How to give tantric penis massage aka lingam massage

So you want to know how to give tantric penis massage, otherwise known as a lingam massage, then read on. Tantric penis massage is an erotic massage especially designed for the penis. It requires the complete devotion of the partners to achieve orgasms. It takes a lot of trust to give full control of your body parts to someone else. The art of penis massage is not just about bringing your man to orgasm; instead it focuses on providing extreme pleasure. A certified Tantra practitioner can add unique pleasure experiences and help strengthen your intimate relationships. However, in this article, we will cover the whole process of providing the tantric massage so that you can practice with your partner at home.

What is a lingam massage?

Lingam massage is a traditional tantric penis massage. It has roots from Germany, and it is a beautiful way of worshipping cock. It is one of the most loved erotic massage techniques. The sensual massage helps in reducing stress and underlying issues of a relationship like self-esteem and sexuality. For females, the yoni massage approach might be considered as an equivalent. Penis massage aims to enhance pleasure experiences and provides multiple waves of orgasms through the massage. Lingam massage is the best practice to honour the penis. The process of tantric penis massage combines the feelings of relaxation and well-being.

What are the various benefits of giving Lingam massage?

As a whole, the tantric penis massage offers a lot of benefits. Partners who want to explore the benefits of lingam massage can refer to these key benefits list.

  • Tantric massage increases the sensitivity of the penis that may have been reduced through increased sexual activity or extensive masturbation
  • Lingam massage helps in providing your partner with an intense sexual pleasure
    Penis massage increases sexual stamina significantly
  • The sensual massage of the penis helps men practice ejaculation control to hold themselves for a longer duration
  • Tantric penis massage allows you to connect to the soul of your partner
  • The lingam massage can cure problems related to premature ejaculation

Steps to perform a Lingam massage properly?

Now that you’ve learnt the benefits of this massage, now it’s time to learn how to give tantric penis massage. Lingam massage can be performed in two different ways. The receiver can perform tantric massage on their own through tantric masturbation, or it can be performed with the partner. You can follow the instructions listed below to complete tantric masturbation correctly. In the entire session, you can keep talking to your partner with a soft voice. Make sure to compliment them for the parts they touch which you like. This will help improve the results of this sensual massage.

Step 1: Set up the scene

Set up the environment in a private room. Use scented candle lights, turn on relaxing music, and anything else that can create an exotic atmosphere in the room. Most prefer to start the session using a natural massage oil and warm it a little so as not to shock the skin with cold oil. Privacy is the key to pleasure, as in this case, you won’t get distracted from external events happening around you. Now you can relax and trust your partner with the rest of the process.

Step 2: Foreplay before getting to the targeted areas

Start with getting relaxed. Ask your partner to lie down, facing upwards, and gently close their eyes. Warm the oil in hands and spread it on the body parts of your partner slowly. Make sure to rub their body with the perfect blend of love and care. Feel it like you have never done before, try to explore every part of the body. Foreplay has a crucial role in any sexual act, even when the tantric massage is not involved. So, slow down and spend time on developing an emotional connection.

Step 3: Start the tantric penis massage

Now, as you have completed the foreplay session, it’s time to move towards the target penis part. Make sure that you get oil or lube in your hands before you start massaging the penis. To begin with, think about giving a hand-job, but go slow and break down some actions. Going faster can make your partner reach orgasms before time.

Cradle the balls of your partner, and give him a massage in between the testicles. Rub the perineum region while gently stroking his shaft.
Now focus your concentration on the head of the penis for a while. Use one hand as a juicer and move the other hand, gently up and down the shaft.
Get some oil in your fingers, and put his cock in between your laced fingers. Keep a firm grip and make up and down movements firmly.
Now, place your interlaced hands over the cornea. Firmly, bring your fingers down slower than the last time.

To intensify orgasm, you will need to use a variety of techniques. You can vary your grip from hard to light; by using one hand one time and then both hands — alternate rhythm, pressure, speed, and methods. If you keep a check on these variables, you will soon be able to provide a much better form of penis massage.

Step 4: Make your love experience the full-body orgasm and do not let him climax

When your partner gives full control over his body to you, make sure to give his penis the love that it deserves. The sensations from the massage might make your partner worked up, so pay close attention to your partner’s breathing patterns. Keep track if they are moaning, how their body is moving, and predict whether they are getting close to orgasm. As you watch them reach the edge, pull yourself back a little bit. Slow things down, remind them to breathe, this will help them receive waves of orgasmic pleasure. In the process, you might see the cock getting hard and semi-hard from time to time. If this happens, you are doing it well.

Step 5: Ending the penis massage

You can end the massage in two ways. Either get your partner climax with ejaculation or move ahead towards intercourse if you are both willing. On the other hand, you can leave your partner without a happy ending if they want to practice semen retention.


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