Want to know how to Prepare for a Sensual Massage?

Read on to learn how to prepare for a sensual massage. It’s not complicated preparing for a sensual massage, though it helps to first know what one is. It has many names and is often referred to as tantric therapy or erotic massage. Primarily it’s an act of pleasure, also known to improve the connection and intimacy issues between the two people. It really depends on what you desire to acquire from the massage therapy.

If you’ve been having intimacy issues with your partner, getting sensual massage therapy from one another can be an experiment in bed that might turn into something pleasurable. Or if you’ve been working hard and feel like relieving some stress off your shoulders, you could book an appointment any time and call for a Secret Tantric masseuse to provide some tantric therapy in London. Our professionally trained tantric therapists provide in massage in Mayfair, massage in Baker Street and massage in South Kensington. They know how to make every muscle in your body relieve itself of stress and will awaken your sexual energy.

But, there’s one crucial thing to remember, and that is the motive behind a sensual massage. It must always be a pleasure, no matter what! If you’re planning to make it happen with your partner to have sex afterwards, it might work the first time but not the next time. If one person isn’t giving and the other receiving, tantric massage therapy will never work!

How does sensual massage help?

As mentioned above, sensual massages could help with sexual issues, but how? As you might already know, touch can make or spoil the mood. If she/he feels sparks every time you touch her, then the connection is real, and your sex life can blossom. But, if the sense of touch goes absent, there might be an issue of boredom or repetitive techniques happening in bed. To revive that sense of touch, it’s believed that sensual massages are extremely helpful in producing positive results.

Additionally, there are multiple health benefits connected to sensual massage. Even if it’s not a partner providing the therapy , it could prove helpful for your body. Especially for sore muscles, and stress, it’s well-known that sensual massages are a good remedy!

What is the definition of a sensual massage?

It’s hard to describe an activity like sensual massage correctly, as the definition doesn’t exist! Sensual massage uses hands and the full body to either help somebody with health issues or stimulate sexual relations between two people. The massages may include physical activities like stretching, caressing, and pressing specific body parts when needed. The basic idea is to evoke the sexual feelings in a person for a better sex life and maintain healthy muscles.

Tools needed to prepare for a sensual massage?

A masseuse will provide everything for an effective sensual massage, but if you want to experiment at home, you should know what’s needed for the therapy. So, here are some of the primary tools one needed:

Whether to prepare a bed or massage table

If you’re starting out as a tantric massage therapist and want to know how to prepare before the sensual massage starts, it helps to took note of all the essential equipment needed. The list would probably be incomplete and baseless without a table or firm bed included. It’s undoubtedly the most critical tool for tantric therapy or, in fact, any other erotic massage. Hence, choosing a table should not be rushed. You must consider all relevant factors to be kept in mind for finding the right table or bed. Account for the people who will be lying there, for example, if it’s men or children you’ll be providing therapy for; so that the strength and size of the table or bed can be chosen accordingly.

One should also consider a significant point being the type of therapy they’re providing. In this case, the tables should not be too firm as it will make the client uncomfortable .

One thing you must know is that missing out on a massage table or correct bed can cost you heavy. If it’s your partner, he/she would never have the same feeling on an uncomfortable bed or table. Anybody lying on that bed or table must relax if they want to receive all the benefits you have to offer.

Choosing the right essential oil

When learning how to prepare for a sensual massage the topic of essential oil will always come in to play. A sensual tantric massage or any other erotic massage is not entirely effective without natural oil or lubrication. Adding oil heightens the whole idea of relaxation even when you’re pressurising the other person’s body parts. It should always be relaxing, and a good oil ensures a good session of sensual massage therapy. Of course, using the right techniques is essential too, but every tool, when put together, create great tantric therapy.

Now when you understand the importance of oil, it isn’t straightforward to choose one amongst so many of them. 

6 important tips to help you prepare 

Type of massage matters most when choosing the perfect oil. In this case, when providing a sensual massage, fragranced oil should create a sensual atmosphere. Masseuse generally prefer lighter oils for sensual massage.

Do not forget to consider the situation and place. If it’s the day time, and the client/partner can quickly go for a bath, try an oil absorbs quickly. But, avoid choosing a heavy oil that sticks when the client needs to dress quickly.

If it’s a regular client, you may know the fragrance he prefers. If it’s your partner, you’ll easily be able to choose an oil that matches his preference. A person feels confident if they smell as they want! Make sure that you’re aware of the allergic situations of the person on the table.

If you use an oil that’s allergic, the tantric therapy will immediately turn into a painful experience. Find out about any allergy’s before starting the tantric therapy.

If the person on the table has some health problems, you may want to choose an oil with health beneficiary factors included in them. It will help them understand your concern and allow them to receive the full benefits of tantric massage.

Always use warm oil to room temperature so as not to shock the receiver. A common practice is warming oil in your hands before applying it to the body.


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