Tantra is a full body, multi-sensory practice that has to be experienced to be believed. Touch is a primary part of tantric massage, but what role do our other senses play? Learn the keys to limitless pleasure and deep relaxation by combining tantra and your five senses.

What is Tantric practice?

In broad terms, tantra refers to a set of philosophies and spiritual practices rooted in India, beginning in approximately the 6th Century. In modern context, tantra is often misunderstood and considered a strictly sexual practice. This is simply inaccurate, however, tantra has influenced many areas of modern health and wellness. 

Tantric study embraces all things as sacred, including things that are often considered taboo or improper. Pleasure has a significant place within tantra and because of that, it has become a misnomer for exotic, kinky sex. Tantra is not inherently kinky at all, but it is a very direct way to access and liberate your sexual energy. In this sense, tantra is a form of freedom. 


Human touch is essential to our very existence. Without it, the human spirit simply can’t survive. When we engage in sensual and sexual touch we are feeding an essential part of our humanity. It may seem obvious that touch is a central part of tantric massage, because it is!

The tantric difference

The difference between a regular massage and a tantric massage is the level to which you experience the massage. This is because tantra massage is sensual and leans into the sexual as well. It is also because tantric massage london requires a level of focus and intention that differs from more traditional forms of massage. Luckily, tantric principles can be applied to any specific mode of massage. That is why at Secret Tantric we offer traditional massages with a twist. We have Swedish, Shiatsu, Nuru massage,  and all the kinds of traditional massage you’re looking for, but with an ancient and exotic flair. 


For most people, especially men, sight is important during sex and sexual experiences. Attraction and arousal are hardwired into our sense of sight. This means that we make decisions about what we like based on what we see. That is an important consideration when it comes to tantric practice. Because tantric practice is so rooted in ephemeral things like spirit and mind and vulnerability, there is a tendency to overlook the plain old ordinary reality of sex drive. There is nothing inferior about attraction or arousal that’s based in sight versus something deeper. Both the pornography industry and censorship has convinced us that to look is often deviant. However, it’s entirely normal to derive a lot of your sexual gratification and interest from things that you see and people that you are attracted to. There’s nothing wrong with being sexually driven by your sense of sight and enjoying looking at things when you’re aroused.

Looking inward

Because Tantra is an inward journey it can be confusing to think of visual stimuli during a tantric session.

Contrary to popular belief Tantra is not at all about being pure or pious or restrained. It’s about embracing the true human energies we all have. Only through ourselves can we access a more divine understanding of our world. When you book a session with one of our tantric masseuses you will be treated to one of the most beautiful and sensual experiences of your life. Our masseuses are stunningly beautiful and provide all of the visual stimulation you could possibly need to go along with the deep relaxation and intense pleasure they provide.

If you are tackling tantra as more of a DIY project, skip the pornography. When you need stimulation that is mental and visual, try to embrace the idea of your own body or your partner’s body being the visual aid that you need. If you are with a partner and trying to incorporate more tantric practice into your sex life mutual masturbation can be a great way to provide both sensual and visual stimuli to both of you.


The human sense of smell is an absolute wonder of the natural world. Our sense of smell, although not as strong as other creatures, is still a primary part of how we move through the world. When it comes to sex and sensuality, your sense of smell cannot be overstated. It is an absolute powerhouse of information-gathering for your brain and the rest of your body. Nothing puts you in the mood quite like specific smells. Aromatherapy may sound like something reserved for housewives in the suburbs but it is actually a very powerful and scientifically proven tool you can use in your tantric toolkit. By imbuing the space that you’re in while seeking tantric pleasure, you can influence your mind and body in terms of relaxation, arousability, and alertness. All of these things will influence how much you get out of your tantric experience. 

The power of scent

When it comes to choosing smells for tantric experiences it’s important to choose scents that you enjoy smelling and that you do not have adverse reactions to. Some people are very sensitive to scent. Scent can be very overwhelming. Because our sense of smell is so linked to memory it is very common for the scent to bring about strong memories and associations. Obviously, if you’re trying to create an environment that is sexy and inviting you don’t want to fill it with scents that make you uncomfortable or bring up negative memories. Choose aromatherapy essential oils or scented candles in scents that make you feel good.

