use her hands, sometimes her body, to actually massage you from head to toe. The sexy atmosphere will have you feeling relaxed. The dim lighting, the wonderful smells, will absolutely envelope you and help your body remember what it’s like to be relaxed. Within minutes of stepping into your masseuse’s room, your muscles will be ready to let go of tension and relax.

Banish that stress

Being stressed is bad for us in a number of ways. It can effect everything from our heart to stomach to causing certain diseases or worsening symptoms of chronic conditions. It can be tough to take time for ourselves to get rid of stress but it should be part of what we do for our general health. An adult massage is the perfect way to let all of that stress disappear and leave nothing but healing and goodness behind. Let the massage trigger your relaxation response and slow down for a a little while. Be present in the moment and that stress will just vanish. You’ll have a fun time and your body will be truly relaxed and stress free at the end of the hour.

Improved health in general

Massages can be a part of a medical plan to treat your body and help you do normal activities at your usual level of activity. These massages can help improve the circulation in your body, lower your blood pressure, decrease joint stiffness, and help you recover more quickly between workouts. You won’t just feel better, you’ll actually be healthier. Your body will learn to heal faster and recover faster from stressful situations because you are taking care of it and giving it a break from constant stress. Adult massages are a good way to do this because of the unique atmosphere. It’s so different from anything else you do during the day that you can’t help but give in to the relaxation and let your body feel better.

Take care of your sexual health

Since adult massages are, well, adult, they also attend to your sexual health. This is an important aspect of our overall well-being and a frequently ignored one. We don’t think of our sexual health as something that needs to be taken care of in the same way we might take care of a cough or cut. But part of cultivating our general wellness means taking care of all of ourselves which includes our sexual health. Adult massages are erotic and sensual and will have your libido flowing. If this is something you’ve been struggling with, an adult massage is a great low-stress, pressure-free atmosphere to try to reignite it. Your masseuse is more than happy to help you and really get your blood flowing. Depending on the kind of massage, your happy ending could include edging, delayed orgasms, which can improve how long you sustain a great erection. This is one of the best benefits of adult massage and a reason to go get one today.

Tend to your emotional health

Massage is a very physical act so it’s hard to imagine how it could help your emotional health. But it truly can! Our emotions can get caught up in our bodies – muscle tension – and by relieving ourselves of this tension and getting rid of stress, our emotions can flow better. As mentioned earlier, many emotions can appear in the body in the form of tense muscles or sore spots. Having these areas attended to can help you release the emotion and feel better. Adult massage focuses on all aspects of ourselves, not just the physical. Relaxing, truly relaxing, is one of the best things you can do when you feel tense or worried or anything else negative. Even if you don’t feel upset or worried about something, adult massage can improve how you’re feeling overall and leave you feeling at peace and calmer.

Heal your loneliness

If you haven’t been with someone in a while, you might be feeling lonely. We as humans crave touch from other people and an adult massage is a great way to have that need fulfilled. Your masseuses will have her hands, and her body, gliding over all over your skin. Just imagine what that would feel like, pure skin to skin contact. The intimate touch of an adult massage is soothing and healing. You’ll feel taken care of, attended to, and fulfill your need for attention and connection. Your masseuse will leave you feeling like you’re special and worth touching. Heal your loneliness with something fun and exciting and take care of your mental health in the process.

Improve your anxiety

Many of us struggle with anxiety. Whether it’s persistent or being caused by a specific event, anxiety can make our bodies feel all knotted up and twisted. An adult massage will help relieve you of those anxieties by slowing your mind down and helping you become present in the moment. Being present means that your mind cannot be coming up with scenarios to be anxious about. You’re in a room with a beautiful woman who is touching your body all over. What is there to be anxious about? Regular massages may help your body learn to regulate emotions better over time and decrease your chronic anxiety.

Increase your self-awareness

That mind-body connection is supremely powerful and taking care of it is important. Adult massage can help you improve your self-awareness and reconnect to your mind and body. It will help your mind grow calm and still, which will allow you to focus on your body in the moment. Over time, you can really hone this skill and improve your self-awareness in times outside of a massage. Having great self-awareness means you can stay more focused, be disciplined, and even communicate more clearly. You can improve your relationships not just at home but at work too just by becoming more self-aware. What an amazing benefit to get from an extremely sexy massage.


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