The Secret London Tantric Massage Guide

The London tantric massage guide is brief overview of what one expects when receiving or providing a tantric massage in London. Read on to learn more about how to provide the ultimate experience. Erotic massage is a source of pleasure and relaxation.

When performing tantric massage one person uses special techniques on another person’s pleasure zones to provide sexual delights. The main goal is to arouse the receiver’s sexual desires and build up to orgasms. When it’s a lady receiving, the main areas that a masseur or masseuse focuses on are her breasts and vagina. Whilst in the case of men, it’s their genital area.

There are numerous types of tantric therapy and the main one being the full body massage, otherwise known as the body to body massage. It’s often referred to as a naturist massage or nude massage as the therapy takes place without clothes . This guide is for the inexperienced who wish to provide a VIP massage in London for their partner. Follow our guide to tantric massage in London as it will help ensure a pleasurable experience for both of you.

What’s tantric massage?

Tantric massage is a physical activity which harnesses the sexual energy within two people. These two people- the giver and the receiver are bound to feel erotic energy in their bodies afterwards. Although popular in London, historically this tantric therapy started in India. In medieval India they used historical tantra studies and methods to define some techniques and activities used today. Couples started looking at tantric therapy to strengthen sexual and emotional connection between partners. Previously little was know about the methods used and how to perform tantra therapy correctly.

An erotic massage does not just focus on awakening the sexual energies but also builds a connection between two parties through erotic touch. For the massage to be successful you must face your sexual issues, be open minded and have a desire to explore new erogenous zones. An experienced masseuse would want her client to absorb the pleasure she’s aiming to provide. Couple’s must also have a giver who aims to provide pleasure for their partner. The giver has their own fun, their main focus should be the receiver’s utmost pleasure. Here, you’ll learn everything about providing the perfect VIP massage in London.

Prerequisites of the Tantric massage?

Like any other sensual massage, a London tantric massage needs to be well-prepared before providing. If aiming to please a partner, it helps to be very specific about the preparations for the partner to gain maximum pleasure from that situation. Here are some things that you should prepare well in advance:

Setting the Mood

It’s important to first set the mood for any London tantric massage because any disturbance or bad factor can disappoint the receiver which will instantly disturb any pleasure. It’s not complicated to create ambience, try lighting scented candles throughout the room, or play some soothing music. You should also try and choose a location and try to dim lights because sharp lights don’t promote relaxation.

The massage location

It’s important to find a proper place where the receiver can lie down to enjoy the ultimate experience . If surfaces are uncomfortable, the receiver can’t focus on the sexual energies. Thus, it’s extremely important for the giver to arrange a table, bed or some other plain surface before the massage starts.

A Guide to Oil

The most important component in tantric therapy is oil. You can purchase scented oils to create a sensual mood. Oil also needs to have some health benefits so that when it’s applied to the receiver, it their relaxes muscles and helps them focus on their sexual energy. There are multiple oils available in the market which the giver can use to ensure the perfect experience.

Some useful tips to use during the massage!

Whilst providing tantric massage in London, avoid things that can make you uncomfortable physically, emotionally, or spiritually. Even when it’s your partner on the bed or table, this can cause you to hesitate. Hence, it’s advisable to skip any methods that make you feel uncomfortable. The recipient will sense that you’re not comfortable and it could ruin the moment.

Any lustful act can be unhygienic and could make your partner uncomfortable if there is a bad smell or cleanliness issue. Hence, it’s always good for both parties to take a shower before beginning a massage so that it’s done in a professional way.

Always have some boundaries set for the tantric therapy before you start. Especially, if you’re new to this industry, it’s very important to clearly understand the boundaries of any sexual activities. It’s important to determine this before the tantric therapy starts so expectations are met. Even if you’re providing tantric therapy for your partner, decide how you aim to provide the physical benefits. Bear in mind relaxation, healing, sexual arousal, or any other benefits. If you want the massage to lead to intercourse, you can take the massage in that direction. But, always determine these facts at the beginning.

Ending the perfect Tantric massage!

The giver should always know how to end any tantric therapy. If it’s not what your partner expects, the massage won’t achieve it’s objective. Hence, it’s always recommended to end in a way that makes the receiver feel satisfied. The giver should not do something that he/she doesn’t want to do, and the receiver should receive as they wish.

Booking a Tantric Massage in London

If you would like to learn more, why not book a session with one of our London tantric therapists.


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