Jack is newly divorced and looking for some fun. He strikes gold when he scores a date with a kinky real estate agent and meets his sexy new lesbian neighbours all in one day. Can Jack keep up with this bevvy of beauties? Find out in the first chapter of this erotic tale of lust, jealousy and letting go.

Chapter 1 – Seize the day

Jack stood in his living room sipping his morning coffee as he always did. Seeing the picture-perfect neighbourhood with its neat lawns and shiny cars always filled him with calm. He was so relieved when his ex-wife had let him buy her out. She wanted to escape the memories, he wanted to make new ones. 

A familiar car slowed and parked in front of the house beside him. It was a local realtor, the woman who had sold the house next door. He had considered talking to or trying to hook up with her now that his divorce was final. Jack found her very pretty; auburn hair, curvy with a confident smile. He liked her style and appreciated how her pencil skirts hugged her thighs. Beyond her looks, she had a powerful gaze and she was very charismatic. He found that their interactions left him feeling bashful and eager. His personality was usually much more confident, but for some reason, she rattled him. And he liked it. 

After each time they had waved or exchanged pleasantries, he had later gotten off. It was a predictable response to seeing her. They’d wave as he pulled into his driveway, or she’d nod and smile in his direction as she took potential buyers on tours.

Jack had fantasized about her many times, imagining what it would be like to get his head between those sculpted thighs in the empty house next door. He imagined putting her up on the kitchen counter and hiking up her tweed skirt, peeling off her stockings, the hollow sound as he slid her heels off and dropped them to the floor. He could imagine her smell and her feet on his back.

Alas, all he knew was her name from the for sale sign and the model of the car she drove. They had only ever said hello those few times in passing and he had never made a move. Fool, he thought. He took his final swig of coffee. Today was the day. 

Jack couldn’t help but smile to himself as the realtor bent over trying to pull the “sold” signpost out of the ground. A perfect moment to interject and strike up a conversation. He set down his coffee cup and was already on the front stairs when he realized he was only wearing pajama pants and no shirt. It was too late to turn around, she had already seen him. He jogged down the stairs and across the lawn to help her. As he approached, she smiled and pushed the hair out of her eyes. He smiled his roguish grin and took the sign from her, yanking it from the ground. 

“My hero!” she laughed as she dusted off her hands. He had never been close enough to notice that she had freckles, or how blue her eyes were. 

“Happy to help. I’m Jack, by the way.” He extended his hand to shake hers and felt an arc of electricity between them as her hand slid into his. 

“Lovely to finally meet you, Jack. I’m Annie.” She laughed and pointed at her photo on the sign. 

He was hooked.

She was gorgeous and sweet and every fantasy he’d had in the six months it took to sell that house flooded through his mind. Before he could say anything else, two huge moving vans pulled up, followed by a spiffy little convertible, top-down, music blaring, carrying two gorgeous women. 

“Thanks for your help, Jack. Duty calls! It’s moving day!” Annie turned and went to greet the ladies.

“Anytime!” He watched as Annie joined the women in the driveway. Not wanting to be a leering weirdo in his pyjamas, he returned to his house and went upstairs to change in case there was another chance to chat up Annie. 

The bedroom window was open and he could hear their voices and the noise of the movers.

He wondered to himself as he undressed: which of the women in the car lived there? Was she married? Maybe the husband and kids were in another vehicle. Perhaps the second woman was a friend or sister. He stood at the window and listened to their laughter rising in the warm summer morning.

Jack absentmindedly began to touch himself as he listened to them, no longer straining to hear the conversation, just imagining being naked in the backyard pool with Annie the realtor, finally getting to see and touch her perfect body. He stroked swiftly and brought himself to the edge in mere moments. Luckily, he remembered that the window was open and swallowed his guttural howl as he shot his load thinking about soft, round tits with big nipples bobbing in the clear blue water. 

Once he caught his breath, Jack showered and got dressed, taking a bit of time to look extra good, and sauntered downstairs and into the front yard. The three women had congregated on the driveway again.

Annie saw him approaching and lit up. 

“Ladies, this is Jack! He is your next-door neighbour.” She laughed her musical laugh and waved him closer, to make introductions. 

“Jack and his wife have lived here for …”

“Ex-wife. It’s just me now.” Jack smiled. 

“Oh! Well. Jack, this is Heather and Jane. They bought this house from the McAvoy’s.”

Jack grinned in spite of himself.

They both bought the house? Could it be that two gorgeous lesbians had just moved in next door? In one way, it was a bummer. No chance of any action. But in another way, it was so sexy to imagine them so close. His mind was reeling. He looked from Jane to Heather and back again. They definitely weren’t sisters. 

