Adult massage is often thought of as something sleazy or inappropriate. When it’s just a unique kind of massage with an erotic element, erotic massages can be wonderful to explore together as a couple. They are a great way to deepen intimacy and strengthen your relationship. If you’re looking for something different to do on date night, consider giving a sexy adult massage.

Intimacy is a cornerstone of every relationship

Intimacy is the level of closeness between two people. It is developed from vulnerability, trust, and openness. Intimacy is essential, and all relationships are incredibly romantic and long-term ones. It’s necessary to take time to nourish and improve intimacy in your relationships so that they are more robust. Bringing you and your lover closer together will help you feel better about each other and yourselves.

You want to improve the intimacy in your relationship because it is the best way to ensure it remains strong and healthy. Don’t let your relationship grow weak and brittle. If you feel you and your partner are drifting apart or aren’t feeling that spark like you used to, it’s time to feed that intimacy. A little effort goes a long way, and you may be surprised by how much you enjoy the process.

Three intimacy types you can strengthen

Many types of intimacy exist, but adult massage works best for about three different varieties. Physical, emotional, and spiritual intimacy can all be increased and strengthened with an erotic massage. These kinds of intimacy help improve intimacy overall and encourage your relationship to last longer and be healthier. Yes, it’s as simple as spending time together, massaging each other’s bodies and letting the erotic energy lead you to exciting places. Imagine an afternoon or evening of touching each other all over. That will deepen your relationship and bring you closer than ever.

Physical intimacy through adult massage

An adult massage is a great way of increasing physical intimacy between you and your lover. It’s up close and personal. You’ll learn about their body and how they react and respond to specific touches. You’ll see every physical flaw and the strength of their body. It’s a profoundly intimate act, allowing someone to touch you while nude. There is a lot of trust and vulnerability with erotic massage. Your lover trusts you to care for them and not harm them. They’re trusting you to handle their body with care and love. That physical closeness builds intimacy and trust between the two of you.

Physical intimacy is sometimes overlooked, and an adult massage is a great way of taking care of it. An hour or so of erotic massage is the perfect way to increase this intimacy and strengthen your relationship. Taking turns means that you’ll both have the chance to get to know each other’s bodies up close and personal. You both learn to trust each other and how to relax under your hands. And you’ll both learn what spots make them moan in just the right way.

Emotional intimacy and adult massage

Massages are vulnerable. It may seem like emotional intimacy and adult massage have nothing to do with each other, but they do. Getting naked in front of someone means that they see you for you and not for how you present yourself to the world. It’s a form of trust and bonding to share your nakedness with another person. You’re increasing that emotional intimacy when you respond to your lover’s nakedness with awe and worship rather than criticism or snarky remarks. You’re showing them that they can trust you with their vulnerable parts and that you acknowledge their vulnerability.

Don’t write off emotional intimacy as something that only women need! Men need emotional intimacy just as much. You may not think you do, but this intimacy helps you feel valued, loved, appreciated and admired. These are the feelings your love inspires when they thank you for a job well done or for lending a helping hand. Deepening the emotional intimacy in your relationship only strengthens it and means that you can lean on each other during hard times.

Last but not least: spiritual intimacy

You might think that you need to be religious or spiritual to think about this kind of intimacy, but it’s another way to feel close and safe with a person. This is a looser concept than physical or emotional intimacy since it can mean many things to different people. But you can deepen the connection between the two with simple breathwork during a massage. Gazing into each other’s eyes can help you feel closer. And all of this aids in spiritual intimacy.

You don’t need to have a religious debate – in fact, probably best not to since this is meant to be relaxing. Practising being in the moment, and focusing on your lover, will feed that connection. Face each other, hold hands, and do a few breaths together. Let feelings wash over you and through you without judgment. This kind of intimacy is special, unique, and a great thing to let happen naturally.

Why bother with any of this and not just have sex?

