Yoni massage can make your Woman Squirt

This article will teach you how to make a woman squirt. This practice is commonly known as the tantric yoni massage or lesbian massage and was popularised by the School Of Squirt. It is a fantasy of many women to get an orgasm so hard that they start squirting and a fantasy of many men to make a woman squirt. Sadly, many women are not able to squirt due to the lack of sensual stimulation they get from their partners.

A lesbian or Yoni massage is one of those techniques that can unleash your sexual potential in unimaginable ways. Yoni massage therapy has worked well for a lot of women, and it has great potential for you. But as a masseuse, how can you make a woman squirt? This guide will help you get through a ten-step process that can help you unleash the best effects of a sensual massage and make the women squirt.

The 10 step process to make women squirt

1. Communicating with the Masseuse

The first and the most important part of learning how to make a woman squirt is communication. The communication of the giver and the receiver before beginning the massage session is of vital importance. To connect to the body of the receiver, stay in the present with all your senses. Yoni massage involves worshiping of the female genitals, and when you are present physically and mentally, she will open up to you much quicker. So, whilst you have decided to provide a Tantric lesbian massage, you need to ask her how she feels throughout the session. Remain caring and remain involved so that a complete pleasure is experienced by the owner of the vagina, aka the receiver. In a Yoni massage, communication plays an important role. Every vagina and their needs and very different. It’s of great importance to know what is working for her and what you should avoid.  It is not necessarily about communicating through words, make sure to keep an open eye and watch her body language. Try to get signs from her face, neck, eyes, and look to see if she is enjoying what you’re doing to her. To make the massage effective, do whatever you can with a selfless attitude to establish a connection.

2. Receiver’s attitude to Tantric Massage

To get the most out of sensual massage therapy, you need to make way for the upcoming experiments. Something new is going to happen as a massage therapy can be once in a lifetime experience. A receiver needs to surrender to the giver. Trust is a crucial element in making or breaking the way for upcoming orgasms. A professional masseuse will highly recommend that you keep full trust in your partner during a Yoni massage experience. As it can turn out to be a magical and unforgettable memory due to the level of satisfaction it’s known to produce. Some women like to dominate and don’t enjoy surrendering to the giver. Receiving an erotic lesbian massage requires you to trust the giver with what they have to offer. With the complete surrender of the recipient you will never know how to make a woman squirt. It’s not about sexual preferences; it’s about the massage. Yoni massage works best when you set yourself free from any thoughts other than what the giver tells you to concentrate on. Exploring your body differently provides a great way to learn about your sexual desires. Don’t set yourself a goal to only squirt, enjoy the process, and you will be blessed with amazing results.

3. Setting up the massage environment

Before beginning with the massage, it’s crucial to set up the whole environment. The environment of the place where you receive massages can enhance your massage experience significantly. So, the most important part is to have a private space. Dim the lights and decorate your space with brightly coloured objects. Add scented candles and play some light music to create a sensual feeling. As a whole, one must feel when entering your space. Another important aspect is which oil you choose for the massage. Natural organic oil is much preferred. The fragrance of coconut oil, olive oil, sesame oil, and other natural oils won’t distract from your comfort zone. You can rely on natural lubrication in the vaginal areas in case you feel irritation due to oil. It’s important to keep towels and sheets at hand during a G-spot orgasm as women can lose a lot of liquid when squirting. Squirting during sensual massage therapy signifies you’ve attained the ultimate pleasure experience.

4. Tantric Warm-up Ritual

Tantric massage involves the deep connection of the involved partners; thus, meditation is one of the essential elements in a Yoni massage session. Throughout the process, you need to invite healing energies. It helps your mind break free from any stress, fear, anxiety, and ready for what the session has to offer. One way to start is crossing your legs, with your face towards each other. Hold your partner’s hands and focus on yourself. Picture your hearts melting together and feel the inner strength of your body. There are a variety of rituals associated with erotic massages and your masseuse will use the rituals that help build the best connection.

5. Connect your breathing

Connected breathing is an essential part of learning how to make a woman squirt. Breathing helps connect two souls. Prior to beginning the massage, hold your partner’s hand and thank your partner for their presence and openness. Synchronise your breathing pattern with a tantric breathing technique. It helps improve blood circulation and relieve stress. Tantric breathing multiplies the effect of a yoni lesbian massage.

6. Awakening the Yoni

As a giver your actions are extensions of your breath and heart and will help you stay connected. After connecting to your partner’s soul, you can get started with the Yoni massage session. The receiver must lie down naked, close her eyes and fully submit to the giver. The giver will then slowly start the tantric massage. It is advisable to start slow, as slow movements help in awakening the senses. Now, start moving your hands towards the body of the receiver. You need to touch the body in a variety of ways to enhance the sensual effect of the massage. Other than hand, you can use fur, handballs, feathers, nails, and fingertips then play around with the intensity in which you perform. Go soft sometimes, and jump to strong movements, sometimes slow and sometimes fast. Many times, the giver prefers to give Aromatherapy. For the beginning of the Yoni massage session, you need to create stimulation in every way possible.

