Erotic Massage – Seduce a Woman with Fingers

As the title suggests, I presume you must want to learn about Erotic Massage 101 and how to seduce a woman with your fingers? Well rest assured you’ve arrived at the right place.

For some guys, it’s not a piece of cake to get a girl naked in the early phase. They can’t make the direct jump from the date to bed. There’s a bridge that needs to be crossed between a date and passionate sex, and that’s massage. Some may need it and some might not. If you’re in a settled relationship and want to add some spark to your sex-life, an erotic massage is the perfect idea!

To seduce a woman your fingers learn erotic massage

But, a mere decision to give an erotic massage isn’t enough for obvious reasons because you might not know how. You need assistance to learn know how to use your fingers to massage her sexy body and arouse her sexually. Trust me, you’re going to learn how these fingers can make your woman cum bad. This is a guide to the perfect seduction of a woman with fingers in an erotic massage!

Erotic Massage 101 and how to seduce a woman with your fingers will cover everything that you need to know about how to seduce a woman with your fingers. From going on a date to arriving naked in bed, followed by a wild sex session, we’ve got you covered.

The perfect date for an erotic massage

Erotic massage 101: A date in a nice restaurant with exotic vibes can prove to be a perfect venue to set the mood for a massage. Obviously, you won’t be giving it immediately but you can get her excited about what is to come later!

This is all about connection and communication. Stay relaxed and listen, let your date lead you down a path onto topics they want to discuss. Look into the eyes for reassurance, but don’t out stare. The idea is to make your date feel comfortable and relaxed so that they’ll want to return to your home. Ensure to end the date on a good note and take your date home.

First make your woman comfortable

Don’t get started as soon as you arrive home, make her feel comfortable and allow her to relax. Then, when the energy feels right, touch her hand and ask if she like’s massage. Tell her that you’re experienced and that at any point you can stop if she feels uncomfortable. Now, whatever location you’ve decided for the massage, place a towel to give her an idea for what’s gonna happen.

Create the right ambiance before the erotic massage

You might want to kiss her a little but try to take it more seriously as the massage progresses. You need to act like you’re experienced as this will keep her relaxed. Dim the lights and play some music that she finds soothing, you can find this out at your dinner date. Now ask her to undress and keep her panties still on. This will ensure that you don’t sounding like you want sex but only planning to provide a relaxing massage. If she gets regular massages, the process should be easier and if not, be careful to make this experience good.

Choose the right erotic massage oil for your woman

Oil is an essential and crucial element of most messages, with Body to Body massage and tantric massage being a few examples. Not only does it make the fingers slip gently onto the body, it makes the other person’s muscles feel relaxed with its ingredients. If the oil you chose has a false smell or odour, this might turn her off instantly. Especially, some girls are quite sensitive about what they apply to their bodies so they’ll make sure that the oil is of good quality.

Preparation is key to any erotic massage

Before starting any sensual massage you should always try to find out her favourite fragrances in advance and purchase an oil with that fragrance. Preparation is everything and will add some extra positive points to your erotic massage. Before applying the the oil, you could also strip yourself. Before undressing reassure her that you need to do this to prevent getting oil on your clothing.

Slowly use fingers to seduce your woman

Now it’s the important part where you start the erotic massage. Try not to make the erotic massage too sensual in the beginning as it will spoil the ending. Do not start by massaging her vagina directly but start with her neck, back, arms, and shoulders. Relax every muscle of her body and send her into a stress-free zone. Remember to rub the oil on your hands to make it warm before applying because warm oil feels amazing and arousing against the body and it also helps with the muscle tenderness.

Let your woman guide the erotic massage

Now, the catch is to read the subtle cue signs and understand where your girl wants you to be. If she has unhooked the bra but still kept it on, then it might take you longer to get erotic. But, if she has already thrown the bra away, she will soon be ready for seduced with your fingers. But again, remember to keep your focus on her back and shoulders for at least 20 minutes, to ensure she’s relaxed. Only when she’s relaxed, will she’ll feel your touch in a sensual way and might even return the favour another time.

Relaxation is key to seduction

Now that you’ve been massaging and relaxing her muscles, it’s time to get into the feeling of an erotic massage. Make sure she’s ready and try teasing her a little. From the back, slowly move to the side of her breasts and notice the movement of her body. If she’s ready, she might give you a look. But, do not jump to the vagina straight! Massage her bottom and tease around the important parts, but don’t touch them and make her really want it.

The moans of your woman will guide your fingers

By the time that you’re ready to do the serious business, she’ll be extremely aroused and moaning with every little touch of your fingers. When you’ve finished teasing, you can turn her over and start massaging her breasts and nipples. Using a gentle touch, move down to the inner thighs and start to massage the clitoris with your fingers in circular movements. Now, get to the vagina and gently massage all of it, not just one bit. Pay attention to her moans as this will tell you what she likes. Remember that very little movement of your finger will stimulate her sexual desires and the more stimulation means stronger orgasms.


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