It may comes as a surprise but Park Lane is now a hot destination for erotic massage. In fact, now that Secret Tantric is in the neighbourhood, there are several sensual tantric massages in Park Lane that you should try. If you are in the area and up for a little TLC you can now spend an hour (or more!) with one (or more!) of the most gorgeous masseuses in London. But what if you don’t know much about tantric massage? We can explain … 

Tantric massage is all the rage but it’s also an ancient technique that is part of the larger wellness concept of Tantra. Developed in the 6th century in India, Tantra is all about connecting the mind and body and spirit, and it doesn’t shy away from sensuality. A sensual tantric massage is an exciting and revitalising experience that needs to be felt to be understood. Now that Park Lane has sensual massage locations, you can conveniently enjoy a tantric massage in Park Lane almost any time of day, any day of the week. 

What to expect

Tantric massage is a full body massage style, meaning that your masseuse will extend the massage from head to toe , slowly but surely focusing on your erogenous zones and ultimately, your most sensitive bits. The ‘happy ending’ is above and beyond, and totally optional, but you won’t want to miss it. After the better part of an hour under your masseuse’s heavenly hands, you will be as taut as a fiddle string and ready to blow.  

Our masseuses are the very best

Fully trained and plenty enthusiastic, our masseuses are top notch. They are lovely company, sweet and accommodating. They are also stunningly gorgeous. You will absolutely love laying back and watching one of our gorgeous girls touch you all over. But don’t for a moment think that it’s just some heavy petting! Beneath all the sensuality lies a quality full body massage. Your body will thank you and you will leave your session walking taller and feeling finer than when you arrived. 

How to choose?

Have a look through the masseuse profiles and find a girl that tickles your fancy. Whether you’re in the mood for the company of a sizzling ginger, a bodacious brunette or a bubbly blonde, we have a masseuse for you. All these girls are models or ex-models and all of them know a thing or two about the art of seduction. Flawless skin, silky hair, the finest lingerie, these masseuses are sensual and erotic and waiting for your session to be booked. 

Try a classic tantric massage

Tantric massage is a form of bodywork that has stood the test of time. With Secret Tantric, you’re always in good hands and your masseuse will walk you through the process. Using a combination of deep breathing and guided meditation, she will relax you and ease you into the massage. The focus will be on being present in the moment, feeling and responding to your body’s needs and wants, and deep breathing to maximise your enjoyment.

Give a sensual body on body massage a chance

Our body on body massage is a sure shot of ecstasy. Imagine the delight and arousal you’ll feel as one of our gorgeous nude masseuses uses her whole body to massage your whole body. No spot will go untended and you know she’s going to look good doing it. Using our proprietary massage oil blend, she will ensure you’re both slick and feeling sexy as she glides and rides, bringing you to the brink over and over. 

There’s no time like the present

Whatever you choose, when you call in to book your session we will review all the details and answer all your questions. A word to the wise: book early and book often. Our girls are very busy and their schedules fill up quickly, so book ahead to avoid being disappointed or risk not seeing the masseuse of your choice. We are more than happy to help you with all the details so reach out ASAP and we will get you into your next massage session.

In-call massage for your convenience

While some of our masseuses provide outcall massage to hotel rooms and private residences, the majority of our masseuses do in-call massage. With an in-call massage you travel to your masseuse. All our masseuses are located  within London’s poshest postal codes and since they are private locations, No passers-by need be any the wiser that you’re getting a massage. Each apartment is completely private and discreet with a dedicated massage space for your comfort.

Mayfair, are you ready?

We have gorgeous masseuses, brimming with talent and training, and a desire to provide pleasure and wellness  to our clients. All that’s missing is you! All of our masseuses are busy and popular, so to avoid disappointment, call us ASAP. Whether you’re looking for a Nuru Massage, Tantric Massage, or a slippery Aqua Massage, the ladies in Mayfair do it all. Give yourself the gift of erotic touch and a happy ending you won’t soon forget!


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