If you are in the market for an adult massage, you may be overwhelmed by the terminology and the number of options. You’re certainly not alone!  It’s normal to have questions about the types of massage available and what each one involves. Exotic and erotic adult massages can include many things and their definitions are only subtly different. This article tackles one of the most common questions that we are asked: “Is a body on body massage a tantric massage?” Do you know the answer? If not, never fear, Secret Tantric is here! Read more to find out! 

The world of intimate adult massage is vast and ever-growing. In London, where Secret Tantric is headquartered and operates, erotic and exotic massages are on the rise.  For a long time the adult entertainment industry centred around exotic dancers and strip clubs.  As time went on, escort services began to carve out a niche in the industry as well. Both these forms of entertainment are readily available in London, but adult massage is quickly taking up more room. 

Exotic massage versus Erotic massage

The differences between erotic massage and exotic massage are both subtle and important.  In many ways they appear to be identical, and the terms appear to be interchangeable, but they are not.

The term ‘exotic massage’ refers to forms of massage that evolved outside of Western massage. This includes examples such as Shiatsu, Japanese Nuru massage and tantric massage,  which comes from India. 

‘Erotic massage’ is any form of massage which centres on erotic and sexual touch,  regardless of its discipline or origin.

Exotic massage may have erotic elements but they are not required. Likewise erotic massage may include techniques found in exotic massage, but that is not required either. 

Why is adult massage on the rise?

We can really only hypothesise as to why adult massage is the fastest growing area of adult entertainment.  A sensible theory would be that for many, massage bridges the gap between dancers and escorts.  Watching a dancer, having a cocktail, maybe even having a lap dance, is a great way to spend some time. Likewise finding a compatible escort who is attractive and engaging but also a great companion for you, can be tricky.  Adult massage fills in the space between these two experiences. This is because adult massage has so many subcategories within it, there truly is something for everyone. Obviously massage is quite hands-on, but it doesn’t need to be an explicitly sexual experience. It can be sensual and fulfilling without being overtly sexual. In this way, adult massage is the best of all worlds. No wonder it’s so popular!

But aren’t masseuses just escorts?

Strictly speaking, masseuses in the adult industry in the UK are not escorts.  At Secret Tantric  our masseuses are independent contractors and we do not require an exclusivity agreement from them. The women who work with Secret Tantric are free to work in other areas of the adult industry and they set their own hours of availability, as well as their own rates. An appointment with Secret Tantric is all about the massage. What you and your masseuse do together beyond said massage, is between the two of you and Secret Tantric does not take a cut on anything other than the massage. 

What is body on body massage? 

Body to body massage is one of the most popular forms of adult massage available. The reason for this is that it is just as good as it sounds:  a masseuse uses her body on your body to perform the massage.  Body on body massages  are intimate and sensual, providing the client with an exceptional visual and tactile experience. Not only does a body on body massage provide soothing muscular relief, it is an experience that will enliven the senses.  Our clientele is made up of mostly men, all of whom are rather discerning and appreciate the sheer beauty and elegance of our masseuses. Combine that with a generous amount of massage oil and they are more than happy to watch as their masseuse works them over from head to toe with her gorgeous, lithe body.

What is tantric massage?

Tantric massage is a form of exotic massage that originated in India many centuries ago. Massage is just one part of tantric practice. The English translation of Tantra from Sanskrit is “web”. This is an apt description as it describes the philosophy of interconnection that Tantra observes. The tantric arts involve healing and self development through the understanding of  the connections between ourselves and our bodies, ourselves and The Divine.  Based in both Hinduism and Buddhism, Tantra is for many, a way of life. Luckily, you do not need to prescribe to all of these values and concepts to enjoy tantric massage. A tantric massage puts a focus on breathing and being present in the moment with the sensations of your body.  In this way it can be quite intimate and fulfilling, making it a very popular massage style. 

So, is body on body massage a tantric massage or not?

At Secret Tantric, if you book a body on body massage, it will not be the same experience as booking a tantric massage.  Many elements of these massages overlap and but as complete experiences they are quite different.  It is possible to have a body on body massage that has tantric elements to it.  It is also possible to have a tantric massage that includes body on body contact, in fact most tantric massages do. 

