If you’ve ever been curious about happy ending massages, trying one out at home is a great way to explore it. We’ve put together a list of tips and tricks to help you have the best massage and an incredible happy ending at home.

What is a happy ending massage?

If you’re not sure what a happy ending massage is, we’ll explain. Essentially, a happy ending massage is a massage that ends in an orgasm. These are often erotic massages that are sensual and sexual. Both parties can be nude or wearing lingerie. The massages focus on your erogenous zones, slowly building up your pleasure until you finally have an orgasmic release. Happy endings are an amazing way to connect with your partner.

Give it a try

Happy ending massages are a great thing to try out with your partner. It means that you slow down and spend time paying attention to their body and what makes them feel good. You can’t rush a massage after all. It’s a great way to focus solely on your lover for a while with no distractions. Give a happy ending massage a try and you’ll be wondering why you hadn’t explored it sooner.

Are there other benefits to doing this ourselves?

Massages are full of their own benefits. Lower blood pressure, better circulation, better sleep, and even improved libido. But doing a happy ending massage yourself means that you can do it with someone that you’re already intimate with. There can be less shyness between the two of you than with a professional masseuse. You can also transition from a happy ending massage to sex, something you can’t do with a professional masseuse. And you’ll be spending time together, building your connection and increasing the intimacy between you.

It’s all about connection

In this day and age, it can be hard to carve out time to spend with our partners. It’s so important to make them a priority in our lives. A happy ending massage is a great way to reconnect, slow down, and make your lover feel important. Don’t talk about stressors like work or kids. Just what they’re feeling, how they want to feel, and what you can do to make things better. Feed the connection between the two of you with massage and you’ll have a better relationship for it.

Plan your massage together

While springing a surprise on your lover might be something that works out for you, it can also be fun and sexy to include them in the planning. Let them pick out the massage oil that smells best to them. Have them adjust the temperature of the room to their comfort level. Discuss what limits or concerns they may have about their body. Planning the massage together can be just as fun as giving it.

Build that sexy feeling

The biggest element of happy ending massages is the massage itself. This is a great way to connect with your lover. Focus on touching your partner, the way their skin feels under your hands, the heat of their body. You want to dive deep into that sensual feeling and encourage sexy flirtation between you both. Linger on parts of the body that make them shiver. Kiss them gently between massaging muscles. Be intimate.

Choose a room that feels good

We recommend using a room that is clear of clutter, easy to move in and has a bed or space you can set up a massage table in. Oftentimes, the bedroom is a great location for a couples at home massage. Lay down warm towels to protect your bed from any drips. Spend a few minutes cleaning up any clutter or laundry. And then set the mood.

Set the mood

For the best massages, we recommend using premium massage oil that’s been warmed. Lay out some sheets or soft towels for your partner to lay on so that you don’t get any massage oil on anything else. Dim the lights, light some candles and incense. Make the room feel warm and cozy. If you want, you can take a warm shower beforehand with a focus on touching and exploring each other’s bodies. It’s good to feel turned on and sexy before a happy ending massage begins.

Go slow and enjoy yourself

If you’re the one giving the massage, go slow. Spend time exploring your lover’s body. Linger in areas that you notice makes them make a noise or catch their breath. Worry a little less about giving an excellent massage and focus more on making them feel good. Taking your time builds the anticipation and erotic feelings between you too.

Lean into feeling sexy

If you’re the on getting the massage, don’t get shy about being turned on. Enjoy the feeling – that’s why you’re doing this after all. Encourage your partner and tell them what feels good and what feels great. Enjoy the slow build up of tension and sensuality between the two of you. Resist the urge to roll over and grab your lover before the end. A happy ending massage is absolutely worth the time it takes. You’ll be feeling bliss before too long.

Giving a massage can be simple

Don’t stress too much if you’ve never given a massage before. You don’t need to be giving a professional level massage to make a happy ending massage worth it. We recommend using warm massage oil to help reduce friction between skin. Use long firm strokes and gentle pressure. Pay attention to what makes your lover sigh or groan and spend a little more time in those areas. You’ll get into a rhythm and find your style pretty quickly. And just remember that this is about spending time together.

