If you’ve ever wondered why successful men love sensual massage, the most basic answer is simple: it just feels good. That may seem like a cop-out but the fact remains, a sensual massage in London is an erotic experience that everyone deserves to have. So why are so many of our clients successful men? Keep reading and we will explain why London’s most successful men love sensual massage.

In many ways, the adult industry is a great equalizer. It’s an industry that so many millions of people use every year, from all walks of life, and from a variety of income brackets. Our clients come from all backgrounds and all job titles. Whether it’s a sensual massage in Mayfair, or a sensual massage in Green Park, Secret Tantric’s masseuses work with everyone. From blue collar tradesmen and teachers, to doctors, lawyers, and corporate executives, our girls serve them all. Even with this diverse demographic, we have noticed a definite trend: that successful men love sensual massage. Success isn’t always about money, in fact success is much more about attitude.  There’s a certain confidence and self-assuredness that comes with success, traits that we see in the majority of our clients.

Successful men understand value vs price 

People don’t become successful by making short-sighted decisions. Success, especially financial success, is often rooted in being a bit of a spendthrift.  But making smart fiscal decisions doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! Here at Secret Tantric, we provide a VIP luxury service. Because we deliver on our promises, our clients are happy to pay what it costs to spend time with our masseuses. To put it plainly,  we tend to attract what we represent: luxury and success. This is, however, an industry where you always get what you pay for. Unfortunately, many of the massage agencies in London are seedy and unsavory. For these businesses, not all of which are legitimate, getting clients in the door, serviced, and out the door so the next one can come in, is their only priority.  

The Secret Tantric difference is clear

At Secret Tantric we could not be more different from London’s more questionable massage parlours. Our masseuses are both generalists and specialists, each with their own unique skills and style. We work tirelessly to coordinate massage appointments that suit our clients’ busy lifestyles and ensure that our customers are matched with the best masseuse for them. We do not simply look at the calendar and see who’s free. Instead we invest time in consultation with our clients about their needs and desires. We strive to ensure that every client gets the erotic massage experience they want, deserve, and are paying for. Your sensual massage with a Secret Tantric masseuse will be specific, stimulating, and unforgettable.

Ethical pleasure

When examining why successful men love sensual massage, Especially quality sensual massage, we can’t ignore the ethical questions around this part of the adult industry. Sadly, human rights violations like coercion and human trafficking are still an issue in London’s massage scene. One of the contributing factors to the taboo around erotic massage and sensual massage is based in the belief that all sex work is unethical.  Secret Tantric is continually working to de-stigmatise erotic massage and educate on its benefits. One reason why successful men love sensual massage at Secret Tantric is that all of our masseuses  are treated with dignity and respect. As an ethical, above board agency, we aim to support our masseuses as well as we can, and that trickles down to our clients. A happy masseuse makes for a happy client.

Our clients know what they want

Successful men love sensual massage because they know what they want. Achieving success takes focus and determination, it also requires decision-making. Those who don’t know what they want or how to get it are rarely successful.  For successful men, sensual massage is a desirable form of relaxation, because it comes in so many forms. The client can choose whether or not his sensual massage finishes with a happy ending. Not surprisingly, most opt in. All of our masseuses offer multiple forms of sensual massage. Some even accommodate couples’ massages and the much sought-after for Hands massage, a special treat that involves two of our beautiful masseuses at once. Not only do successful men love sensual massage, they aren’t afraid to ask for it.

What about successful female clients? 

The vast majority of patrons of the adult industry are men. It’s easy to understand why successful men love sensual massage, but is the same true for successful women? Like most erotic massage agencies, our female clients make up only a very small portion all of our overall clientele. The reason for this gender imbalance comes back to social expectations of men and women. No one questions the idea that successful men love sensual massage, and yet a successful woman is expected to be above such things. The human desires for experiences like sensual massage and erotic touch are considered base level programming.  Intelligent, successful women are ‘not supposed to’ bend to these primal desires. However, our culture encourages and rewards the most successful men for leaning into their animal urges.

Does Penis = Power?

It’s not news that our culture  benefits men and women in different ways and the definition of success is inextricably connected to gender. It shouldn’t be, but it is. Historically speaking the penis has always meant power, and until recent history women have very few options and very few ways to achieve success. Part of the successful men love sensual massage equation appears to be an attraction and desire to experience the power that  Our masseuses hold.  It would be believable to say that successful men love sensual massage because they are in a position of power and control, enjoying a beautiful woman serving them. While this may be true for many, there is also room in this equation for those same men to be filled with awe and respect.