Choosing between body on body massage and tantric massage

If you were to ask us which one you should choose,  we would tell you that you don’t have to and you should try both. They both have a lot going for them, so it really just comes down to what you are looking for in a particular session. A tantric massage will be more intense in terms of muscular therapy, but a body on body massage has incredible visual elements.  Both forms of therapy will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, but possibly in different ways.

What about a happy ending?

The term happy ending has become synonymous with erotic and exotic massage.  While happy endings are common, they are not a requirement of the appointment. You really can get an adult massage that is just a massage. It will be more sensual than a massage from your chiropractor, but it doesn’t need to be overtly sexual, nor does it need to end in climax. However, if you are interested in a happy ending as a result of your massage, that can be arranged.  Essentially, at Secret Tantric it comes down to what you and your masseuse agree upon.  Most of our clients take advantage of the happy ending option  as it is the ultimate finale to an hour of excellent massage. 

How does the process work?

At Secret Tantric we want to make your massage appointment as easy and seamless as possible. We have streamlined our process while ensuring that our clients get what they’re looking for and our masseuses are safe providing it.  

The process of booking and attending a massage session at Secret Tantric looks like this:

  •  Visit our website and  choose a masseuse in your area that offers the types of massage you are seeking
  • Call us and speak with our massage coordinator. They will answer all of your questions and ask you a few as well
  •  Once you have passed necessary clearance checks, the massage coordinator will provide you with the name and location of your masseuse.
  •  Arrive on time  and you will be greeted by the masseuse of your choosing at her upscale London flat
  • You and your masseuse will have a brief consultation to decide on  what’s the massage will include
  •  You will pay your masseuse directly (cash only) before the massage begins
  •  You will have a brief, and required, shower before your massage begins
  •  When your massage is complete you may have a second shower if you’d like before leaving

Can I have a massage in my own home?

At Secret Tantric we primarily provide in-call massage, meaning that you go to your masseuse. Out-call massage, where your masseuse travels to you, is possible but only for clients staying at premium London hotels. Private, in-home massage is only available to our VIP clients. In order to become a VIP client one must have used our services before, and received glowing feedback from the masseuse(s) you have seen in the past.  VIP services are for VIP clients, and for us, VIP constitutes clients who our masseuses are comfortable with and who they trust.  By and large the adult industry can be incredibly dangerous for women, and we are proud to have operating systems within our business that keep our masseuses’ safety and well-being a priority.

Which is more popular,  body on body massage or tantric massage? 

We are among the most trusted and authentic tantric massage agencies in London.  We offer a wide variety of massage styles  but our tantric massage remains our calling card. Body on body massage is incredibly popular, and we find that many of our clients book body on body massages when they are looking for a massage with a playful flirtatious element. 

Clients who are interested in an intensely physical experience that leaves their muscles tired and their minds clear, tend to opt for tantric. No matter which style you choose, Secret Tantric  has you covered. Our masseuses are literally the best trained massage experts in all of London.  Our masseuses go through extensive training before they can even do a ride-along session with another masseuse. By the time they are entertaining clients on their own they are certified experts and can provide a wide variety of massage therapies.

What would you choose?

Now that you know the difference  between a body on body massage and a tantric massage, which one would you choose?  both have their advantages and both come with excellent benefits.  If you are booking with us for the first time, we recommend following your intuition. We want you to have the massage that you want and need, and we will do our best to accommodate your desires. We have many forms of massage on our massage menu and we are confident that you’ll want to try them all. Likewise we have an ever-growing and ever-changing roster of absolutely stunning massage experts. You will want to book with each one, we are sure of it. No matter what you’re looking for or what your type is, we have a girl and a massage for everyone. 

What are you waiting for?

It’s one thing to read about the erotic massage experience but it is something else entirely to have your own. There’s no reason to hesitate, simply pick up the phone and give us a ring and we will have you set up for the time of your life within minutes . Whether you seek deep tissue relaxation or a slippery sexy happy ending massage, Secret Tantric has what you need. And we know how to give it to you!  Call us today to set up your appointment. You will not regret it!

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