February 14th is fast approaching, but don’t panic! We have some super sexy tantric massage tips for Valentines Day to help make the evening a bit more sexy and a bit less cheesey. Did you know that you can create a perfect evening of tantric massage at home? You can, let us show you how!

Valentine’s Day gets a little bit of a bad rap because it is considered too commercial. Gone are the days of True Romance and courtly love oh, now it’s all cheap chocolates and overpriced prix fix restaurant menus and limp red roses.  When did we stray so far from Love? Many claim that we don’t need a day devoted to romantic love because romantic love is already over celebrated in our culture. Perhaps instead of love, we should celebrate passion and pleasure? Spend this VDay with your hands on each other, and get sexy DIY-style. Or, if you’re really brave and frisky, seek out a pro for a sensual couples’ massage! 

Restore and reinvigorate intimacy

Erotic massage is more than just a good time. It can vastly improve intimacy between couples because erotic massage is not simply a sex act. It allows us to connect physically and emotionally, while learning more about our partner: the foundational concepts that make up intimacy. Listening and responding, touch and communication, all of these things are essential to erotic massage and to relationships themselves. Therefore, erotic massage can absolutely be a valuable tool in improving intimacy between couples. 

Go pro and give the gift of vulnerability this Valentine’s Day

Closeness and intimacy is most profound in moments of vulnerability. This is why a professional erotic massage is not as counterintuitive as you might think. By both experiencing vulnerability in a safe and controlled way, you create a bond based in care and empathy. That care and empathy goes a long way when your partner initiates sex or wants to otherwise express their love and attraction. By experiencing vulnerability together you give each other the opportunity to see one another anew.  As relationships progress and mature, it can be hard to remember exactly why you fell in love with someone. By connecting in a new and intimate way those memories can be restored. When those memories are restored, increasing intimacy feels like less of a challenge. 

There are so many great reasons to indulge in a couples’ massage this Valentine’s Day. Not only will you enjoy an incredible massage experience together, you will learn several techniques and tricks you can try at-home next time. If you are interested in learning more about intimate massage, do look into our workshops held by the biggest names in UK tantric healing. We would love to be a part of your erotic massage journey, so book a session with one of our masseuses who specializes in couples massage today!

A Tantric Valentine’s Day massage at home: get sexy and express yourselves  

Professional tantric massages are pleasantly transactional, which makes them feel emotionally safe. But when you provide a tantric arena for your beloved in private, things can get a lot more loving and a lot sexier. You may not know where to begin, you may not be familiar with tantric massage, or tantric sex, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn something new this year. Believe us, your partner will be happy not to get the same old drugstore flowers and sappy card. Instead give them an experience that they will never forget! One that begins with candlelight and soft music, warm massage oil and sensual touch. Cap off the evening with some riotous orgasms and have an early night! Happy Valentine’s Day to us all! 

How to make the most of a DIY tantric massage for Valentine’s Day.

Don’t worry if you feel a lot of nervous excitement or a little bit of awkwardness before you start. If erotic massage is a new concept in your relationship, it can be nerve-wracking in the beginning. Focus on the fact that this is real quality time with your partner and  that is what matters! Begin with a bath (or shower) together  

  • Massage is as much mental as it is physical
  • Taking the time to get into a more mellow frame of mind feels good
  • A hot shower beforehand readies your skin and muscles for the treat they are about to receive. Massage oil will work better on warm damp skin and the efficacy of the massage will be increased.

Share the work, share the pleasure

It’s so sexy to give your partner a massage with no expectation that they will return the favour. It’s VDay after all, be generous!  Or, If you’re up for it, you can switch part way through and both experience having 100% of the other focus and attention.

If you really want to up the eroticism, make it a mutual massage and touch each other at the same time. In an at-home situation between lovers, this might derail your massage quite quickly, in the best way. Again, allow the evening to take you where it will and focus on the quality of time you’re spending together not the nuts and bolts of how you’re spending it. Also, remember that there’s no pressure to imitate a professional massage setting. There are many small things you can do that will add up to an incredible erotic massage experience at home. Your partner will be delighted and excited by the thought and effort that you put into the session.

Consider the small details

Taking a bit of time to think through the details ensures that your massage goes well and that everyone’s expectations are met. It may seem like a more romantic gesture if you make the erotic massage a surprise but asking your partner for it before it can be the difference between having a powerful erotic experience,  and having a nasty row.