If it seems like an adult erotic massage is a too much work, you won’t get the deep intimacy and strength a relationship needs to last. Taking the time to care for your lover means that you are thinking about and caring for them. This makes people feel valued and wanted. You like to feel those ways – help your partner feel that way.

It means a lot for people when you take the time to plan out something unique and then execute it well. An erotic massage is perfect for planning and making something special for your partner. Remember to make it all about them and their pleasure, not about you and what you want.

This doesn’t mean you don’t have sex at all. It’s a very natural thing for erotic massage to roll into. But don’t negate all the wonderful things an adult massage can bring to your relationship.

So, what is an adult massage exactly?

Adult massages are also called erotic massages. These sensual massages include every part of the body – yes, every aspect of the body. They’re hot and sexual, titillating and seductive. They turn you on, slow you down, soothe and take care of your body. Erotic massages still use many of the same techniques as a traditional massage, so you get an actual massage during this time. It’s not just a fifteen-minute rub down and then a quick orgasm. An authentic, excellent erotic massage takes care of your whole body and leaves you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Giving an erotic massage

You’re all ready to give a fabulous adult massage. So what do you need to do to prepare for it?

Get some premium massage oil. Make sure to avoid any allergens and get a scent you both enjoy. Warm it up if you can.

Make the bed if you’re giving the massage in the bedroom. You can put down an extra sheet or fluffy towels to protect your mattress from the massage oil.

Study a few massage techniques. There are lots of great articles all about how to give a massage. Don’t overcomplicate it for yourself, and stick to simple movements.

Go slow. Take your time. This isn’t something to speed through and get to the sex part as quickly as possible. Your lover will feel taken advantage of rather than pampered and loved on.

What are some of the sexiest moments of your relationship? The hottest ones? The ones that you wish you could experience all over again? Think about those things and draw on them to inspire the mood.

Decide if you want to aim for extremely hot and sexy or softer and sensual. You can’t go wrong either way. Cater your music towards whichever side you prefer. Set the lighting just right. And don’t forget the temperature of the room.

Let your lover transition from the daily grind to being here with you. A great way to set the mood is with flirting and a moment of relaxing before you begin. A glass of wine, a nice meal, whatever works best for you both.

Take the lead. Help your lover undress with searingly hot kisses if you want to turn up the heat. Or keep it sensual with soft and gentle touches as you caress their skin.

Enjoying your intimate adult massage

The best thing you can do for your adult massage is to take your time. Don’t rush it. Please don’t make it seem like a chore. You want to spend time lingering on different parts of your lover’s body. Anywhere that makes them feel good, whether sexually or muscle tension relieving. Spend time massaging out knots and sore spots, then massaging sensitive areas and teasing that heat.

Listen to your partner and check in with them. Make sure they’re still enjoying themselves all the way through.

Have an excellent time yourself. Don’t restrain yourself from giving little kisses here and there or fondling your lover a bit. This is all about giving them a wonderful experience, but it is an erotic one. Let yourselves enjoy the sexual energy that can crackle between you. The light that sparks and embraces it.

A fabulous ending, no matter what

Let the massage lead you to where ever it goes. Don’t pressure yourself or your lover to do anything afterwards if it feels wrong. Maybe one orgasm is enough, or no orgasms. Perhaps you’ll both want to have sex or just cuddle. Whatever you do will help continue bonding and deepening intimacy, so don’t stress. You can let your partner take the lead and see what feels right to them.

Going in with no expectations means no one’s feelings get hurt, and you will have a wonderful time, no matter the results.

In the end, take care of your relationship

Your relationship isn’t all about you. It takes two to do one work. Don’t let your partner be the only one putting effort and time into it. Go the extra mile and take care of your lover too. Set up a lovely massage and help them feel relaxed and pampered for an evening. The more you take care of your relationship, the more it will take care of you in return and the longer it will last. We all want healthy, long-lasting relationships. So use the fantastic tool of adult massage to keep yours going for years to come.

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