Is your relationship in a rut? Are you feeling lacklustre about your partnership or just not as sexually excited by your partner?  As the adage says, A change is as good as a rest. Sometimes, you need to mix things up! Erotic massage is an exciting and adventurous way to put some heat between your sheets.  There are so many forms of erotic massage to try at home, but none are as sexy as a slippery Japanese Nuru Massage. If you want to re-energize your intimacy, follow these five essential tips to spice up your relationship with Nuru Massage. 

Relationships naturally go through ups and downs. These natural cycles of Harmony and disharmony are part of what makes a relationship so rich and exciting. But tough things can be hard on both of you.  Sometimes, taking a break or seeing a therapist can help you communicate and improve the intimacy between you. Other times, you just need to shake things up and try something new.   At-home DIY erotic massage is a simple and effective way to pamper your partner and spend some real quality time together.  Why not try something completely new and think outside of the box? Sure, a quick shoulder rub while you’re watching TV feels great. Yes, it’s nice to have an impromptu foot rub occasionally.  What we are suggesting is a well-planned and carefully orchestrated whole-body erotic massage. 

What exactly is erotic massage?

In the adult entertainment industry, erotic massage is defined as any massage, whole body or otherwise, which focuses on creating arousal and excitement in the recipient. In the professional world, erotic massage sometimes has a happy ending or parlays into sex. How a professional erotic massage session ends has everything to do with the client, the masseuse, and the local legislation.  But you and your partner at home can do anything you want, provided you’re both enthusiastic about it.

What is Japanese Nuru Massage?

Of all the forms of erotic massage, Japanese Nuru Massage is by far the sexiest. A Nuru Massage may seem the same as any other nude or partially nude erotic massage. But Nuru Massage has one special ingredient that sets it apart from all other forms of erotic massage. A traditional Japanese Nuru Massage requires a special Nuru gel to keep your massage sexy and slippery. As a body on body style of massage, one or both people use more than their hands to provide sensual and erotic massage. They may use their hands, feet, forearms, elbows, thighs, and even body weight to rub and arouse each other. 

About Nuru gel

Traditional Nuru gel is an incredibly slick organic lotion from brown seaweed extract.  The seaweed used to make Nuru gel is Nori, the same seaweed that wraps your sushi. More slippery than oil, this sea vegetable extraction is ideal for body on body massage; it reduces friction and creates a smooth glide, making body on body massage sexier and more efficient. If you only have massage oil, that’s fine, but Nuru gel is not very expensive and is readily available. If you can, it’s worth it to add this essential detail. Find it online or in high-end sex shops. 

Give them the full experience

If you want to do something sexy and unique for your partner, trying erotic massage at home is a great way to start. While there are many forms of erotic massage to choose from, Nuru Massage is both straightforward as well as deliciously erotic. Considering some minor details will make the massage experience more exciting and meaningful for you and your partner.  Follow our instructions for the preparation and execution of an at-home Nuru Massage, and you will have your partner eating out of the palm of your hand in no time.

Tip #1: Don’t stress about the mess

At-home DIY Nuru Massage can get a little bit messy.  The Nuru gel doesn’t stain as badly as oil, but depending on the surfaces in your home, you may want to protect them.  An easy way to prevent spills and stains from distracting you during your massage is to prepare for them. A trick of the trade when it comes to erotic massage: perform body on body massage on an inflatable air mattress. A double or queen-size air mattress inflates in just a few minutes, is small to pack up and store away, and you won’t have to fret about getting massage oils or bodily fluids on it. Likewise, you can always put down dark-coloured towels or sheets you don’t mind ruining. The last thing you want is to be mid-massage and feel tense because there’s Nuru gel dripping on the carpet. An erotic massage with your partner is about being present in the moment and spending time together. Don’t waste your energy thinking about cleaning up.

Tip #2: Book-end your massage with a bath or shower together

At Secret Tantric, every single one of our erotic massage sessions begins with the client taking a shower. Sometimes, the client and the masseuse shower together, which you can imagine set things off on the right foot. The same can be true about an erotic massage at home.  Once you have prepared for the massage and you have everything at hand that you will need,  it’s time to begin. We recommend you start your evening of massage by taking a bath or showering together. Bathing with a lover is sensual and bonding. The vulnerability of bare skin, the excitement of touch, and the soothing sensation of warm water all go a long way to getting you both in the mood. Likewise, when the massage is finished, and you are both slick with Nuru gel and massage oil, a shower can be a fantastic way to complete the experience.