Touch them all over

While a happy ending massage is about building up to a happy ending, that doesn’t mean you should ignore the rest of their body. Work their shoulders and arms, run your hands down their back. Gently massage their calves and thighs. And don’t forget the buttocks! Use firm but gentle pressure. Linger in areas that make them feel good or has a little knot. Remember that this is a whole body experience, not just a little foreplay before a happy ending.

Build up to the happy ending

As you begin to wind down the massage, start focusing more on your lover’s lower body. Run your hands lightly over their thighs and abdomen. Work your way slowly towards their genitals, lightly touching and stroking. Just like the massage, don’t rush this part. This should feel just as pleasurable as the massage. You don’t have to be edging your partner or trying to make them beg but simply slow focused build up to an orgasm.

An amazing end to an amazing time

Enjoy the sensations of your partner’s hands (and maybe more) on you as they work you to a happy ending. Revel in the sensations and just enjoy yourself. Let your orgasm wash over you in a wave of bliss. Lean into those feelings and just enjoy yourself. Happy endings should be enjoyable and delightful.

It’s okay to not “finish”

Don’t beat yourself up or criticize your partner if they’re unable to complete their happy ending. While an orgasm was the focus of the massage, sometimes it just doesn’t work out and that’s okay! Focus on the connection your massage built between you. How their hands felt on your body. The things you might want to do to them in return now. You get so much more out of a happy ending massage than an orgasm.

Listen to your partner

Make sure that as you’re giving the massage, you’re listening to your partner. You should be listening for those sexy noises they make when you do something that feels amazing but also listen for an “ouch” or “not so hard please”. The better you pay attention to your lover, the better a massage you can give. Let your partner guide you across their body and you’ll both have an amazing time.

Take your massage to another level

Sometimes it’s great to take massages to a whole other level. We have a few tips to help you get started:

  • Make your massage a whole date night. Have a nice dinner together, enjoy cocktails if you drink, and just generally spend time together.
  • Take away all distractions. Turn off those mobiles, lock the door, and no telly in the background.
  • Stick your towels in the dryer for a couple of minutes to warm them up.
  • Warm your massage oil. Check the manufacturer’s directions.
  • Add in some treats. Strawberries and cream or little chocolates can be sexy to feed each other.

Take your time ending the massage

Don’t rush your lover to get up right away when everything is over. Let them relax and soak in the bliss and erotic feelings you’ve just given them. Maybe throw a soft blanket or towel over them to keep them warm. Give yourself a little break and lay back next to them. This is a great time to whisper sweet nothings in their ear and be intimate that way. Nothing about a massage should be a rushed process, including the ending.

Enjoy cleanup together

Once you’re finished with a massage, you’ll have to do at least a little clean-up. You can take a warm soothing shower together and keep enjoying each other’s bodies. Or run a warm bath and bring your lover treats or a drink for them to enjoy. You set out to spend time with each other so take advantage of every moment, including the wrapping up part.

Be comfortable beforehand

We’ve talked all about the massage itself and how to make it mind-blowing so let’s talk a little more about what to do before your massage. Besides all the prep work, there are a few things you can do to make your massage even better.

  • Eat lightly. You don’t want to be laying down on an overly full stomach.
  • Have comfortable clothing for afterwards. Silk pyjamas, soft cotton pants, your favourite nightgown.
  • Don’t drink too much. If you have a glass of wine with dinner, that’s fine but don’t have so much alcohol that you can’t actually enjoy the massage or give one.
  • Set out blankets and comfortable pillows for snuggling afterwards.

Take turns giving a massage

One of the great things about massages is that anyone can do it. You can take turns giving each other massages and enjoying each others bodies. Plan a special night for each of you or give shorter massages in one night. Maybe plan to have a happy ending together rather than individually. Either way, you’ll be sure to enjoy yourselves together.

Just have fun with it

Giving a happy ending massage shouldn’t bring pressure or worry to the table. It should be fun and relaxing, sensual and sexy. Don’t take it too seriously. It’s okay to giggle or make a dirty joke. It’s about enjoying yourself and your lover in a deeply intimate way. Having fun should be part of that process. You’ll both want to keep exploring happy ending massages at home in the future if you just set out to have a great time without goals and expectations.

Consider a professional

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