7. Use oil before any Yoni Tantric Massage

Once the receiver feels that her erotic senses are aroused, you can continue to give the lesbian massage and release the receiver’s tension completely. You do not need to continue with one particular massage. Adding some spice with other known massages and it will deliver great pleasure. Even if you are not good with a specific sensual massage, just keep plying your hands all over her body. Be creative and carefully massage the arms, neck, back, feet, etc. of the receiver. Once you’ve finished worked on other body parts move on to a breast massage as this will help create immense pleasure and relaxation. You can gently squeeze the breasts upwards towards the nipples or massage around in the same direction to help remove knots. Closely watch the receiver’s reaction and do more of what they appreciate. So long as you are attentive to the receivers needs, it’s hard to fail.

8. Yoni Massage – The Lesbian Massage for Women

Step 1 Heart-Yoni connection

Now on to the exciting part where you will fully learn how to make a woman squirt. This massage is not only about worshiping the vagina and that breasts would have no role in the process. To stay connected to the heart, you need to stay connected with the breasts. A great breast massage can be a great way to keep your partner calm and connected. If you massage the breasts correctly then the receiver will be ready for more intimacy. You can then move towards the inner thighs and hips. Many women are stiff near the public bone area. Be gentle, and before touching the vagina, ask for permission. After receiving permission, make sure her yoni is wet and gently inset your middle finger. Aske her to squeeze your finger with her yoni muscles and when she relaxes slowly insert your finger a little deeper. Now pause and let her enjoy the feeling as more is can be less.

Step 2 From outside to inside

Start with a massage in Labia majora (the outer lips of the vulva) and make sure to use lubricants. The clitoris also wants attention, it is the most sacred spot in the women’s body, and it’s the easiest way for a woman to reach orgasm. Now gently massage the Labia minora (the inner lips) with one finger in a circular motion and explore. Using two fingers move your finger around in a circular motion and feel the walls of her yoni. Watch out for any signs of pain and help the receiver overcome this with synchronised breathing. Prepare for a long journey as this part of the massage can last for 20 minutes.

Step 3 Squirting

Now that you’ve followed the instructions above and filled the receiver with pleasure, it’s time to make your women squirt. For this, take your index finger along with the middle finger and insert them in the vagina with the palm of your hand facing upwards. On entering the vagina’s upper entrance wall, feel for a spongy area. This is the G-spot. You can persuade it to swell through an up and down movement. Keep pressing the G-spot firmly and the movements will lead to a massive ejaculation of liquids. This ejaculation is termed as squirting. Note: Clitoris orgasms are the shortest and most superficial orgasms that can occur in a woman’s body. To unleash the full potential of orgasmic power in a woman keep focused on all parts of her body.

9. The ultimate orgasm

Providing the ultimate orgasm depends on what a woman likes. It’s not only about how to make a woman squirt. There is no one rule for Yoni massage as every woman has their own preferences. There are a variety of ways in which a woman can orgasm. G-spot stimulation, clitoris stimulation, a magical area in the inner entrance of the vagina, the entrance of the uterus, and pleasure zone in the cervix. Combined, they provide long-lasting multiple orgasms in a woman’s body. At peak orgasm some women feel exhausted after they’ve squirted whilst others may still be aroused and want more from the massage. Sometimes, women need arousal in deeper sections near the cervix so pay great attention to the needs of the receiver. To stimulate the cervix, you must go deeper inside the yoni. The cervix holds the power of multiple orgasms and most women who’ve experienced this orgasm will agree that it provides the most pleasure. Never dive straight inside the entrance but begin by playing around with the A-spot of woman’s vagina. Make use of your little or ring finger and stimulate in every possible way to ensure the strongest orgasms. It’s not always possible to access the woman’s cervix because it’s located very deep inside her vagina. If this is the case, make use of dildos to stimulate her yoni. Mix it up and pay special attention to both the A-spot and the G-spot. Stimulating the cervix can sometimes be uncomfortable so massaging the clitoris may help and when combined can produce mind-blowing orgasms. Discover everything possible and make use of all pleasure zones in her body. There’s a lot unknown to both of you.

10. The Yoni Tantric Massage aftercare

Now you understand how to make a woman squirt, it’s important that you focus on the aftercare. To provide the perfect ending to the massage, end with the capping method again. Left hand over the vagina and the other one placed on her heart. Stagnation is something you have to avoid and keeping her focus on the mental energies is quite important. After heavy Yoni session it’s important to relax the sexual energies and give her mind and body peace. Now give the receiver some time to recover and recuperate. A heavy Yoni session can be very tiring. Click the link below if you would like to book a  with a gorgeous Secret Tantric masseuse. I hope you enjoyed this article and good luck spoiling your partner. Master this and she will be yours for keeps.


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