Mutual massages are an amazing way of bonding with your lover and exploring their body in a whole new way. This sensual activity will bring you closer together than ever and leave you feeling relaxed and satisfied. Learn all about the art of giving and receiving a mutual massage to have the night of your life.

What Are Mutual Massages?

These wonderful massages are when you and your lover massage and caress each other simultaneously. It isn’t the same as one person getting a full body massage and then swapping positions. It’s about being physically connected and a sensual give and take of touching and massaging each other’s bodies. Mutual massages are deeply connecting for couples and are an amazing way to enhance intimacy and improve the closeness of a relationship. Thanks to everything from the act of touch to the hormones that flood your body, mutual massages are incredibly bonding and improve the state of any loving relationship.

Setting the Mood Just Right

Many may overlook an important element of mutual massage: setting the mood or atmosphere up just right. You don’t want to go into a mutual massage in a bad mood after a long day. And you don’t want to bring your lover in after they’ve had an exhausting day either. Take the time to plan for a mutual massage to ensure you’re both in a well-rested and content state.

Set up the room you will use thoughtfully. Mutual massage is a sensual massage, meaning you should appeal to all senses. Use soft music to set a tone. Pick out a nice-smelling massage oil. Light candles or start a fire, depending on the time of year. Set the house’s temperature just right – you’ll both be naked.  Turn the lights down low. Lay out soft towels or sheets to catch any extra massage oil. And set out some snacks or drinks for afterwards. Think about each sense, what you and your lover like, and be prepared to appeal to each.

Use Great Massage Oil

Your massage oil shouldn’t just smell nice but have a scent that you and your lover enjoy. If your lover doesn’t like florals, you don’t want to get rose-scented. Think about what kinds of soaps or shampoos they use – that will help you in the right direction. Also, invest in a premium quality massage oil. Your skin will absorb some of the oil, and you want to ensure it’s paraben free. And better quality massage oil will go further and help reduce friction much more easily than the cheap stuff.

Start Building Your Connection

Breathing together is a wonderful way to begin your mutual massage. This exercise is frequently used in tantric massage to help the recipient relax and become focused on the present. Whether you do this before or after you undress is up to you. A good position is to sit facing each other while holding hands. This way, you can look into each other’s eyes simultaneously. Take a few deep breaths together through the nose and mouth. It doesn’t have to be very many, just enough that you both feel like you’re paying attention to the person in front of you and have left the world behind. This is a great way to start your connection for the massage strongly and gives you something to build on.

Get Naked

Mutual massages can be done with some clothing on, but, ultimately, naked is best. This can be a vulnerable thing for some people, especially if they haven’t done it very much with you. So take your time with your lover if they’re shy, help them gently, and be kind about it. Being naked together is shown to help many couples feel that they can trust their partner better. Just this act alone will mean so much to you both! You can make this sexy by helping and kissing their skin or keep it straightforward by letting them do their thing. Either way, you’ll be glad you got nude for this message.

It Isn’t a Race: Go Slow

As you begin your massage, take your time touching your lover’s body and encourage them to do the same. Nothing about this should be a race. It’s all about spending time together and enjoying a sensual experience. Let your hands glide over their skin. Touch them in ways you haven’t before. Please pay attention to their reactions and listen to their feedback. Give your feedback. Let them touch you in new ways. It’s a wonderful give-and-take massage and should be thoroughly enjoyed in your own time. Your lover isn’t going anywhere, and neither of you. Enjoy the time together.

