Erotic Massage In 6 Steps

In this article you’re going to learn the art of erotic massage with 6 crucial steps. As pleasurable as the massages sound, they’re not an easy task to perform. Sometimes, even the most well-experienced masseuse will fail to satisfy their customers or partners with the quality of massage. There’s always a step or two that they miss and regret afterward. It might come as a surprise for many of you to learn that there are many steps required to help master the art of erotic massage.

The regular massages are somehow easier but erotic massages will need the proper steps and tips followed. Where the regular massage only relaxes a person, erotic massage can add a life-changing factor to your sexual life and can sometimes help heal body pain. Though the steps for erotic massages are quite similar to the regular ones, there’s one big difference, as sexual arousing is used as a vital tool for this erotic massage. Sexual massages like tantric massage, yoni massage, Nuru massage, aqua massage, etc. are great to be experienced with your partner as they help provide a better sex life and build more trust and security among partners. The great news is, it’s all possible with the proper steps followed!

The 6 steps that’ll lead you to the best erotic massage

• Set the mood for an erotic massage

Like you generally decorate the room on your anniversaries to make the night special, or if you’re in the mood of some romantic time sometimes, you set the place that way, you need to do it with the massages as well. For the other person to feel relaxed and aroused, they need to be in the right place with a perfect setting.

Some ideas could be taking off the clothes of your partner before the massage yourself and dimming the lights. Get some scented candles and make the place smell good. Play the music that your partner enjoys and make him dive into the feeling of an erotic world.

• Use the correct erotic products

Massaging requires a very important product and that’s oil. Without oil, you can’t massage but only rub the skin off the person’s body. With oil, it’s a basic instinct to think about the odour that oil might carry and that odour could spoil the massaging experience for you and your partner. Especially, if you’ve chosen a massage like a body to body massage that involves a lot of oiling, the odour of the oil could kill the mood then and there. All the efforts you made for the perfect setting and massage would go in vain.

To provide the best massaging experience, get an oil that’s specifically used for the purpose of massage. These oils do not just smell good but they reduce friction and help to provide sexual pleasure while massaging too. Some people have sensitive skin and can react to certain oils, so be sure to investigate the different alternatives out there.

• Make the massage slow

Erotic massage is only helpful only if it’s long enough to indulge the person who’s feeling it. With that in mind, do not keep a similar pace all the time. Start slow by gently rubbing your partner’s body and stimulating the erogenous zones. For at least 20 minutes, continue to go slow and make it like a regular massage.

Also, starting slow means that you must begin with the zones that are not very sensual. First, you need to release their body stress in order to arouse them sexually. Because the best sexual experiences happen with a relaxed mind. So, do not start with a vagina or penis at the beginning of the session, instead start with their back and slowly move down. Get them into a zone where they can receive you better.

• Make the massage a little kinky now

This might be the favourite part for both partners because it involves some teasing after the massage. Once you’re assured of the fact that every muscle in their body is relaxed enough to receive sexual pleasure, start teasing them around their favourite zones. When you started with their neck or back, it’s time to go down!

Make it feel like you’re touching their favourite spots by actually not touching them. The sexual drive that your partner will feel this moment will be at the maximum. If this is what is happening, you’ll know that your erotic massage is going well.

• Get naughty with the massage

Teased them enough? Do they seem ready for the real action of massaging? Here comes the most important part of erotic massages! Here, you start with the teasing parts and actually end up massaging their private parts. Gently make use of their stewing sexual tension, and they will start to moan.

Gently touch their private parts with a bit of sensuality and tenderness as well. If you’re giving the yoni massage, start with a circular motion on the clitoris. If you’re giving a lingam massage to your partner, start the handjob without actually gripping the penis. Once you’re done with the gentle touching, you can go for some wild action.

• Let them express

If you think you’ve done your job right, they’ll be highly aroused by now. In order to keep them in that mood, make the end smooth, so that the end becomes a peaceful experience and doesn’t feel rushed. If you think he might ejaculate or she might come, keep massaging before they do it. Give them a closure that’s required with erotic massages. The more orgasm they get with your massage, the more relaxed will they feel. If you’re in the mood, get naked and spend some time cuddling and canoodling after the experience.

Erotic massage improves your sex life

Your partner will be extremely glad to receive an erotic massage with you. If you follow the above steps, you’ll be able to do it right. If not done right, any massage can cause pain when it should be relieving pain. Remember to apply enough pressure and effort. You can only set their mood if you’re in a good mood yourself. So, only perform an erotic massage when you’re free from burdens or anxiety and feeling comfortable in a relaxed state of mind. Keep in mind that this massage is quite likely to change the sexual experiences shared with your partner for the better.


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