Imagine if seeing a professional tantric masseuse was actually a good thing for your relationship? At Secret Tantric, we know the value of intimacy and how beneficial it is to individuals and to relationships. We also know that accessing intimacy is a learned skill, something you can work on and improve if you want to so we are sharing simple tips for tantric massage to get your partner hooked. Are you in?

Tantra is an ancient physical and spiritual practice that emerged from Hinduism and Buddhism in India. The word ‘tantra’ is a sanskrit for “web”, referring to the way that its practitioners weave together the energy between people. Dating back nearly 5000 years, tantra is best known in the western world for its sexual applications. However, there is much more to tantra than strictly sex! Because the very nature of tantra reconnects us to ourselves and each other, it is a wonderful tool for establishing and maintaining harmony in intimate relationships.

Exploring tantra can, and will, make you a better lover, so will these simple tips for tantric massage:

Learn together 

At-home DIY tantra is a great way to connect and increase your intimacy. Making quality time with your partner is always a good choice. Learn by experience, and book yourself a tantric massage with the best tantric massage experts and take home inspiration to your partner. Treat yourself to a sensual tantric massage, or better yet, try a couples massage and experience intimacy and bliss together. If you are looking for a tantric massage in London is the city to be in. Secret Tantric is the most sophisticated and sexy massage agency that London has to offer with a large roster of sexy masseuses and a wide variety of tantric therapies. 

Give without getting

If you want to help your partner see the potential benefits of tantric massage, make it worth their while by offering a no strings attached rub down. Exploring the nuances and intimacies of tantra together has literally no downside and can only bring you closer together. If they want to return the favour afterwards, and get their hands on you too, all the better, but don’t make it about you. 

Create a sexy atmosphere

Tantra is best practiced, and best enjoyed, with some preparation of the mind and body. Creating an appropriately comfortable atmosphere is a part of the mind/body connection that tantra helps you achieve. Taking a few minutes to create the ideal mood will help your mind and body become ready for pleasure. Consider it an investment in your intimacy.

Approach creating the atmosphere with all five of your senses:

  • Sight – tidy up, even just a bit. A clutter-free space will help you focus and relax, two essential concepts for tantric pleasure
  • Touch – bust out the massage oils and/or lubricant. Reducing friction and encouraging your hands to linger on your body (or your partners) will heighten and extend the experience.
  • Smell – light a gently scented candle, spritz on a bottled scent that turns you on, eliminate distracting or unpleasant smells
  • Sound – quiet music is great for beginners: choose music that is calm and rhythmic to promote relaxation and help you become more in tune with your heart beat.
  • Taste – before you begin, prepare yourself some refreshment for after. A light snack of fruit and plenty of water is a nice way to treat yourself afterwards.

Take your time 

One of the best tips for tantric massage is also the simplest: take it slow! At Secret Tantric London all of our massages are a minimum of 60 minutes, because why rush a good thing? Tantric massage is about the journey, not the destination. Show your partner the depth of your desire and intention with smooth, slow touch and synchronised deep breathing. 

Breathe together

Awaken your body and mind by flooding your system with oxygen, and opening up your lungs. Focused breathing immediately makes your senses more alert, and pleasure more intense. It will also release tension and relax your body, which promotes circulation, a necessary part of arousal. 


Draw a breath in smoothly through your nose, silently, steadily, counting to four. Let your chest open and fill with air, but don’t hunch your shoulders up.


Keep that breath in your chest and silently count to seven. The first time you may not make it to seven and that’s okay. As you repeat the pattern it will become easier.


 Let your breath out through your mouth as you count to eight. Use the whole time and push all the breath out of your chest, steadily.

As you repeat this sequence cycle four more times (five focused breaths, total) you will feel your body begin to relax and your mind will quiet. When breathing with a partner, you may want to face each other and hold hands or place your right hands on each other’s hearts. 

For even more intimacy, sit cross legged on the floor or bed and have her sit in your lap with her legs around you. This is known as the ‘lotus’ position and it allows you to hold one another as you sync up your breathing, and ultimately, your heartbeats. Touch and sensuality is key in tantric practice but resist the urge to distract each other as you do this initial breathwork. It is foundational to the slow build of energy needed for the most incredible release.

Touch with intention

Once your breath is aligned and you are in synch, use a neutral oil (we recommend grapeseed) and touch your partner all over with long, firm strokes. You needn’t aim for a deep tissue experience, firm but not painful touch is best. This isn’t about getting out the knots, it’s about enjoying each other and being intimate. Gently touch your partner all over. Work from their feet up, taking care not to tickle or exacerbate any injuries or sensitivities.

Listen to their responses and seek confirmation and consent regularly. Tantric touch and massage can absolutely involve the genitals and other erogenous zones but it does not need to. If you wish to focus on her vulva or if she wishes for you to make her orgasm, be sure to read our Guide to Tantric Yoni Massage.

Winding down

Tantra opens a world that you won’t want to leave. Finishing your at-home tantra inspired massage session is worth some consideration. Because of the deep relaxation and connection of tantra, it can be jarring to simply “switch” back to the real world. Instead, plan to nap, talk, make love or bathe together to taper of and complete the experience.


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