Both tantric yoga and tantric massage have been getting a lot of press lately. And for good reason! These forms of tantric therapy are excellent stress relievers. But is tantric yoga the same as tantric massage? In this article we will look at the difference between the two and where they overlap.

Yoga and massage are very different activities, so it stands to reason that tantric yoga and tantric massage would be dissimilar. While the activities are different, the philosophies and techniques behind them are similar. For an activity to be “tantric” it must be aligned with the tenets of Tantra. Therefore, in order to understand tantric yoga and its similarities and differences to tantric massage, we first have to tackle the definition of ‘tantric’. 

What does tantric mean?

When something is labelled tantric, it refers to  the concept and practice of Tantra.  Often misunderstood and misattributed in our culture, Tantra is an ancient holistic wellness philosophy that originated in Tibet and India in the sixth century.  Tantra evolved from Buddhist and Hindu teachings. It evolved as a form of resistance to what was considered spiritual segregation and oppression at the time. ‘The Tantras’ were originally a set of documents that outlined a way of living that was positive, empowering, and focussed on self-improvement.  Ancient tantric practice focussed on concepts like clean living, non-violence, sexual equality, and commitment to a spiritual path. Modern tantric practice is not nearly as linear nor as restrictive. One does not need to be affiliated with Hinduism or Buddhism or any other group in order to reap the benefits of Tantra. 

But isn’t Tantra all about sex?

Tantra has a sexual component, but there is more to it.  Popular culture tends to paint Tantra  as a purely hedonistic concept. However, Tantra is about mastering oneself and making connections to others and the universe. Tantra puts a significant focus on energy: learning about your own energy, how to hold on to it and how to release it, etc. There are incredibly powerful skills when it comes to exploring sex and pleasure. To put it simply, Tantra requires that you focus on the journey, not just the destination.  Orgasms are part of tantric sexual practice, but they are not  the focus or the be-all-end-all.  Tantric sexual practice requires that you and your partner, if you have one, slow down and unpack your sexual desire instead of hurdling yourselves headlong into them. Tantric sex practices are thoughtful, intentional, and designed to increase intimacy, satisfaction, and self under standing. 

Adding tantric elements to yoga and massage

As mentioned above, the original concept of Tantra was a holistic lifestyle guide.  Because of this, it makes sense that both yoga and massage evolved to have tantric elements because both involve a certain amount of focus, awareness of your physical body, and both contribute to relaxation, calm, and pleasure. Both yoga and massage were also part of the original ‘version’ of tantric living, the goal of which was harmony and balance in all things.

Where tantric practices overlap

In both massage and yoga, tantric techniques and principles can be applied with great results. This includes mindful breathing techniques that help you relax fully and release tension. In a massage this makes the massage more sensual and more immersive. In yoga this makes most poses easier to attain because you’re breathing more carefully. 

Tantra is focused on energy and the redistribution of energy. By applying focused breathing techniques and thoughtful intentional touch, you can maximize pleasure and improve focus. The goal might be complete relaxation, orgasm, or achieving calm or centeredness. Whatever the goal or desire, tantric techniques can make all the difference.

The benefits of tantric practice, no matter how small

Both tantric massage and tantric yoga can yield greater results than their non-tantric counterparts. Tantric practice helps people achieve balance. Think of it like an ultra calm state, similar to a flow state where your focus and energies are in perfect balance and harmony and everything just glides. Beyond the feel-good satisfaction and effectiveness, tantric practice can make significant contributions to your overall wellness. Tantric techniques help!

  • you will sleep better
  • you’ll have more energy
  • your head will be clearer
  • you’ll find that communication is easier
  • your relationship with your self will be strengthened

It doesn’t have to be all or nothing

Incorporating tantric elements into sex, yoga, or massage can be a simple way to go a bit deeper in each of those areas. Luckily it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. You could opt in for a tantric massage and learn something about yourself, your pleasure, and pick up some techniques from your masseuse. You could also practice tantric breathing during your yoga or workouts and reap the  mental and physical benefits.  Adding tantric techniques and tantric practices to your life does not have to be difficult or all-consuming. 

Seek out professionals

Here at Secret Tantric we pride ourselves on being a powerful resource for people who are new to tantric concepts. We don’t expect you to know everything, and our masseuses will take you through a tantric massage and help you understand all of its components. 

Tantric yoga and tantric massage are just two examples of how Tantra has survived the test of time and re-emerged in our modern world.  Tantra has so much to teach us!  Give us a call directly and we will set you up for a tantric massage session with one of our incredible masseuses to help you on your tantric path today!

Help us help you

If you are ready to reap the benefits of seeing a tantric therapist, give us a call. At Secret Tantric we are committed to answering all of your questions! Tantric therapy should be accessible and available for everyone. Give us a call today and see how a visit to a tantric therapist can put you on a path to self improvement and sexual freedom. 

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