Practicing tantra sex in London

The London Tantra Guide by Secret Tantric London focuses on the origins of tantra sex and how it’s practiced in London. The popularity of tantra in London increases daily and has created a significant phenomenon over the last four decades. Unfortunately, the version of Tantra gaining most popularity in London is a twisted version of the original. Many philosophers believed Westerners weren’t ready to grasp the whole truth. They believed they practised a lite version of Tantra, often claimed to be Tantra-lite or Tantra-Zero.

Table of Contents

1. What’s London Tantra?

2. The reality of Tantra?

3. What does it mean by Tantric sex?

4. What is a London Tantrika?

5. How to become a London Tantric?

6. About Tantric sex?

7. How to practise Tantric sex?

8. How to perform Tantra by yourself ?

9. How to live the London Tantric life?

1. What’s London Tantra?

Everyone can imagine what enters their mind when they hear the term ‘tantric sex’ but in reality, it’s more meaningful than mere sex. Tantra is a way of life, an enlightened trail for South Asian people but for most Londoner’s it’s sex. Being Tantra in London is mostly based on eroticism and the methods are nothing more than scripted sexual methods. Tantra is something far greater than sex and eroticism, it’s an enlightened way to live life. However, its London modification is usually moulded towards the sexual path and practices erotica.

2. The reality of Tantra?

Contrary to alternative beliefs, most tantra therapists in London believe the cosmos are Godly. Disconnecting from conscious reactions of the mind, body, and all materialistic aspects is key to reaching the divine. Tantra, in contrast, comes via an old traditional Indian practise, which goes further back than the Vedas. Authentic tantric studies say we’re made of heavenly things, and our touch and thoughts are its manifestos. By delving deep into these aspects, we can grasp the godly and understand these sexual methods.

3. What does it mean by Tantric sex?

Tantra intensifies feelings and increases probable benefits. Sex triggers a highly fierce state of mind, and utilising Tantric methods will enhance the feeling. The varied methods guide you down a path of enlightenment to alter your conscious state and awaken erotic energy. It’s vital to note that Tantric sex is merely a spin-off of the heightened feelings offered through Tantric intercourse.

4. What does London Tantrika mean?

A person proficient in practising Tantra in London is a Tantrika or tantric therapist. Many people use the terms Tantrik for males and Tantrika for females, with in-depth understanding of Tantra in London.

Historical tantric studies say a Tantric needs to learn Tantra from a Guru. Unfortunately, many London Tantra therapists have no background of tantric lineage and only teach sex. They used the term for financial gain, and offered courses for students in London without Tantric origins.

5. How to be a Tantric therapist in London?

Being a tantric therapist in London may seem like a great idea but understand that practising tantra in London is difficult. Taking a puritanical direction isn’t easy; you have to forsake every desire and remain focused on the Divine. A London Tantric maintains daily life whilst remaining engaged with their emotions, body, and spirit.

Tantra spirituality is key

Practising Tantra in the bedroom casts a positive impact on the sexual life of individuals; it intensifies the bliss and keeps it steamy. The erotic acts are so good that it’s easy to not remember its higher meaning. To develop into a London tantric therapist, practising spirituality is essential. A London Tantric understands that fulfilling fantasies isn’t important and search God in all moments.

6. About Tantric sex?

As we provide complete focus, and seek out for God, we naturally become a part of Tantric sexuality. However, tantric sex offers something unique and different to ordinary sex. The internal forms of a men and women symbolises contradicting elements. Joining them through an erotic unification represents the integration of internal contradictory elements. An erotic unification represents the final objective of Tantra. To obtain a higher level of consciousness, it’s imperative to rise above contradictions in life. Contradictions like better and worse, full and empty, good and bad, heavy and light, and so on.

The Tantric unification

To make Tantra work, integration of these contradictions is a necessity. It’s critical to understand that everyone has a Yin inside Yang and vice versa. This means that despite being opposite, they aren’t opposed to each other. In Tantric lovemaking between two individuals of the opposite gender, both the male and female participants are Godly. Erotic unification portrays the inner integration of various internal aspects of Tantra. During tantric lovemaking these individuals portray an intimate union which plays a vital role in Tantric. It can either portray sex or the act itself. Worshiped widely in South Asia, the shivalingam embodies this erotic unification.

