The idea of adding a playmate, or having a traditional threesome, can be a hard sell with many wives and girlfriends. Instead, keep things simple, yet intimate, with our Couple’s Tantric Massage. It’s an experience that will bring you closer together, that neither of you will ever forget. Read on as our resident expert, Secret Girl, shares how to get your wife or girlfriend to say yes to a couple’s tantric massage.

Let’s face facts: most people, especially men, have fantasized about an intimate encounter with more than one person. If they ever drum up the courage to mention it to their wife or girlfriend, the conversation usually ends poorly. Perhaps you have tried and failed or perhaps you have yet to decide how to broach such a delicate idea. With a bit of thought and preparation, not only can the conversation go smoothly, you can make those dreams come true! 

You’ll both love a couple’s tantric massage

The reason that most conversations about threesomes, group sex or adding a person to your playtime, are so disastrous is because they are rarely a planned and considered conversation. How you talk about the idea is just as important as what you say. It is essential to understand, and be able to articulate, your own motivations, because she will need to understand them in order to be open to the idea. The last thing you want is for her to invent her own ideas about why you may want another woman involved in something as intimate as tantric massage. Imagine if the roles were reversed: wouldn’t your imagination and insecurities take over if she suggested bringing another man into your most intimate moments as a couple?

Don’t leave the “why and what” to her

Be clear and honest and help her understand what it will entail and why you think it would be a good thing to experience together. 

Chances are, it won’t be enough to say “Hey honey, wouldn’t it be cool to get naked and be touched by a complete stranger who is another woman?” Broaching a delicate idea like sharing a Couple’s Tantric Massage takes forethought so that it comes across well-intended and supportive, not selfish and impulsive. 

Consider asking yourself the following questions:

  • Why do I want to have this experience? (Try to look past the obvious answers like “it would be sexy”)
  • What about this experience do I think my partner would like?
  • Does anything make me nervous about this? Do I anticipate my partner being nervous about?
  • If my partner feels insecure or insulted by this proposition, how will that make me feel? How would I respond?
  • If my partner and our masseuse had excellent chemistry and my partner wanted most of the focus to be on her, how would I feel? 
  • What can I proactively do to help my partner feel confident, sexy and empowered through this experience?

You’ll both be in good hands with a Secret Tantric massage 

Our masseuses are so much more than pretty faces. They are all absolutely gorgeous and charming! Beyond their stunning looks and gracious personalities they are skilled tantric technicians. Each Secret Girl is trained in the ancient art of tantra. Each masseuse is able to unlock the body’s natural pleasure systems. They will take you and your partner to new heights of erotic experience!

The Secret Girls are consummate professionals

Tantric London masseuses value your time and experience. Not all our masseuses cater to couples, but the ones who do are among our most highly sought after girls, each one providing the utmost care and sensitivity. You and your partner will have the opportunity to discuss preferences and boundaries with your masseuse before anything begins. Our masseuses practice informed and enthusiastic consent, and you and your partner will be expected to do the same, as well as follow all the hygiene protocols set out at the beginning of your session.

Since tantric massage is incredibly intimate and requires focused energy and sensual touch, it can be intimidating to imagine seeing your partner be pleasured that way by someone else, and it can be uncomfortable to imagine them watching you enjoy yourself. Likewise, it can be incredibly erotic and exciting! All the more reason to seek out a professional! Whether you’re both eager for the experience or both a bit nervous, any one of the Secret Girls you meet will be willing and able to engage, arouse and relax both of you.  

Grow together through a couple’s tantric massage

There are so many reasons to try a couple’s tantric massage! Tantric massage has a multitude of benefits for the mind, body and soul. Here are just a few of the many upsides to booking a tantric massage with your partner:

  • Intimate and exciting experiences together as a couple can really strengthen your relationship
  • Do something new and adventurous together and reignite the spark between you
  • Open up lines of communication
  • Learn more about your partner and their sexuality
  • Reward yourselves for all the long hours you work and stress you endure
  • It beats the hell out of a boring dinner-and-a-movie date night! 
  • Learn valuable techniques from your Secret Tantric masseuse that you can use together at home in the future
  • A couple’s tantric massage is a great foray into kink. Use the experience as a starting point for more intense and erotic play
  • Understand each other’s desires more clearly
  • Enjoy the voyeurism of seeing your partner be touched by someone else
  • Leave your session more connected, more in love, and with more desire for each other.

