Welcome to the Diary of a Secret Girl. The only place where a London tantric massage professional tells all in an ongoing series by mysterious ‘Secret Girl xoxo’, a body to body tantric masseuse with Secret Tantric.

London Tantric Massage Professional Tells All

Dear Reader

I’m back again, your favourite London massage expert! If you read last week’s post, you’ll know I’m here sharing all sorts of sweet and sordid details from my life as an erotic masseuse. In this post I will take you through a whole day, a typical day in my life, from the time I wake up to bedtime and everything in between. I’ll take you through the routines I maintain to ensure I can give my clients the very best that I have to offer, and give you a behind the scenes peek at the secret life of a Secret Girl. 

Early bird gets the worm, and all that

I have always been a morning person: I like to be up early, I always have. There’s something about the city in the morning that is so lovely and peaceful, even though the hustle and bustle of London never stops. I usually wake up at about 06:00. I never use the snooze alarm, I like to get up straight away and get the day started! My waking routine is nothing too glamorous, but I do wake up nude in a king size bed every morning. I’ll leave that for your imagination! I like a bit of glamour in my bed, so I keep the thread count high and the pajamas to a minimum. My flat has the benefit of loads of windows so even on the dreariest of days there is natural light streaming in through sheer drapes. I find it’s easier to wake naturally and without too much grogginess if the room is lit slowly and naturally. I prize my privacy above all else, so I can always shut out the world if I want to. 

My tantric studies have helped me get so much more in touch with my body. I find that I am more aware of what my body wants and needs as a result of understanding the need for deep, steady breathing and relaxation. There are sexual and sensual benefits as well, but my whole body, overall, is happier and healthier for studying tantra.

Fitness first

Once I am up and beginning the day, I like to drink some water and start stretching and exercising. Depending on the day, the weather, and the covid19 restrictions in place, I may lace up my trainers and go for a run, a swim, or workout at home. I love classes for yoga and pilates, and I’m so excited to get back into them this summer as things begin to open up. When I work out at home, I mostly do yoga. I love the feel of my workout gear, and yes, they do all kinds of things for my figure. I love the fit and lift of exercise/yoga pants, and how easy it is to show off that I’m not wearing any knickers! (Okay, maybe just a thong … but maybe not!) I work out a lot and I like to look good doing it!    

My waking routine is nothing too glamorous, but I do wake up nude in a king size bed every morning. I’ll leave that for your imagination! I like a bit of glamour in my bed, so I keep the threadcount high and the pajamas to a minimum.


Health is wealth

Working with people is very natural for me, I’m a people person through and through. Just like health care professionals, teachers, and anyone else working in close proximity to people, my health is very important to me. I’m fortunate enough to have assembled a ‘team’ of practitioners to keep me feeling my best, from a personal trainer to a life coach to staying up to date with physicals and check ups. 

Erotic massage, especially tantric massage, requires focus and connection. As a masseuse I am responsible for guiding my client through the experience of their erotic massage or nude massage. To be effective, I must be in peak physical and mental condition. My clients’ needs are many and varied, and they often go beyond the erotic. Sometimes clients simply need someone to talk to or someone to hold them. We live in an increasingly detached society, and sometimes we just crave touch. We are only human, animals in fact, and we need closeness. How we get that closeness is immaterial (so long as it is consensual and legal). I take good care of myself so that I can take good care of my clients. 

Post-workout shower

Morning workouts always end with a shower. A long, hot, relaxing shower. One of the features of my flat that convinced me I had to take it was the shower. There’s ample room for two and the floor has river stones inlaid for a natural pressure point foot massage. (Told you I like a bit of glamour!) The glass surround means I can watch myself in the full length mirror. It can be mesmerising to watch the soap bubbles slide from my shoulders to my feet as I touch every part of my body. The rivulets of creamy foam make my hands slide so easily, that I can sometimes become distracted and I have to take a few minutes to touch myself. The benefits of tantra are that I can come easily when I can focus and breathe. Not all tantric touch has to last and last. Sometimes tantra simply helps us access our pleasure more thoroughly and more fully through strategic breathing and touch. A quick, self yoni massage in the shower after the endorphin high of a good workout is an incredible incentive for morning exercise.

Tantric Massage London

Most of my client appointments are in the afternoons and evenings. Preparing for appointments is essential and makes everything go more smoothly once the client has arrived. I do incall and outcall massage appointments (they come to me, or I got to them). For out-call appointments I show up ready, and for in-calls I prepare my space to make it as comfortable and welcoming as possible.

There are many details that clients don’t think of that we do:

  • The physical space must be very clean, calm and serene. Everything is cleaned before and after every session.
  • Music/background sound must be chosen
  • The temperature is significant – always a bit warm but not stifling
  • Candles, oils, warm towels, all must be prepared
  • Fastidious hygiene is essential, including short tidy nails, clean body and hair, and dressed to impress

Appointments are an hour, minimum, though many last longer – it really depends on the clients’ needs and wants. All appointments begin with conversation. We talk about what the client is looking for and how we can achieve that together before the client takes a mandatory pre-session shower.

Tantric massage is as sexy as you imagine

From breathing together to synch up our bodies, to strategic touch and tantric edging, to a final expulsion of tension, tantric massage is a full mind and body experience. We, the masseuses, are passionate about our jobs and bringing calm, relaxation and release to our clients in every session. Likewise, sometimes a client’s needs are more emotional in nature or they need companionship and support as well as some human contact. When facilitating couples massage, time and communication becomes even more vital. Whatever it is that they need, we respond, within our personal limits. Every Secret Girl sets her own boundaries and limits for how intimate sessions will get.

No matter the request of the client, every tantric massage is as sexy as you imagine it would be. Some clients seek out London erotic massage for the conversation and company. Others for the physical benefits of the massage and others simply because they enjoy time and touch with a beautiful woman who will treat them like royalty. No matter your reasons or desires, we, the masseuses of Secret Tantric, are here for you. We are a team of elite practitioners of the ancient art of tantra. We are fully trained and committed to providing you, our clients, like the VIP clientele that you are.

When the work day is done

When I’m not working, I try to enjoy as much of what London has to offer as I can. That has been a challenge with the pandemic, but soon things will be open and we can be back out at restaurants and clubs, seeing friends and back to normal. Life as a Secret Girl is fun, dynamic, fascinating and FUN.


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