Adult massage is a little different from traditional massage. From the sexy and flirty atmosphere to the beautiful masseuses that take care of you, adult massages come with their own unique elements. There are many different kinds of adult massage, which can be a little confusing. Let’s explore different kinds and all of the wonderful characteristics they have.

Adult massage is unique

Adult massage differs from traditional massage because it includes some erotic elements. Many of these massages can end with a happy ending. The inherent sexuality of these massages makes them okay only for adults. But they are still beautiful massages, and your masseuse will take care of you from beginning to end.

There are many different kinds of adult massages. Whether you’re looking for something calming and sensual or soothing and therapeutic, there are plenty to choose from. But how do you know which is which and what is best for you and your body?

Sensual vs Therapeutic

Sensual adult massages bring you sexual pleasure. While all adult massages can technically do this, sensual erotic massages have this as their main focus. Soapy massages are a great example of this. They’re all about getting naked and wet with your masseuse and having a flirty and fun time. Sensual massages are all about making your body feel good sexually and erotically.

Therapeutic massages are adult massages that focus on healing the body. They may have more intense massage techniques, such as a Swedish massage, or incorporate breathing techniques like a tantric massage. Therapeutic massages are great if you are experiencing some pain, muscle tension, or stress. These massages will feel great, be sexy, and leave your body rejuvenated.

Which to go with?

Depending on what you want to get out of a massage will influence what type of massage you decide to get. If you’re looking for a highly erotic and sexy time, stick with more sensual massages. You’ll get the exact kind of experience you’re looking for. Your gorgeous masseuse will take care of you from beginning to end and leave you feeling satisfied.

If you want to have your body worked on and taken care of, a therapeutic massage might be for you. These massages can be just as sexy as sensual ones, but your masseuse will work on your whole body. They may use just their hands or nude body to work all your muscles. You’ll be feeling better by the end of these kinds of massages.

So how do you know which is which?

Many massages can cross between these two categories and be sensual and therapeutic. Nuru massage is an excellent example of this. It’s a nude massage with a special seaweed gel where the masseuse uses her whole body to massage yours. It’s incredibly sensual, but the weight of the masseuse works your muscles in a whole different way. Tantric massage can also be therapeutic and sensual thanks to breathwork and meditation moments. It’s also great for assisting with things like libido and erectile dysfunction.

Read the descriptions of each kind of massage and see what sounds right for you. Try different kinds to see which fits your body and helps you feel your best. Adult massages will always be wonderfully erotic, so you can’t go wrong no matter what you choose.

The benefits of adult massage

Adult massages are fantastic because they have all the benefits of a traditional massage. They’ll help you relax, be present at the moment, and get rid of muscle tension. They’ll also help lower your blood pressure, relieve stress, and even help your emotional state. Adult massages don’t lose a single benefit just because they’re erotic. They bring a bonus benefit to the table. Because they encompass your sexuality, erotic massages work on every part of you. Nothing is forgotten or ignored. Adult massages can be healing for many people sexually. Improved libido, firmer erections, and even help with erectile dysfunction. You’re sure to get something extraordinary out of your adult massage, no matter which one you go with.

Types of adult massage

There are a lot of types of adult massage, but these are some of the most popular ones:

  • Tantric massage
  • Nuru massage
  • Four hands massage
  • Deep tissue massage

Each of these massages has their own sensual and therapeutic elements to them. They’re all beautiful massages and will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. And they all leave you feeling sexy and satisfied. But what does each one entail? Let’s explore them all a little more in-depth.

Tantric massage

Tantric massage is a unique massage that is rooted in an ancient Indian practice called tantra. This philosophical practice encourages slowing down, being present at the moment, and focusing on your whole body. Tantric massage takes some of these techniques and incorporates them into the massage. Breathwork is a common feature of tantric massage, meaning that you and your masseuse may do some breathing in sync. Or she’ll have you take deep breaths and let them out slowly. These techniques will help ground you and focus on what’s happening here and now.

Tantric massage also encourages blood and energy flow through the body. It is sometimes combined with lingam massage, which massages the penis (or yoni if you have labia and a vagina). These massages focus on removing blockages in your body and encouraging your energy to flow freely and enthusiastically. You’ll feel energised after a tantric massage and relieved of any burdens you came in with.

Nuru massage

This unique massage comes from Japan and is extremely sensual and sexy. Nuru massage uses a special seaweed-based gel to reduce friction instead of a traditional massage oil. This massage is also a body-to-body massage meaning that your masseuse will strip nude and use her entire body to massage yours. She’ll lay on top and slide up and down your whole body, massaging your muscles with her breasts, stomach, and thighs. The nuru gel will help keep things slippery and make it easy for her to move around on top of you.

This super sensual massage is an absolute delight to experience and lots of fun. From the slipperiness of the Nuru gel to the sexiness of having your masseuse rub her nude body on you, it’s something to experience at least once. There’s nothing better than having a few laughs while getting massaged by a sexy nude woman.

Four hands massage

Now if you want something truly sensual and erotic, the four hands massage is for you. This sexy massage is done with two masseuses – hence the four hands. Both masseuses work together to massage your body head to toe and work in sync to soothe all your muscles. There’s nothing better than having two stunning women work on your body simultaneously. Dressed in beautiful lingerie, or nothing at all, they’ll work together to take care of you.

You’ll get an authentic professional massage caring for your whole body. And we mean your entire body. Just imagine what a happy ending would be like at the end of this massage! You’ll be filled with sensuality and erotic energy, that’s for sure.

Deep tissue massage

If you want a very therapeutic massage, deep tissue is the way to go. This kind of massage uses firm pressure and slow strokes to massage your muscles deeply. It also massages your fascia, which is the connective tissue around your muscles. It breaks up all the little knots in your muscles and is perfect for tender spots. This great massage is typically used to treat muscle issues such as strains or sports injuries. A deep tissue massage is a great option if you’ve been feeling stiff or sore. Your body will finally feel relaxed and tension free.

These massages can still be sensual and erotic, but the main focus is making you feel as good as possible. Your masseuse will use her hands to work every soft tissue of your body, helping you let go of stress and relax. You’ll feel serene, ready to chill out and enjoy the peace settling over your mind.

Decide what you’d like to try

These four massages are all great and are going to give you a great experience no matter what. No matter whether you want to go sensual or therapeutic, you’re going to get those great benefits we talked about earlier. Try out tantra if you want something a little more spiritual and intimate or go for a Nuru massage if a body to body massage sounds like fun. Four hands is great for someone with hot fantasies while deep tissue is great for an athlete or stressed out CEO.

Try out each of these massages, and more, to see which ones make you feel the most relaxed and taken care of. You’ll get the same professional service no matter what but maybe one style over another is more appealing to you. Whatever sounds nice is what you should give a shot and enjoy yourself.


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