The dilution of tantra in London

The British and other European countries left out the divine instructions that symbolised Tantra. London teachers thought up tempting sex acts and gave lessons with Tantric principles but forgot the spiritual side. Their focus remained on the erotic aspects of Tantra rather than its basic ascetic ideas. Translating verses of Tantra to English was popular in London during Victorian times. Their interpreters concentrated on the erotic aspects and behaviours written within the verses. They ignored the symbols that were spiritually inclined towards the unification of contradictions. They fed London citizens a sexually improvised version of Tantric literature without spirituality. During recent times, teachers in London have spread the original verses via an improved interpretation.

Unleashing the fruits of tantra

To learn about the background of Tantric enlightening, you must study the historical origins of Tantra. You need to focus towards its spiritual aspects, rather than the sexual ones. We don’t want you to give up Tantra sex but want you to understand that sex isn’t essential when practising Tantra in London. The most loved Tantric maithuna ritual requires rehearsing of sex through sexual unification. Visualisation and meditation are the only way to unleash the real fruits of Tantra.

7. How to practise tantric sex?

If looking for the ultimate critical element to Tantra sex, then spiritual enlightening is the answer. Londoners must develop their own way of divine intercourse and create Tantric spirituality during the act.

Some helpful tips:

  • Have a private room or area in London cleaned up and ready for Tantric sex
  • Use scented candles and incense to create the perfect environment
  • Play light music that turns up the mood
  • Start with meditation to join with the inner soul of your lover
  • Detach yourself from self-centric thoughts
  • Ask God to stay within during the Tantric sex
  • Keep peace in mind and treat your companion as a God
  • Enjoy comfortable lovemaking with your lover

Tantric energy control

While having Tantric sex, males ideally hold back climax. In some cases, men don’t climax during Tantric lovemaking or rest until their partner has achieved many Tantric orgasms. It usually takes around 30 minutes of intercourse before climax to truly benefit from Tantra. Tantra suggests lots of helpful methods to assist males in preventing release. Tantra helps men experience full-body orgasms without the release. Various Tantric methods help females obtain many orgasms. It lengthens orgasms and enables multiple simultaneous orgasms.

When the flow of erotic energy becomes too intense, it’s imperative to remove it from your intimate parts up the vertebrae towards the crown chakra. You can find the crown chakra located 20cm above the crown head. By developing bliss control, you remain present when the chakra opens and can meditate throughout lengthy orgasms. When tired of tantric sex, rest back and notice the changes happening in your anatomy. Thank your companion and the God you shared the experience with.

8. How to perform Tantra by yourself in London?

For any person, it’s helps to understand how to perform Tantra in London without a companion or lover. For men, practising London Tantra can help them develop bliss discipline. Also, for females, self-pleasure can help them understand various ways to obtain orgasm by exploring their body.

Explore your whole body

When practising alone in London, focus on divine elements, not just the erotic aspects. After setting up the divine context, touch your skin in a variety of ways. Remain in the present and observe how you feel. Now move your focus to other areas which provide the most sensual feelings. Remember not to rush towards the intimate parts, keep exploring your anatomy and focus on feelings within the midriff.

Controlling the energy

If the excitement becomes too much, stop for a while and let the energy move from your privates to the heart. Remain mindful and feel the energy flowing up within your body as your inner male and female sides begin to merge. Focus on your inner-self to accumulate erotic energy as you take on your crown chakra. Observe the energy rising up your vertebrae as the intimate unification moves towards your chakra. After feeling exhausted, you can calm down through meditation. Now, pay attention to changes happening within your anatomy and thank God for the heavenly experience.

9. How to live the London Tantric life?

To receive comprehensive benefits from Tantric sex in London, you need to make the practice a way of life. Pay attention to the essential elements of tantric therapy, namely meditation, hatha yoga and mantras. Using these methods helps men master control over ejaculation. Having it once will provide limited benefits, while a commitment can offer you many.

The more you give to Tantra; the more benefits you’ll reap.

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