Welcome to another edition of Diary of a Secret Girl.  This week, I have done an up-close and personal interview with one of the most popular Secret Girls. She is stunningly beautiful, and incredibly popular with our clients. In fact, she has some of the highest rates of return clients in the agency. She’s gorgeous, she’s lovely, and she’s here to talk to us today about who she is, why she loves her job, and what makes her tick. Read on to meet our masseuses: Marissa!

The London tantric massage scene is competitive and is currently experiencing a boom. Here at Secret Tantric, we have an ever-growing roster of amazing erotic massage professionals. We are always looking for new faces to join the team.

Our clients know what they like and they know what they want: incredibly beautiful, personable, intelligent masseuses to help them relax and unwind. Tantric massage is the perfect escape from the doldrums of everyday life. Beautiful women are a dime a dozen, but Secret Girls are rare. We seek out the best, brightest, most talented and most beautiful women in London. We know that you, the client, expect the very best and we know you trust us to deliver just that. Not only do Secret girls need to be beautiful and approachable, they also must be great conversationalists and talented in erotic massage.

Meet Our Masseuses

To help you get to know our masseuses better we will be showing off and highlighting each of our girls regularly here on the blog. This week, to start things off, we have one particular superstar to introduce you to.

Please allow me to introduce the beautiful, the seductive, the incomparable: Marissa.

Who is Marissa?

Secret Girl xoxo: Hi Marissa thanks for chatting with me today. I know that readers and clients will be excited to learn more about you.

Marissa: Great! I’m happy to share as much as you’d like to know. I really do love this work and I’m happy to discuss exactly why Secret Tantric has been such a great agency to work with and what keeps my clients coming back for more.

Wonderful! Let’s start by  you telling us a little bit about yourself.  Who you are, where you come from and what you like to do when you weren’t working doing erotic massage.

Well, as you know, I’m Marissa. [laughter] I’m originally from Portugal and I’m 28. I love living here in London. I’ve been here for a while and it is absolutely an amazing city to live and work in. When I first moved to London I did a number of different jobs, mostly in the areas of massage and modelling. I got my first training in tantric massage from Karma Tantric and that was really the beginning of making erotic massage a career for myself.

What drew you to the London tantric massage scene? 

It’s funny, I read your blog post post about why you got into this industry and I felt much the same. There was a lot about what you said that resonated with me. I’ve always been a physical, sensual and affectionate person. That has served me well in relationships for sure, but my comfort with working closely with people in a physical way seems like a good place to put my energy and efforts. Especially because the erotic massage community is always growing.

Tantric massage and COVID-19

Did you find that COVID-19 affected business a lot? 

Certainly, yes. In the beginning it was very scary, I think everyone was scared no matter what their job was. Once the restrictions were in place and we had a better understanding of what was allowed and what was safe, it became easier to work. I was happy to see that Secret Tantric went to a lot of effort to ensure that all of us masseuses had the supplies that made it possible to continue with this sort of work. Of course clients were frightened as well because no one knew what was going on. Once things seemed to get a little bit more steady and predictable, clients became much more brave about meeting with someone for an erotic massage.

What are you looking most forward to now that things are opening up here in the UK?

It sounds silly, but I’m really looking forward to the small things like going to the cinema or simply hopping onto a bus or the Tube to get around without having to think about how dangerous it feels to be in public. I’m also keen just to get more clients back through the door as well as seeing a bunch of my regular clients who were unable or uncomfortable during the pandemic.

Life, balance, and the perfect guy

I’ve heard a lot of people comment that going to the cinema is something they really miss. When you do go what kind of movies do you like to see and do you get popcorn and treats?

I always get treats! Life is about balance. As much as I spend a lot of time exercising and keeping my mind and body clean and well taken care of, it’s so important to also have fun and indulge from time to time. My go-to order at the cinema is popcorn and the biggest pack of opal fruits/Starburst that they have. I love romantic movies, I think all women do, but I also love scary movies and movies with lots of action. All the better if there’s someone sexy to snuggle up with when it gets too scary.

Speaking of which, tell us about your Perfect Guy?

I knew you’d ask me this! I don’t have a type, I swear. [laughter and a coy sip of water] Okay, I guess I like what all women like: an honest, kind, and funny guy.

When I do fly for business or pleasure I always go first class! Life is short, buy the expensive tickets!

Fitness, beauty, and luxury all come naturally

You mentioned clean living and a lot of fitness. That’s definitely a big part of the gig when you work in this industry. Can you tell us a little bit about your routines?

Growing up I was very involved in sport. I have always been a runner and a swimmer, I find that both these activities are beneficial to the entire body. That means I can spend less time working out. [laughter] I am blessed with a very easy to manage figure, and it has never been hard for me to stay fit. My current goals are to continue to become more flexible and stronger without bulking up.

Do you feel a lot of pressure to maintain beauty standards in the world of sensual massage?

Absolutely. But it’s not a negative pressure, it’s more like a reminder that my clients deserve the best from me. Our clients are looking for an experience and an interpersonal exchange with a beautiful, sensual woman. That expectation is completely reasonable and it’s just part of my job to uphold it. I have always been a bit of a girly-girl despite being sporty and a bit rough and tumble growing up. I like dressing elegantly, I like lingerie and makeup, and I very much enjoy the finer things in life. I’m definitely a champagne and caviar kind of girl!

