Tantra in London may seem mysterious and exotic, but it is much more accessible than you think! We know you want answers to your most burning questions about tantra in London. We have those answers! One of our Secret Tantric massage experts walks you through the most frequently asked questions about Secret Tantric and London erotic massage.

What is tantric massage?

Tantra is an ancient wellness system that evolved from the spiritual practices of Hinduism and Buddhism many centuries ago. It aims to unite the Mind, Body, and Soul energies through intentional and sensual touch. When we hear the word ‘tantra’, we immediately think of yoga or sex. These two topics and forms of tantra are completely legitimate but are only part of what tantra can be. Tantra requires very little of its practitioners other than focus, intention, and an openness to new intimacy. 

Is tantric massage a kink?

The intimacy that is experienced and expressed through tantra can be between two people, or it can be a journey of self-discovery. What tantra is not is just kinky sex. Many media sources and pop culture references lead us to believe that Tantra is about endless orgasms and knowing the Kama Sutra inside and out. That couldn’t be further from the truth! Although intense and unique sexual experiences can be part of tantra, it is so much more nuanced than that.

What is a tantric massage all about?

Tantric massage can relieve physical discomfort and strain while evoking erotic sensations of the body and mind. A gifted tantric worker will take you on a journey of sensual delight. It will be unique from anything you have experienced before. If your physical body is tired and aching, almost any old massage will help. But if your needs are greater or deeper, a tantric massage can be the better solution. Many clients come to us as an alternative to their usual massage because they feel they aren’t getting enough relief. The body can easily adapt to many things, including pain and strain.  Because tantric massage awakens more than just your body, it has overall wellness effects that other methods of touch or rehabilitation can’t achieve.

What makes Secret Tantric so special?

When you engage with an agency like Secret Tantric, you are engaging with professionals who have experience and skills in the tantric arts, as well as a good grasp of physiology and anatomy. We provide our clients with the best of both worlds: incredible massage and an erotic experience all rolled into one!

What are the masseuses like?

At Secret Tantric, we put a lot of time and effort into finding, screening, and training our tantric masseuses. We specifically select women who are great communicators, comfortable working close to our clients, and beautiful. We understand that the massage has intrinsic value and will make your body feel great. However, a big part of the experience is under the touch of an unexceptionally stimulating and gorgeous woman.

International and Exotic

We have many European and South American Girls on our roster. They speak English and are gifted in conversation and entertaining their guests. They are also put through their paces with tantric massage training. We train our masseuses at a more in-depth level than our competitors. Our girls know more about massage techniques and the kind of customer care you can expect with a premier agency like Secret Tantric. We have fantastic feedback from our clients. Many of our clients are repeat clients, which tells us we are doing everything right. Some of our clients like to repeatedly return to the same masseuse and develop a professional relationship with her. Other clients want to see someone new every time and experience the depth, breadth and variety of masseuses that we have.

But just how beautiful are they?

Tantric massage is an erotic and intimate act. We understand that our clients are looking for a real-life solution to issues of stress and exhaustion that plague them. We also know that our clients are looking for a fantasy experience.  They want something to help them to step away from their real lives and enjoy an experience they wouldn’t usually have. Because our clients are, in part, coming to us for a fantastic experience, we know that we need to deliver with fantasy masseuses.

We never hire to fill up the roster

We take the selection process of our masseuses very seriously. Each girl is hand selected and interviewed by multiple team members, including the company’s head. It is essential to us that we provide a service that is simple and clear for our clients. We know they want to have fun, be relaxed, and enjoy the sensual touch of an exquisite masseuse. Therefore, when we make our selections, we look for conversational skills, gentility, and service-oriented nature. We also look for beautiful, incredibly fit masseuses who can provide the visual stimuli that go so well with the physical. 

Will the girls be my type?

We have every kind of masseuse you could want: blondes, brunettes, redheads, we have them all. Each of our masseuses is strong, fit, and toned to give you a rigorous massage. Our girls are also incredibly classy and sophisticated, just as comfortable walking downtown as they are at a Gala event. 

Kindness counts!

We are also exceptionally proud of the fact that our masseuses are also just nice people. They care about their clients, and it shows. If you ask any of our masseuses why they got into this line of work, they will tell you that they love helping people. Everyone needs a bit of relaxation and tender loving care from time to time. We are confident that any of our masseuses will give you both an incredible fantasy experience and a massage.

Is a London tantric massage legal and above-board?

The adult entertainment industry can feel a bit dicey. Knowing whether a service or activity is legitimate and legal is hard. We are happy to say that our agency is completely legal, above board, and legitimate. You run no risk by employing our services or working with our masseuses. Our beautiful girls set their hours and rates, and we support them from our headquarters. Providing and promoting safety within this industry is essential, so we are always in close contact with our masseuses. Additionally, we debrief with them after every appointment. We also collect feedback from our tantric experts and supply all the materials they need to do their jobs at the highest level.