Jane was petite and curvy with juicy thighs, hips, and ass. She had small breasts, dimples, and eyes dark like ink under a gorgeous mess of dark curls. She had a twinkle in her eye and a very free-spirit vibe to her. He was excited by the warmth she emanated as they shook hands. 

Heather was a bit taller, more lithe, and athletic. She had long golden hair past her shoulders, and carried herself like a Viking princess. He was immediately drawn to her as well. She was beautiful and a little bit frightening. 

Annie continued with her introductions. 

“Jane is an artist. She paints and currently has a show at a gallery downtown. Heather is a tantric masseuse and also works as an instructor teaching tantric massage in London. I’m sorry, Jack, what is it that you do?” 

Jack grinned. Women were never prepared for his career information and it always had a tremendous effect. 

“I’m a vet, I work in animal rehabilitation.”

“Awwwwwwwwwwww!” all three of them chorused. 

“Yeah, it’s very rewarding.” 

“That is so, so amazing. What an amazing gift, helping animals,” said Jane. She touched his arm as she spoke. He realised at that moment just how horny he was, despite having just finished a few minutes before.   

Jack noticed that Heather stepped closer to Jane as she spoke. Could there be some jealousy there? Did that mean that Jane’s smile and prolonged eye contact really was flirting? Perhaps it was just wishful thinking. Or maybe she was bisexual. Either way, he was very curious and very attracted to both of them. 

“Looks like the movers have things under control, but if I can help with anything, just let me know. I’m around all weekend.” He smiled and caught Heather’s eye. Her crossed arms told him she was nonplussed by his offer. 

“I’m sure we’ll manage.”

Heather chimed in. She took a step towards the house, and her hand slipped into Jane’s.

“We have lots to unpack.”
Jane smiled and waved, turning back to smile again as Heather led her away.

“I should get going too,” said Annie. “So nice to finally put a name to your face, Jack.”

“You too, Annie. Say, would you like to get a drink sometime?”

“I would. How about I come by tomorrow night? I can check in on these ladies and we can have a beer in the backyard. I want to pick your brain about the landscaping – I peeked over the fence.”

She smiled and stared into him. He swallowed and smiled. “We can do better than yard beer …” he chuckled. “What could possibly be better?”

She squeezed his arm and leaned in to kiss his cheek. “I’ll see you tomorrow then. 8-ish.” she purred. 

Jack’s heart was pounding. “Eight o’clock sounds perfect.” He watched as she went back inside to say goodbye to his new neighbours. Her calves were so shapely and her heels were so sexy, he couldn’t help but stare, anticipating getting much, much closer to her. His eyes travelled to her peachy bum and he made a mental note to tell her so. He picked up the for sale sign and carried it to her car, already fantasising about the next night. She came back out and grinned when she saw him leaning against the driver’s side door. “You just couldn’t pull yourself away, huh?” Her voice was confident and teasing. “Guilty as charged. Can I put this in your car for you?”

Annie smiled and popped the hatch with her key fob, admiring his body as he effortlessly wrangled the awkward post and sign into the back of her SUV. They said their goodbyes but more awkwardly than the first time. Jack didn’t try for another kiss. He immediately regretted it as the door closed behind her. She waved and started the engine. 

What a stupid error, he thought, wondering if it would impact tomorrow’s date. He sighed. Jack knew he was ready, but navigating things with new women was harder than he remembered. He had been out of the dating pool for seven years. Ir was long enough to lose his edge and his confidence.

Annie was so perfect and she seemed almost as drawn to him as he was to her. Jack knew he likely had only one chance to make it happen. He’d have to be bold when he saw her next. His ex-wife had always hated that he didn’t take enough initiative. Perhaps, he thought, it’s time to learn. He sauntered back inside and poured himself another cup of coffee, deciding with renewed resolve that he was ready to start dating, and goddamnit he was ready to get laid. 


from Chapter 2 coming soon …

Jack melted into the erotic massage as her hands raked softly down his back. He could feel her rubbing against him, her legs wrapped tightly around his legs. She pressed and ground herself into his hardness. She had him right where she wanted him. 

“Jane and Heather told me you were spying on them,” Annie whispered into his ear. She bit at his neck and sucked. “Did you? Did you watch them naked in their pool this afternoon?” Her finger and thumb found his nipple and pinched, holding it, her thumbnail pressing into the tender flesh. Jack gasped, dizzy from her. He nodded. 

“I did. I watched them from my bedroom window.” 


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