Luxury looks good on you! I have some rapid-fire questions for you to choose from if you are up for it? 

That sounds fun! I hope I have enough answers? 

Where is your favourite holiday destination?

Well, [laughter] being from another country vacations often require going home to see friends and family. But if I’m not travelling back to Portugal for a holiday, I would almost always choose someplace warm. 

Where is a place in the world that you have never been but you have always wanted to go to?

I have always wanted to go to Raja Ampat. It’s a remote area in North Indonesia, it’s so dreamy and beautiful. The beaches and the water are so amazing there and the scuba diving is the best ever. I’ve heard that Bali also has good fun party culture. I’m 28 so one day I will be too old to party or enjoy that kind of hedonism. It’s important to have fun while you’re young, I think.

That’s very wise. Do you enjoy flying, and if so do you fly economy, business or first class?

I do enjoy flying! In fact when I was much much younger there was a point where I considered that getting my pilot’s license and learning to fly could be a lot of fun. When I do fly for business or pleasure I always go first class! Life is short, buy the expensive tickets!

Home sweet home, Portugal

Is there anything you particularly miss about Portugal?

I definitely miss my family and friends. It is very exciting and very difficult to leave a country that you were born in and have lived in your whole life. But I also love adventure, and I love meeting new people and making new memories. Moving to London was not a hard decision because it is one of the greatest cities ever. Other than people that I miss in Portugal, I definitely miss the food. The traditional foods of Portugal can be very hard to find here in London. Portugal also has some amazing beaches and beautiful Coastline, perhaps that’s why a Raja Ampat is so alluring to me, because the lovely weather and sea reminds me of home.

Do you find that people are different here from where you grew up?

The cultures are definitely different, however London is so cosmopolitan and international that it attracts all kinds of people from all kinds of places. Here in the UK I would say that people are less inclined to chit-chat on the street or to make conversation out in public. In Portugal people are much more forthright and more inclined to chat you up or sit down with you at a cafe just for a conversation. London is very busy and very intense, which can be good for this line of work, Most people have a very poor work-life balance and need some sort of stress relief like erotic or tantric massage in order to blow off steam and recover from their work week.

A heart of gold

Without telling anything too personal or betraying any confidences, can you tell us a quick story about a favourite client or a favourite moment you had with a client?

One of my favourite client moments ever was a young man who came in for a massage. It was the first time that he had experienced any intimacy of any kind with anyone since his fiance had been killed in a tragic accident. He had been very upfront about his situation and warned me that he may be emotional or might struggle to stay present and in the moment during the massage. It was clear that he was still processing a lot of grief. Most people have lost someone they love, myself included, so I was able to be empathetic and patient with him.

Communication is key

We worked together through the massage. He was quite shy and at one point had to stop. He was emotional and felt that he was betraying the memory of his fiance by having an erotic experience. I, of course, accommodated his need for a bit of downtime in the middle of the appointment and we just talked. I made him a cup of tea, we sat and chatted. He told me a bit more about his fiance, more about her personally and how much he missed her. After we talked a little bit he seemed to be more relaxed. He had talked his way through the feelings that he was having.

He decided that he wanted to go through with the rest of the massage. I was very careful to make sure he was comfortable and that my communication with him about every step of the massage was very clear. Consent is essential, regardless of the client’s state of mind, but making sure that he was prepared for everything we were doing seemed to set his mind at ease.

A gentle touch

We finished the session, in fact he stayed a bit longer than expected, and at the end he was very much relaxed calm and somewhat at peace with the process. He was very thankful that I had not rushed him and had been willing to listen to him. He was surprised that my approach was so human and generous. To me it was just being a good person. Everyone struggles at one time or another. Part of this type of work is flexibility for what the client needs. Helping them to be present in the moment so they can get what they need from the experience. Usually, at the end of the session things end with a handshake and a polite goodbye.

This was one client that I happily gave a hug to you and wished him the best. I was not surprised at all that he came back again and specifically booked with me. He is now a regular client of mine. It has been really lovely to get to know him. I’m happy I have helped support him through his healing process.

More than instant gratification

That sounds like a very gratifying bonus to this kind of work. Do clients often get personal or emotional?

It’s not something that happens all the time, but it’s also not rare. People seek out erotic massage and tantric massage for many reasons. For some people it’s all about the physicality of the massage and the stress relief that that gives them. For other people there is a thrill in using the adult industry to provide a massage because paying for intimacy is so taboo. There are also clients who seem just need human connection. Some need intimacy that doesn’t require them to invest in a relationship. And when they leave they can go back to their regular life. 

What haven’t I asked you that you think our readers should know about you? 

You have asked a lot! I hope my answers have been interesting! There isn’t too much else to know really, I’m a fairly normal girl. I like hanging out with my friends, going to the gym. I’m really looking forward to some cocktails and dinner with all my girlfriends now that things are opening up again. I don’t know what else to tell you, I’m just me!


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