If your sex drive is a bit limp, you need our tips on how to boost your libido with a tantric massage! There are many ways to improve a sluggish libido and Secret Tantric can help. A tantric massage is truly the gift that keeps on giving! The benefits go well beyond the time you’ll spend with the gorgeous masseuse of your choice. Get out of your rut and into the soft, skilled hands of a beautiful masseuse today!

How to Boost Your Libido with a London Tantric Massage

The human libido can be elusive! Sometimes we walk around thinking of nothing but getting off and other times our desire dries up like an ancient desert. How and when your libido swings from lush to arid can’t always be predicted, however, the libido is influenced by many factors: 

  • age
  • illness 
  • medication 
  • hormone levels
  • diet
  • exercise
  • sleep 
  • stress

Many of these factors can be managed and maintained with lifestyle changes and healthy sexual habits. Here are our top tips on how to boost your libido, Tantric Massage is at the top of the list!


We’ve said it before, and we will say it again: some of our most satisfied clients are the ones that have made tantra  part of their self-care routine. Seeing a professional masseuse on the regular has many benefits for body and mind that can boost your libido:

  • A session with a gorgeous tantric therapist is something to look forward to in these trying times, promoting your overall mood which is a contributing factor to your sex drive 
  • It will be great fantasy fodder both leading up to your session and afterwards. Those memories are all yours!
  • Discreet, safe physical contact and impeccable hygiene make it a worry-free experience which means you can focus and be in the moment
  • Press your libido’s re-set button with an incredible new experience from our extensive massage menu
  • Get your blood pumping and your endorphins flowing with the sensual ministrations of one of our stunning masseuses 

Use it or lose it

One thing that research has confidently proven for many decades is that libido is somewhat of a use-it-or-lose-it function. This means that in the absence of accessing your sexual energy, you can lose your appetite for it. This is not to say that the answer is to become a sex addict or have an unrealistic, unhealthy relationship with pornography. No, the objective of use-it-or-lose-it is to find ways to incorporate sex and sexuality into your life in a sustainable way. The use-it-or-lose-it concept can be especially pertinent as we age. We hear a lot about women and menopause but the fact remains that men also go through a later-life change as well. Hormone fluctuations and a natural decrease in testosterone can make your libido erratic or underwhelming. How our bodies change as we age can also have a significant psychological impact, a factor in libido that cannot be overlooked. 

Give yourself a hand

Regularly stimulating your libido doesn’t sound like much of a task, does it? For most men this would not be a chore, though for others it can be hard to find the time or energy to pursue desire. Your career, family, hobbies, responsibilities, the crushing weight of the state of the world; these are all stressors that can be off-set through self-pleasure. If you are single or coupled, masturbation is a simple and effective tool for maintaining a lively libido. Recent research suggests that people in relationships masturbate (alone) 8-10 times per month, on average. This is only half of what their single counterparts are doing with 4-5 faps per week! Moreover, regular orgasms can help keep your hormones balanced and your prostate healthy!  

Eat for the libido you want

If you’re looking to clean out the pipes and work on your libido from the inside out, consider making some dietary changes that will contribute to your sense of desire and sexual function. Not surprisingly, a poorly balanced diet that lacks fundamental nutrition in lieu of fats, salt, alcohol and sugar will do nothing to improve your libido. Instead, seek out the following foods for an extra libido lift:

  • Beef – yes, you read that right! The saturated fats in beef are a primary part of the structure of sex hormones like testosterone, an essential ingredient in your libido.
  • Good fats and Omegas – If beef isn’t on the menu for you, fatty fishes like mackerel and salmon, as well as avocados, all bring heart-healthy libido increasing nutrition to the table.
  • Ginseng, ginko and garlic – good circulation means that your healthy libido doesn’t go to waste because of a lack of blood flow. Choose flavour-rich foods like onions, garlic, ginger, turmeric. Supplemental herbs like ginseng and ginko biloba, also contain compounds for healthy, oxygenated blood, and elevated mood.
  • Pomegranate – some say it wasn’t an apple that tempted Eve, but a pomegranate. These provocative, ancient fruits are known to bolster testosterone levels in men and women alike. This makes them one of the hardest working libido positive foods.
  • Dark Chocolate and Red Wine – anti-oxidants abound in these common treats making them a good choice, in moderation, for a healthy libido.
  • Spice things up – spicy foods like chilli peppers and other warming spices like cardamom, cinnamon and black pepper, promote circulation and will make you sweat, a strategy of the body for sharing enticing pheromones.

Skip the indulgent “aphrodisiacs” 

So called “aphrodisiacs” are foods that are considered to have inherently arousing qualities. Most typical aphrodisiacs  like oysters, champagne and caviar are hard on your wallet and do little to nothing for your sex drive. Alcohol inhibits circulation. Oysters are mostly placebo effect and are more potently erotic because of their shape than anything else. And caviar isn’t the worst, but it’s very expensive and all it’s healthy properties are negated by the blini and creme fraiche its so often served with! Long story short, don’t bank on these “magically” erotic foods. Stick to healthy fare most of the time and enjoy a treat periodically.

Work on your self image

Confidence can play a part in your libido. If you are feeling down about yourself or doubting your value, your sex drive can really take a hit. In turn, a lower drive can make you feel less desirable, increasing apathy or frustration towards sexual pleasure. That frustration can manifest as sexual dysfunction, dissatisfaction and disappointment. Luckily, this negative cycle can be broken. Speaking with a doctor, therapist or counsellor can help you re-frame negative self-image issues and gain confidence. Additionally, many clients of Secret Tantric have shared that they felt a renewed sense of vigour and confidence after a session with one of our masseuses. There’s nothing wrong with seeking affirmation and validation in the company of strangers. Having an intimate and emotionally safe experience with a friendly professional can do wonders for the ego and help you reconnect with your masculinity and sexuality.

When to check in with your physician

Libido is very personal and specific to you and your body/brain chemistry. What affects your libido may be different than someone else, or may differ from what is described here. That’s okay! What’s important is that you know what your ‘normal’ is and that you share concerns and questions with your doctor. Likewise, if you think your libido is affecting your mental health check in with your physician. There is absolutely no shame in a man’s libido changing and no reason not to include your doctor. 


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