Put yourself in our hands

Women, especially beautiful women, are a mystery to most men.  Our masseuses inspire successful men to love sensual massage because they carry with them an air of confidence and enchantment. Many successful men are bored with their authority and power. Some successful men love sensual massage because it makes him feel like more of a man. Others love it because they can let go and just relax. A successful man is more than likely a busy man. He is also likely to be a tired man. Having an hour or more with no significant responsibility and a beautiful woman coaxing his pleasure out with her bare hands, can be the balm a successful man requires. Our masseuses provide fantasy, escapism and pleasure to some of the most powerful and successful men in London.

Men are competitive

It may be a simple reason, but it is a reason none the less. Successful men love sensual massage because they get to brag about it.  We all know that men talk. Not all conversations that men have in the company of other men are honest or respectful, but they do serve a purpose. Part of the self-image of success for men is a sense of superiority over their peers. Who we can attract, and what we can afford, are often points that separates the “winners” and the “losers”, the cool guys from the dweebs. Having an erotic, no-strings-attached experience with an incredibly gorgeous woman feeds the male ego like nothing else. Whether or not they describe their session in great detail doesn’t matter,  lots of  successful men love sensual massage because it gives them something to talk about, a flex that says ‘I’m desirable and I am successful’.

They know that they are worth it

The typically successful man is basically the top of our culture’s pyramid.  They experience the least social difficulty, and have the greatest privilege.  To be a model of success in our society one first must believe that they can be successful. Whether it’s a healthy degree of Confidence or A sense of entitlement, the successful men who love sensual massage know that they are worth it. Everything about our culture encourages men to feel entitled to the time and energy of others. This can be seen as a negative or even exploitive issue,  but the exchange of goods and services neutralizes such a transaction.  A busy, stressed and overworked man can seek out A sensual massage, without a second thought, often without minimal for judgment or guilt. After all, he’s a successful man, shouldn’t he have everything he wants just the way he wants it?

The taboo barrier

Many successful men love sensual massage but do not partake in it because of cultural taboo. This seems silly when our society has regarded pleasure as a commodity since the dawn of time. While some men pursue erotic and sensual massage without a second thought, others are crippled By society’s parameters on what is moral and what is not. Leading psychologists and researchers will tell you that the science of arousal is completely unrelated to moralism. The idea that pleasure is problematic or inappropriate are constructs of culture that hold no empirical truth. Taboo exists because humans naturally fear what they don’t understand and if it can’t be understood it should at least be controlled.

The pressure to be perfect

A topic that doesn’t get a lot of press these days is the pressure that men are under. Many men remain primary breadwinners or heads of their households but the archetype of the family man can be a thin veneer. These men may be pillars of their communities, husbands, fathers, or any other manner of upstanding citizen. And yet, they might secretly frequent an agency like Secret Tantric as often as possible. Do they do it because they despise their wives or don’t care about the example they set for their children? Certainly not.  The social norms of our culture depend upon archetypes and ideals, many of which no one can live up to, so individuals are forced to pursue their natural predilections, like pleasure, in secret. Sadly, this is a backwards way of thinking because sensual massage is in fact very healthy and nothing to be ashamed of.

Sensual massage is good for you 

Successful men tend to have most areas of their life in order. This often includes their health and wellness. Certainly, not all successful men are fit and healthy, but balancing a busy lifestyle requires a degree of energy that only good health provides. When we suggest that successful men love sensual massage, we are not implying that they simply care about sensuality. The therapeutic care of a sensual massage is just as significant as any titillation or teasing.  A hasty rubdown at a lesser agency will not leave you feeling limber the next day!  Because our masseuses are so highly trained, our clients consistently leave their appointments feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and re-energized. Remember, not all sensual massages are created equal. You can trust Secret Tantric.

In conclusion

Successful men love sensual massage just as much as unsuccessful men, but the difference is that successful men have the motivation to make it happen. We know that successful men love sensual massage because we see them every single day. They are our newest customers, our regular customers, and they create the ever-increasing desire for erotic and sensual massage in London. Successful men love sensual massage and it’s a good thing that they do, because they are absolutely instrumental to keeping the industry afloat. The same way that there will always be beautiful women who want to do this sort of work, there will always be successful men who love sensual massage and are willing to pay for it. Proof of this is in the passage of time. There has always been a demand and there will always be a supply of successful men who love sensual massage. 

What are you waiting for?

It’s one thing to read about the sensual massage experience, to learn about the process and all of the details, but it is something else entirely to have your own. There’s no reason to hesitate, simply pick up the phone and give us a ring and we will have you set up for the time of your life within minutes . Whether you seek deep tissue relaxation or a slippery sexy happy ending massage, Secret Tantric has what you need. And we know how to give it to you!  Call us today to set up your appointment. You will not regret it!

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