Tip #3: Make it Mutual

Giving an erotic massage to your partner is a generous and thoughtful gesture. Perhaps they’ve been working hard, and you want to offer them a treat, or maybe you’re just looking for a new way to express your feelings. Alternatively, the massage may not be a gift from one of you to the other. Surprising your partner with a massage that’s all about them is lovely. But what about a massage that you both plan, participate in, and benefit from?  In the erotic massage business, this is known as a mutual massage. Not all masseuses are comfortable with mutual massage and would rather that clients didn’t touch them. This can also hold for an at-home massage, but why wouldn’t you want to make it mutual?  Taking turns can be nice and allows for the focus to be on one of you at a time. It’s also exhilarating to touch, rub, and caress each other at the same time, giving your massage a more lusty, hedonistic vibe. 

Tip #4: Technique is not everything

Many people get caught up on massage being a technical activity. If you were visiting a professional sports massage therapist, you would expect a technically accurate and correct massage process. Allow us to set your mind at ease: an at home erotic massage between two people who love each other does not need to be technically perfect. 

If you don’t know the first thing about massage, don’t panic.  Here are a few guidelines to make the most of your erotic touch:

  • Start with your partner lying on their front so you have access to the back side of their body
  • Begin at the feet  and work your way up their calves and thighs to their lower back
  • Consider avoiding or ignoring their most sensitive erogenous zones at first  to build anticipation and prolong the massage
  • When using your hands, put your weight into the heel of your hand and use the strength of your thumbs to work their muscles
  • Finish with the front side, again avoiding the genitals and other erogenous zones until neither of you can resist any longer

Tip #5: Slippery is sexy

If you’ve gone to find Nuru Massage gel for your DIY massage night, make sure you use it. Whether it’s Nuru gel or a more basic massage oil, you will always need more than you think you will. When in doubt, drizzle on a little more! Nothing kills the vibe of a sexy, erotic massage faster than too much friction. Lubricating their body and your hands with an abundance of Nuru gel will make the massage sexier, more sensual, and more exciting for both of you. 

Because a Nuru Massage is a body on body massage, Don’t be afraid to climb atop your partner.  You will save your sheets and pillows from staining, and an air mattress on the floor is much easier to manoeuvre than a chair or bed. You can easily stand over your partner to straddle them or give them a little show.  Additionally, an air mattress’s bounce can be very helpful. Position yourself over them, lean back and show off, or do what you must to bring them to the brink of climax.

Go to the edge and stay there

Edging is a central concept that can help prolong pleasure and stave off orgasm, particularly premature orgasm.  Often considered a solo act, edging is a popular masturbatory technique, but it is also a great way to tease your partner during an erotic massage.  Edging involves stimulating the body, particularly the genitals, until the very edge of orgasm before backing off and allowing the urge to come to subside.  When this process is repeated several times, the urgency and anticipation of orgasm becomes dizzying. If you provide the massage to your partner and you use an edging technique to arouse them, they will be putty in your hands. Edging has the incredible capability of making the human mind go to mush and puts an almost obsessive focus on release.  This combination of desire and denial is a potent cocktail for any massage situation. The objective is to drive your partner wild and engage with them in a new and exciting sensual way.  Edging during erotic massage is the perfect way to do that.

Snack, share, sleep

When your erotic Japanese Nuru Massage is complete, we recommend that you do the following three things: 

  • Have a snack and rehydrate
  • Debrief about your massage experience. Discuss what each of you likes, what you dislike, and what you change for next time.
  • Get some solid sack time!  Body-on-body massages like Nuru Massage are physically taxing experiences. The combination of relaxation, arousal, and climax is enough to make anyone sleepy. Cuddle up, say good night, and have sweet dreams about your sexy massage.

Fins a professional Nuru masseuse

If all of these tips and tricks for an at-home Japanese Nuru Massage seem like too much work, you can always visit a professional. Seeing a professional erotic masseuse together as a couple may seem highly counterintuitive. A couples massage can do wonders for our relationship. It allows you to connect through the experience, understand your own and your partner’s arousal more clearly, and you will glean more skills that you can use together at home.  A Secret Tantric, our couples’ massage, is one of our most popular massages, and virtually all of our couples have reported no regrets regarding their massage together.    Most of them share that an erotic couple’s massage was a positive turning point in their relationship and allowed them to connect on a new and more intimate level. Get your relationship back on track and book a couples massage today! 

There’s no reason to hesitate; pick up the phone and give us a ring, and we will set you up for the time of your life within minutes . Whether you seek deep tissue relaxation or a slippery, sexy, happy-ending massage, Secret Tantric has what you need. And we know how to give it to you!  Call us today to set up your appointment. You will not regret it!

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