Giving a Massage
If you’ve never given a massage before, don’t worry; it’s more simple than it seems:

  • The best thing is to use enough massage oil. You don’t want a massive pool in your hand, but enough to keep things slick and frictionless will help you immensely.
  • Warm your massage oil beforehand. Even just pouring a little into your hands and rubbing your hands together before touching your lover can help. Cold oil on bare skin isn’t fun!
  • Use your hand flat and vary the pressure as you move it around. You can also use the heel of your hand or your fingertips to massage specific spots.
  • Use long smooth strokes up and down areas like backs and legs. You can vary the pressure by leaning into your hand more or less.
  • Pay attention to any areas that feel “knotted” and massage gently there. You’ll warm the muscle and encourage the “knot” to loosen.
  • Avoid bony areas and stick to fleshy and muscular areas. This is where we carry our tension and will be the most relaxing and stress relieving.
  • Ask your lover if they like what you’re doing or if you could do something different.
  • Listen to the sounds they’re making. Are they breathing softly or holding their breath? Did they moan in pleasure or pain? This will give you clues as to whether you’re doing something right.
  • You can pull your lover close to massage them. Sit behind them so their back is on your chest, and massage their front this way. It’s incredibly sexy and will have them leaning into you for more.
  • Remember to take turns or return to positions where you can mutually touch. Being able to touch each other at the same time is so important for building that connection and deepening the intimacy between the two of you.
  • Experiment with positions. Try one person in front, one in back. Take turns lying on the bed or couch. Sit facing each other. You may end up trying something and laughing, but that’s okay; doing it together is all that matters.

What if it Gets Steamy?

Naked mutual touching. It’s going to get hot in here at some point!

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Let it get hot and steamy. Enjoy the sexual tension between the two of you as you massage each other. There is nothing wrong with letting that tension build and not doing anything about it. Or you can let it build and build and have a tumultuous time. Mutual massage isn’t necessarily intended to be foreplay and can be its activity, but it works wonderfully as foreplay. Touching each other’s bodies all over is sure to get things fired up between the two of you. Let things play out naturally, and enjoy the experience. However, it takes shape. Don’t force anything; of course, back off if your lover says no. Keep things light and fun, and you’ll have a great time.

Enjoy Receiving Massage

It can be easy to get caught up in giving a massage, but remember, this is mutual. Give your lover plenty of opportunities to massage you in turn or touch you simultaneously. You should be feeling pleasured too! Let the relaxation flow through you just as you’re encouraging it to flow through your lover’s body. Enjoy the sensuality of the atmosphere. Let them work their hands all over your body and massage your sore and tight spots. Give them as much opportunity to take care of you as you’re taking care of them. 

Speak up if you need to, and let them know what is or isn’t working. Ask for a little more pressure here or less there. There’s nothing wrong with that, and you’ll encourage your lover to do the same thing. Receiving a massage is wonderful, and you deserve to feel good just as much as your lover does.

Stay in the Moment

One important thing to remember is that both of you need to stay in the moment. Part of your preparation should’ve been putting mobiles in another room or on silent. Eliminate those distractions! Go back to doing a breathing exercise together if you lose focus and struggle to think about only the massage. This is all part of deepening the connection and building intimacy between you. Stay focused, present, and pay attention to what you’re doing. Think about the sensations you’re feeling. You’ll surely get caught up in it all shortly and forget that there’s a world outside your bedroom.

Enjoy the Winding Down

You should enjoy it no matter how your massage ends. Whether your massage got steamy and led to sex or was incredibly relaxing and led to some cuddles, be happy with that. You’re doing exactly what you need to be doing with your lover and enjoying each other on an intimate level. There’s nothing wrong with letting a mutual massage lead to laughs and snacks afterwards or blazing hot orgasms. No direction is a wrong direction. Let it come naturally, or discuss it beforehand; either way is also fine. Enjoy the process rather than try to force a particular outcome.

Give Mutual Massage a Try

Don’t be nervous or shy about bringing up this sensual activity with your lover. Mutual massage is a great thing to indulge in together, leaving you both feeling relaxed and connected. Your intimacy will improve, and you will want to do it repeatedly. No matter how your mutual massage goes, please stay in the moment, be present, and give your lover the attention they deserve. Accept their gift of pleasure as gracefully as they’re accepting yours. The two of you will have a phenomenal time and be so glad you gave mutual massage a try.


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