Tantric massage is the fastest growing area of the adult entertainment industry, and yet, it is the most poorly understood of the erotic arts. There has been an increase in interest for tantric massage over the last decade with more and more Brits embracing this mysterious and evocative form of Eastern sensuality.  Much like anything foreign or exotic, tantric massage has developed a reputation as something that it’s not.  So what exactly is tantric massage and how can you tell the myths from the truth?  In this article we will look at some of the common myths about tantric massage and why it is an excellent investment in relaxation, intimacy, and self-care. 

All around the world people enjoy tantric massage. Some people enjoy it as part of an overall tantric lifestyle, others just partake now and then. For many people the word tantra or tantric brings about mental images of the Kama Sutra and intensely sexual and hedonistic experiences. Tantric massage does have a hedonistic bend to it and it can be incredibly sexual and indulgent, but it is also a form of massage like any other.  The mythos that surrounds tantric massage is that it is too rawly sexual to pursue,  when in fact tantric massage  has always been a sacred and  pure way of connecting to oneself, to others, and the universe. 

It’s not what you think!

If you hear the words tantric massage and you immediately think of a sexy, sweaty, sex-fest, you’ve been slightly misinformed. tantric massage absolutely can be sexual and include sex, but sex and orgasm are not the goal of tantric massage. Tantric massage aims to align your mind, your body, and your spirit with true intentional touch and thoughtful breathing. Historically. Tantra was so sacred that it was practiced in religious contexts, having been built on the foundations of Buddhism and Hinduism. Seeing tantric massage as something dirty or lascivious is a completely modern and Western viewpoint of this beautiful, sensual art form. 

Not so dark and mysterious

Many people mis-conflate  tantric massage and kinky adult activities. Tantric massage may seem alternative because it has different expectations and experiences than some other kinds of massage, but that doesn’t make it kinky.  People who are into traditional kinks could no doubt incorporate kink elements into a tantric massage, but the two topics ultimately have nothing to do with each other. It is strange then, to consider that tantric massage and kink are often thought of the same way: as something dark or devious. In both cases the objective is the same:  pleasure. If the idea that tantric massage is too intensely sexual or abnormal overwhelms you, set your mind at ease. Professional tantric massage can be enjoyed by everyone no matter what their proclivities are.

Available for everyone

Tantric massage is an element of Tantra, an ancient health and wellness lifestyle developed in India and Tibet in the sixth century.  Not only is it an ancient practice, it has become part of the historical tapestry of Indian culture.  For this reason, sometimes people who are not descendants of Indian tantric practitioners feel uncomfortable or concerned about cultural appropriation.  This is a noble concern and one that is worth consideration.  There is, however, a difference between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation.  Partaking in the ancient wisdom and methods of tantric massage as a way towards self-improvement or improving intimacy in a relationship is fine.  Likewise, we see our services here at Secret Tantric as an opportunity to help people of all walks of life to live more pleasurable and enriched lives. 

It does a body good

Let’s be perfectly clear:  tantric massage does not refer to the acrobatic sex positions of the Kama Sutra. The Kama Sutra is a standalone document that, not a definitive part of tantric massage. Tantric massage is actually ideal for people of all body types and all levels of ability. Some medical conditions are cause for caution with tantric massage. For example, if you have intense circulation issues or cardiac issues, that would be a good thing to let a professional masseuse know before they perform your massage. Likewise if you have breathing issues or issues with your lungs, the deep and focused breathing of tantric massage may be strenuous. Ultimately, tantric massage is less about technique and more about intention. If your mind and your heart are open and your body is able to relax, your fitness level will not dictate the pleasure or benefits you will experience through tantric massage. 

Isn’t it a golden ticket for orgasms?

When most people think of tantric massage they equate it with tantric sex.  These two things have elements in common but are not completely synonymous. This confusion causes a further misunderstanding:  associating tantric massage with irrepressible never-ending  orgasms.  Tantric massage is about the journey not the destination. Tantric breathing and meditation during massage will help you capitalize on stored sexual energy within the body. Accessing these stores of energy creates a sexual tension that, when pushed far enough, becomes an incredible orgasm. The pleasure of tantric massage is not magical or otherworldly. The pleasure of tantric massage comes from within. In order to access that pleasure you have to open yourself up to the experience. And in order for a tantric masseuse to help you access that they must guide you through that process to that finish line. 

A whole new O

Sometimes the intensity of the tantric experience can be conflated with or confused with orgasm. You certainly can achieve an orgasm while using tantric techniques or engaging and tantric massage but it certainly is not a requirement and the session is not a failure if you don’t come. The essential core of tantric massage is pleasure and connection. That can mean the connection between you and your partner, it can also mean the connection between your mind and your body, or your existence within a more meta concept. 

It’s not just the answer to orgasm

Tantric massage can be good therapy for people who suffer from erectile dysfunction or other mental and emotional hang ups surrounding sensuality. But did you know that a tantric orgasm is actually different from a regular orgasm?  In a traditional orgasm arousal steadily increases to a point of no return and then arousal steadily decreases as soon as the orgasm is complete. While everyone is different, this pattern of traditional orgasm is particularly obvious in men because of their body’s refractory period after ejaculation.  A tantric orgasm is made up of many peaks and valleys resulting in a longer lasting orgasm that sometimes does not demand any down time before peak arousal can be achieved again.  This is why tantric orgasms are often called never-ending orgasms or multiple orgasms.

Did You Know?

Science and culture has had us believing that men are incapable of multiple orgasms when the tantric orgasm proves that wrong time and again, and has for centuries. In women the tantric orgasm works very much the same way. More women cite an increase in intensity of orgasm versus the quantity of orgasms they’re able to have. A woman who is already capable of multiple orgasms may not increase the total number that she has. However, they will be longer lasting, more intense and oftentimes more emotional. 

No matter how you slice it

Like so many things, tantric massage is what you make it. When you engage a professional erotic masseuse from Secret Tantric you can expect sensuality and authenticity. A tantric massage should never be just a simple rub down. In order to be tantric it needs to have an element of focus and awareness. Tantric massage has depth beyond the standard massage. Whether or not your massage is simply sensual, or sexual, depends entirely on who it’s with. If the professional approach is not in the cards for you, a tantric massage at home can be sexy too. 

More than technique, it’s about connection and pleasure

Both of these things require active participation and both of these things allow for passive respite. It’s totally okay to enjoy your massage simply for what it is. Likewise, it’s okay to use tantric massage as a tool for greater self-knowledge or healing. Tantric massage is all positive there’s no downside or reason not to try it! Secret Tantric is a great place to start your tantric massage journey. Our masseuses are highly skilled and well-trained in traditional modalities of tantric massage. We strive to give you an authentic experience that feels fresh and modern.  

What are you waiting for? 

There are no tangible downsides to tantric Massage. This is especially true when you are dealing with an agency like Secret Tantric. We promise you that every element of your massage is professional and above board. There’s really no reason not to try a tantric massage! Pick up the phone and give us a call. We would be delighted to walk you through every detail and support you in this incredible journey you have begun.   

Whether you are looking for an exotic massage for you and a partner for yourself, we have what you want. Our girls are the most beautiful in London, if not the world! We are confident that every session you book with us will be better than the last. No matter your reasons for booking with us, we will always leave you satisfied, to whatever degree you desire.

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