Respect her limits and celebrate her fantasies

As you begin talking to your wife or girlfriend about the benefits of a Secret Tantric Couple’s Massage, she may have worries or misgivings and she will also likely have some limits and boundaries. She may be uncomfortable at first with any number of things: paying a professional for an intimate experience, sexual stigmas, insecurities or feelings of betrayal or jealousy. Above all, the answer to how to get your wife or girlfriend to say yes to a couple’s tantric massage is simple: make sure she knows that this is something you want to do together, not simply for your own gratification. 

You may find that as you talk about it more, she may reveal some interests and fantasies. She may not have ever thought directly about an experience like a couple’s tantric massage so start the conversation slowly and discover what each of you wants from the experience.

For many women, transactional intimacy can be a challenge for a number of reasons. It’s important to remember that women are raised with very different expectations. They face different stigmas about their bodies, sex, intimacy and intimate experiences. The concept of having a private and intimate experience with a third person, a stranger no less, in the room can be daunting for some women. Others may be absolutely thrilled at the idea and full of questions and excited energy. Regardless of how she responds, listen to her concerns and give her time to warm up to the idea. Don’t be pushy, don’t guilt her or cajole her. Present the opportunity and let her process it in her own time. The more respectful your approach, the better the likelihood of her getting onboard. 

Pamper her

By now you’ve done some research and self reflection, you’ve broached the topic and shared all your findings, highlighting the benefits, and she has said YES! Hurray! However, now is not the time to be complacent or take her willingness for granted. If you want to make the experience incredible and one that she enjoys and feels valued in, go out of your way to spoil her a bit. Undoubtedly, she will want to look and feel her best for your massage appointment. Surprise her with some pampering in the days leading up to your session with Secret Tantric. A manicure, pedicure, or waxing session (if that’s her kind of thing) can be a sexy, sweet way for you to spoil her and show your appreciation and excitement for the experience you’re about to have together. If you really want to make the experience unforgettable, make a night of it. Enjoy your session together, go out for a beautiful meal and then return to your hotel for a night of privacy, just the two of you. Talk and reflect on all of it, try some of the things you learned and enjoy the increased energy and attraction between you. 

Say thank you

Don’t forget to thank your partner for being so adventurous and open with you. Let her know you’re still thinking of the experience days later. Remind her how erotic and exciting it was for you to see her enjoy herself in such an uninhibited way. A couple’s tantric massage is the gift that keeps on giving, starting you down a lifelong path of passion, eroticism and communication. Make sure that she felt/feels valued, heard and respected throughout the entire experience.

Make a Secret Tantric massage a regular part of your love life

Tantra is a transformative art. It elevates both partners and unites them in ways that no other intimate practice does. What you learn and enjoy as a couple during your Secret Tantric Massage will be useful going forward in your relationship. Reconnect on that same erotic level anytime you wish by going through the same processes of connection, touch and release. Because of the spiritual and person-to-person connection that occurs in tantric practice, it is a sustainable way to effect real change in your relationship.

Fun Fact: Most of the couples who book our massages come back time and time again!

Remember, you can always contact us for another session with the same masseuse, or meet someone new. You can also double your pleasure and double your fun! Book a Four Hands Massage with two of our stunning and sensual tantric experts. By making Secret Tantric an ongoing part of your love life, you’ll be investing in yourselves. You will be the couple that other couples want to be. You will appear more confident and so attracted to one another.   

Want to learn more?

Are you invested in learning how to get your wife or girlfriend to say yes to a couple’s tantric massage? Look at our full menu of massage services and check out each of our masseuses, or call us to book your own session. 

More about your couple’s sensual massage in London

A tantric massage for couples will allow you to reconnect in an erotic way. You’ll also be able to explore your sensuality in a safe yet arousing space. Your chosen masseuse will help you communicate with each other, and will invite you to help massage your partner. This is an excellent way to add to your sensual repertoire whilst pleasuring your significant other.

Depending on what you wish to gain from the session, a couple’s massage can be performed by two masseuses. To discuss your requirements in more detail, call us directly. We’ll talk you through all your options.

Please note, there will likely be extra charges when seeing a tantric goddess for a couple’s massage. To see the hourly rate and extra fees, visit the individual profiles of our therapists in the gallery above.


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