Use what works for you

It can be tricky to find smells that both relax you and turn you on. You can find candles, essential oils, and aromatherapy blend in-store and online. For the most part, it’s sensible to stick to very natural smelling aromatherapy supplies. Sweet food smells can be very arousing and relaxing, especially for men. These are smells like cinnamon, nutmeg, chocolate, gingerbread, warm apple pie, all of the smells of home and comfort. Most of these are sweet smells and if you prefer something a bit less cloying, go for something more masculine and exotic.

Lean towards warm smells

Look for scents like amber, neroli, or other edible food smells like rosemary or sage. Rose, lavender, and gardenia are all romantic and sensual scents. If they are too sugary or feminine to get you in the mood, feel free to experiment with smells that are both natural and simple as well as complex and interesting. If you have a cologne or your partner has a perfume, that really gets your engine running then perhaps a spritz of that is all you need. The smell is one area that you can easily affect and control in your tantric practice, and it will only be of benefit!


Sound and music have a significant impact on mental endurance and focus. Even though tantra is about relaxation and sensuality, it’s also about deep focus and looking inward.  There, you’ll find your most deeply rooted and most human sexual energies. Using sound and music during the tantric exploration can be an excellent tool on the journey towards tantric bliss. It is important when choosing sounds and music for tantra that you do not choose anything too stimulate or too exciting. It can be over-stimulating if you are listening to music with too high of a tempo. Look for an average of 50-80 beats per minute. When you choose music or sounds for the background of your tantric experience, you may want to consider something soft and melodic or nature sounds like birds and running water. Look for something that is not going to distract you with rhythm or lyrics, but that will supply you with enough rhythm that you can arouse your body through movement.


If you are open to it, incorporating food and flavour into tantric practice can be a great way to further the dimension of pleasure. Light and sensual snacks can help to keep you focused and present at the moment. Being in the moment is a central tenet of tantra and can be surprisingly hard for many people. Our busy work a day lives off and doesn’t give us time to practice being present and slowing down. Tantric practice and tantric sensuality slow down our bodies and our minds. Tantra helps us open ourselves up to a more quiet and centered place of pleasure.

Engaging in tantric practice is hard work, both physically and mentally. Try incorporating anything from a few slices of citrus or cucumber in your water, all the way to a platter of lovingly prepared exotic fruits that you and your partner feed to each other. Engaging your sense of taste is not about forcing a meal into an otherwise sensual and intimate moment, it is about using your sense of taste and the sensuality of your mouth, lips and tongue to explore and heighten your experience. Whatever you choose to incorporate have it prepared ahead of time so it’s a simple as reaching for a perfect berry and popping it in your lovers mouth!

Your 6th and 7th Senses: Vulnerability and Intimacy

Tantric practice is about the body, the mind, and the spirit.

Wellness, including sexual wellness, is dependant upon balance and harmony. Unite your spirit, mind and body to work together. Create a more dynamic and healthy whole. Even if you aren’t looking to tantra for spirituality it’s essential to remember that tantric sex, and learning about your sexuality through tantra, is inherently vulnerable and intimate.

Tantra is not as simple as just an incredible massage. It is about, at its core, transcendence. Tantra doesn’t ask us to transcend our physical bodies in search of spirituality. Instead, it gives us permission to use our bodies in order to tap into our own divinity and power. 

In conclusion

The fun of Tantra is also the challenge of Tantra: keeping things simple. Access your innermost passion and strength! Through tantric practice, you will take your sensual experiences to new heights. Part of elevating those experiences is tapping into your most basic human needs, urges, desires, and understandings of the world.

Tantra is full of philosophy and wellness concepts to incorporate into your life. However, nothing beats spending time with the professionals. Book a session with one of our masseuses now! They will be able to take you to new levels of pleasure. They will show you sensual delights you never dreamed could be real. The London tantric scene is a wide and wonderful world but why not stick with the best? Secret tantric has all the best girls in London. 


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