What does an erotic massage cost?

We do not have a single base rate for tantric massage in London. Each of our masseuses sets their rates, and all of our massages start at 60 minutes in length. More time and more variety of experience are possible with most of our masseuses. Their prices are competitive and reasonable given the extent of the care provided and the quality of the tantric training that each of our masseuses completes.  You are not paying simply for a quick rub and tug; you are paying for the time, experience, and training of an erotic massage expert. We stand by the rates that masseuses are set because we know the value of their work. Tantric massage is physically taxing and requires a lot of focus and social energy. Our masseuses are the best hostesses you could imagine being greeted by. Not only are they gorgeous, but they also provide a service that is high quality, no stress, and something you will come back to time again.

How do I book an appointment?

Booking an appointment with Secret Tantric couldn’t be easier. You can book online through our website, but we recommend you call in and speak directly to our massage coordinator. Before you call, look through the website and visit our masseuse gallery and our massage menu. 

Will I get what I want?

Not all of our masseuses perform every one of our massage techniques. This is partly about their comfort with the styles of massage, as well as their level of training. When you select a masseuse, please pay attention to the types of massage they provide to ensure that you can get what you want. 

One call does it all

When you call in, you will speak with her massage coordinator directly and answer a series of questions to help us guide you in the direction of the best service for you. We will also give you more information about the appointment itself. From the time you call in to book an appointment, it is possible to meet your masseuse within 1 to 2 hours after your call. Our roster of masseuses is extensive, so we only sometimes need to schedule beyond the same day or the next day. We make it easy for you in that initial call by explaining all the details and answering your questions thoroughly. Here at Secret Tantric, we understand that this is not necessarily an industry you have sought services from in the past. You will have questions, and we are here to answer them!

Where are you located? 

Our office headquarters are located in Mayfair, but our masseuses are strategically located all over London. Most of our appointments are in-calls,  meaning you go to your masseuse. If you are looking for an outcall, where your masseuse comes to you, that is possible if you are staying in a reputable hotel in London. Our masseuses only make outcalls to people’s homes when an established professional relationship is in place. A masseuse can come to your home if you have had a previous appointment. Home visits are only permitted if the masseuse provides good feedback about the experience.

We treat our masseuses very well

our masseuse’s boundaries and limits must be respected at all times. Secret Tantric has a zero-tolerance policy on poor behaviour and inappropriate touching. Like any other scenario, ‘no always means no’, and consent needs to be mutual, enthusiastic, and ongoing.

We are always focused on the safety and well-being of our masseuses and will not tolerate improper behaviour. We very rarely have issues in this area, but we also take all the  possible precautions to ensure that everyone involved feels safe, empowered, and satisfied with their massage experience.

What can I expect during my appointment?

Each appointment with Secret Tantric begins the same way. You will be welcomed into your masseuse’s luxury apartment. You and your masseuse will then have a brief consultation. I think consultation is essential. It will not be skipped. The consultation involves discussing your needs, desires, and boundaries for your massage. This is an opportunity for both parties to discuss and agree on what the session will look like. All of our sessions are at least 60 minutes, but more time is generally available. If you think that your massage may go longer than 60 Minutes or you are sure that you would like to spend more time with your masseuse, please share that on the initial booking phone call.

After your consultation

Once you and your masseuse have established the baseline for what your session will be like, then the fun can begin. You will be asked to take a mandatory shower before your session begins. This is regardless of your hygiene or whether you have showered just before your session. Once you are squeaky clean, your massage will start!  

You can expect:

  • your masseuse’s full attention
  •  that your limits and boundaries will be respected
  •  top quality massage materials like oils, candles and music to set the mood
  •  uninterrupted time with your masseuse
  •  complete focus and impeccable communication during your massage
  •  the opportunity to gain some tantric skills of your own 

How do I prepare for a tantric massage?

There is nothing you need to do specifically to prepare for tantra in London. As mentioned above, you will need to shower when you arrive, but we encourage you to arrive looking and feeling as best you can. We know that some of our clients are nervous or unsure about the prospect of a tantric massage. We also know that our masseuses are excellently trained at putting you in the mood and making you feel relaxed and open to the experience.

Do I need to be fit?

One question that we are often asked is if tantra in London requires any particular physical state of fitness. The answer to that is a resounding no. Tantric massage is appropriate for people with all kinds of bodies, levels of fitness, and abilities. We are proud that our masseuses are accommodating and supportive of clients with physical disabilities and challenges. Please be sure to tell your masseuse before your massage begins if you have any problems with your breathing, your heart or circulation, or any issues with a range of mobility. Our masseuses are here to make you feel incredible and better than when you came in. Be sure to give them all the information they need about your body to help your session be the best that it can be.

What are you waiting for?

Now that you know everything there is to know about tantra in London, what are you waiting for? Call in and book with us today and experience the delicious touch of our masseuses!


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