  • What are your partners expectations of this erotic experience?
  • Do you have the necessary materials on hand?
  • What makes an erotic massage a success?
  • Does your partner already see a physiotherapist or massage therapist for a prior injury and is your partner in need of actual muscular therapy or pain relief? 
  • Is your partner ticklish? 
  • Are there any areas of your partner’s body that are off-limits? 

Prepare your space and make it special

It may sound like overkill, but creating an appropriate atmosphere is a part of the mind/body connection that tantra helps you achieve. Taking a few minutes to soften the mood will help your mind and body become ready for what it’s about to experience. Consider it an investment in your pleasure! 

  • Before you begin, prepare yourself some refreshment for after. A light snack of fruit and plenty of water is a nice way to treat yourselves afterwards.  
  • A clutter-free space will help you focus and relax, two essential concepts for erotic pleasure.
  • Let your hands linger on your partner’s skin tol heighten and extend the experience.
  • Light a gently scented candle and eliminate distracting or unpleasant smells
  • Choose music that is calm and rhythmic to promote relaxation

Lube up with quality oils

The number one tip for erotic and tantric massage is oil. iSome people are loyal to olive oil, coconut oil , avocado oil, but we find that grapeseed oil is the very best. If you can find cold-pressed organic grape seed oil for your at home erotic massages do pick some up. 

Grapeseed oil has many benefits:

  • Light on the skin
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Deeply moisturizing

Another benefit of grape seed oil is that it is cleaned up easily. Giving an erotic massage at home can be messy, so be sure to lay down some towels to soak up any spills.

Make some sweet Valentine’s Day love

When the massage is over, or you’re ready to move on to even sexier things, try some tantric sex positions to really get connected and really get off. 

Sexy Spoons

Spooning is a perfect storm of the sexual and sensual possibilities of intimacy. This is the gift of Tantra. Philosophy around sex and sexuality is usually based in the idea of sex being a singular, acute, penetrative experience. This is a dangerous lens to see sex through because we are reducing it into something that is no longer in tune with a full body experience. 

As spoons, resist the urge to dive into intercourse. Women especially, will usually feel more attractive and more validated  through sex acts that are typically considered foreplay. 

This includes: 

  • Fingering
  • Clitoral stimulation
  • Nipple suckling
  • Touching
  • Groping
  • and Heavy petting

Seize the opportunity for exploration

Spooning is an excellent position for synchronizing your breathing, much like the Yab-Yum position (see below). 

For the little spoon (or the person in front):

  • Grind and rub your body against your partner. 
  • Suck their fingers
  • Reach back to touch them

The person in the back (the Big Spoon):

  • Use their hands to stimulate the person in front
  • Touch their body all over
  • Focus on the breasts, genitals, their stomach and their face

This is probably is what you imagine when someone says the words ‘tantric sex’. It’s the classic sitting position for very intimate, penetrative sex. 

  1. The man sits down on the floor or bed
  2. He is cross legged (support thighs and knees with pillows)
  3. The woman sits in his lap, legs around his hips

It’s a central position in tantric love-making, and it’s easy to understand why. Yab Yum puts lovers’ eyes inline with one another so prolonged eye contact and kissing is easy. In terms of intercourse it obviously makes for a very close fit. Regulate your breathing! Synchronizing your breath is an essential part of getting to the depth and intimacy that Tantra unlocks for you.

Don’t forget to have fun!

We need to feed our bodies, our souls and our minds to be healthy and in alignment with our highest selves. Sex and sexuality helps us do this. Human bodies were made to have and enjoy sex, both for procreation but also because it just feels good. Tantric practice helps us bridge the gap between our modern minds and our primordial bodies. When you apply these principles, you begin to work on manifesting the kind of sexual energy need. It leads us to the ultimate connection and intimacy, things that we desperately need in this life. When you’re both spent, debrief, have a snack, hydrate, and talk about the massage. What did you both love about it? Take another shower together and wash away the massage oil and cap off the session before you hit the sheets to sleep. Another VDay on the books. Let’s hope it’s the best one yet!

What are you waiting for?

Whether you are looking for an exotic massager for you and a partner for yourself, we have what you want. Our girls are the most beautiful in London, if not the world! We are absolutely confident that every session you booked with us will be better than the last. No matter your reasons for booking with us, we will always leave you satisfied, to whatever degree you desire.

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