Secrets of the Pussy Orgasm

This post explores the secrets of the pussy orgasm, how it feels and how to achieve. The pussy entrance orgasm is commonly referred to as the opening act. An expansive and pleasurable climax which one can achieve through this sexual entryway point and often takes a backseat. To achieve this type of climax, one must first lose their virginity.

Some Secrets about Pussy Entrance

The entrance of the vagina contains all the secrets of the pussy orgasm. Like the clit it contains countless nerve endings, which are the main reason why most females experience orgasmic sensitivity during penetration. The opening of the vagina provides combined stimulus starting from the clit to the entrance of the vagina. Using a combination of both clit and the vaginal entrance can provide powerful orgasms.

Locating the Pussy Orgasm

The vagina is the part of the female body where the soul lives and penetration isn’t possible without the vulva’s consent. It consists of the clit, the mons pubis, the vulva vestibule, the labia minora, labia majora, the hymen, the perineum, the posterior fourchette and the urethral opening. It’s the area beyond the border where the inner parts of the vagina start. Towards the pelvis is the lower half of the entrance around the posterior fourchette which is very sensitive. The vaginal opening contains the second-most number of nerve endings in the female body after the clitoris. After penetrating the hymen it turns into a blossoming pussy flower ready for endless stimulation and orgasms.

What pussy entrance orgasms feel like

A pussy entrance orgasm kind of feels like a powerful animal knocking at the fleshy gateway. By relaxing and submitting to this knocking sensation you will get to feel it working its way up your spine.

The orgasmic elephant

To reveal the secrets of the pussy orgasm you must connect to the animal within. It’s a beautiful climax which connects you with your primal self. Akin to clitoral orgasms, but originating from a different, deeper and darker primal source. The build-up to the pussy entrance orgasm is much slower when compared to the clitoral climax, which tends to be more explosive. The release provided by the pussy opening climax is more grounded and fluid. These orgasms are for the females who want to unveil the giant orgasmic elephant in the room.

Perception of the Pussy Orgasm

Many traditions worship the pussy entrance for its magnetic attractions. It’s celebrated through performance and rituals, decorated with flowers and even bathed in milk. Throughout mankind, the vagina has been one of the most fertile symbols for bearing life in abundance. The significant influence of the porn industry has somewhat demystified the pussy.

The beauty of the pussy is that it comes in a variety of shapes, colours, sizes and smell. Many women undergo cosmetic surgery because they think the perfect vulva exists. Instead of getting surgery, females must celebrate the uniqueness of each other’s pussy and recognise it as the gateway to divine femininity and life. Aside from the odd research, vaginal entrance orgasms are rarely talked about. Why not conduct your own research and start experimenting with your pussy entrance for more erotic experiences? Using the right practices, one can surely discover and unleash the hidden power hiding deep within.

How Tantric Therapists view the Pussy Orgasm

According to tantric therapy the pussy orgasm isn’t a popular way to climax. Tantric therapists believe the pussy orgasm tends to direct sexual energy outwards. Ancient tantric therapy says these orgasms can transform into root chakra orgasms. Root chakra orgasms create a more energetic and subtle feeling . These types of orgasms can guide us to our inner vitality, that can help ground us and connect to the earth.

Secrets to achieving the Pussy Entrance Orgasm?

Ask your lover to press his palm against the opening of your pussy and the other hand on your heart. This particular step will make you more grounding and sensualise the experience. Keep pressure on the entrance for one to two minutes then slowly remove hand.

Penetrating the pussy

Next, carefully insert finger into your yoni. It’s recommended to use the index finger for insertion. Remaining in the present is key. After this, the yoni starts to secrete natural lubrication. Also, check for swelling of your lips or clitoris. One can use water-based lube or coconut oil to lubricate the entrance and index finger. After your lover enters, take a deep relaxing breath. Let out a big exhale. Do not rush this moment. Once the finger is inside, keep it there without moving. One must always stay present at that moment. Savour this moment and slowly explore this area towards the pussy opening.

Now it’s time to enter the pussy but try to remain aware and pay attention to the moment. If your pussy feels ready for the ride then you too are ready. It’s suggested that your lover uses their first finger to help stimulate the essential pussy juices. Ensure arousal of the clit and labia, check for swelling and then apply some natural lubrication to the pussy and your first finger. Now ask your partner to slowly penetrate and inhale deeply from your stomach. Now slowly breathe out, and let the finger remain inserted and still. Keep in the moment, gently probe in and around the pussy opening. The orgasm itself is lengthy and comes from deep within and comes with a weighty lukewarm sensation, gently making it’s may up and down your spinal cord.

Revealing the secret path to orgasmic bliss

This secret orgasm may seem like a hard catch, but it’s worth the effort. Try starting with a VIP massage, then when relaxed open up and submit your body to experience this orgasm. Unfortunately, the spells that enchant and bewilder the vagina opening aren’t valued enough in the erotic cosmos. Don’t concentrate on the finish and delight in the journey as the sensations transcend into orgasmic bliss. However, with a little persistence and perseverance the magic of the pussy orgasm will be yours. Hopefully, this article about the pussy orgasm will inspire you to reveal the delights of this glorious enigma.