To experience the ultimate sensual pleasure and relaxation, look no further than Secret Tantric. Our skilled and experienced masseuses offer tantric massage services designed to awaken your senses and leave you feeling rejuvenated. Explore the four most popular tantric massages in Park Lane and provide you with a detailed overview of each massage and its benefits. So, whether you’re a first-time client or a seasoned tantric massage enthusiast, discover the perfect tantric massage in Park Lane.

Popular Massages in Park Lane


Full Body Tantric Massages

Full-body tantric massage is a deeply sanctified art form practised for centuries. As an experience, it is transformative and deeply intimate, guiding participants on a journey of exploration where they can learn to connect with their bodies and explore heightened states of pleasure. While this practice may appear secretive due to its spiritual connotations, it can offer profound levels of healing by promoting heightened sensuality, connection and self-awareness. Through meditative breathing and sensual/erotic touch techniques, both parties can tap into the power of conscious energy exchange and unlock various blockages related to sexuality, vitality and life force.

Nuru Massages

Nuru massage is an incredibly intimate and sensual experience and an absolute must for those seeking something extraordinary. Providing complete skin-on-skin contact, this unique therapy utilises special seaweed-infused gels that create a sensation of warmth and enhance the slipperiness involved during therapy. Nuru massage offers not only ultimate relaxation but also encourages emotional healing, as it can be profoundly calming on both a physical and mental level while helping to enhance feelings of trust, connection and admiration between both partners. As with all massage therapies, the particular focus of Nuru is discretion. Professional massage therapists who offer this treatment have the expertise to ensure all privacy requests are respected, allowing clients to indulge in this tantalisingly pleasurable experience without worry – perfect for a discreet getaway.

Happy Ending Massages

Happy ending massage is the ultimate forbidden pleasure, offering a discreet and intimate way for individuals to gain sensual relaxation through the touch and sensation of a massage therapist. Providing an increased level of arousal using specific techniques and techniques that can be tailored to each individual allows for physical and mental releases as well as improved overall well-being from pure indulgence. Getting lost in the pleasure and allowing yourself to experience the fullness of human touch while still maintaining your privacy makes this form of massage special; not having to worry about how you look or feel means far more than any other type of therapy. With incredibly secretive happy endings, they provide the perfect atmosphere for exploring one’s desires without feeling judged or exposed.

Aqua (Soapy) Massages

A Soapy Massage is an unforgettable experience that tantalises the body and soul. Enjoy a luxurious bath in warm, sudsy water, then move to the massage table for an invigorating session of oil bodywork. Enjoy total relaxation as your expert masseuse uses techniques from both traditional Swedish and Thai massages to ease tense muscles, stimulate circulation and improve flexibility. Enhance your pleasure with exotic oils, creams and fragrances while you luxuriate in this secretive massage ritual tailored just for you.

Our Park Lane Masseuses



Park Lane Massage with Adrianna  -Secret Tantric VIP Massage London

Location: Park Lane, Westminster

Adriana is new to the Secret Tantric team and is already a client favourite. She exudes an exotic sophistication, reminiscent of the jet-set elite, but with down-to-earth charm and warmth. This classic beauty is as at home at a black tie event as she is at a football match, making her easy to be with and always good company. Blessed with stunning good looks and an inviting personality, Adriana is a gracious companion and a passionate practitioner of the tantric arts.

Meet Adrianna



Park Lane Massage with Sara - Secret Tantric VIP Massage London

Sara has a talent for erotic massage and is blessed with a heavenly body. She knows how to expertly use her body to drive any man wild. Her obvious passion for the tantric arts comes into its own as she uses her heavenly body to maximum effect. Taking you on an erotic journey of surrender and passion it’s impossible not to become infatuated with this tantric goddess. Give yourself a treat and book Sara for an erotic massage.

Meet Sara



Park Lane Massage with Kelly - Secret Tantric VIP Massage London

Location: Park Lane, Westminster

Kelly is the whole package. She’s bright and engaging, with a sweet and seductive sexy side that makes her a lot of fun to be around. She may be young but this blue eyed redhead knows a thing or two about sensual massage and how to make a client comfortable. Kelly’s gentle nature will immediately put you at ease, while her soft and gifted hands work you over expertly. Kelly’s specialties are Nuru Massage, Aqua Massage, and Tantric massage but she is open-minded and accommodating with tons of confidence to spare!

Meet Kelly



Park Lane Massage with Natalia - Secret Tantric VIP Massage London

Searching for an erotic massage near Park Lane? Meet Natalia, a stunning Brazilian, who loves to titillate and please. Natalia is great fun to be around and has a very warm personality. Open minded and willing to please, Natalia has a naughty twinkle in her eye and will fulfil your desires. Blessed with an amazing curvaceous body and captivating looks, time spent in her company is a real treat. Spoil yourself and book a massage with Natalia

Meet Natalia



Park Lane Massage with Emilia - Secret Tantric VIP Massage London

Location: Park Lane, Westminster

Comfortable in herself, Emilia’s favourite massages are Tie & Tease, she loves to dress up and take instructions for a more submissive role. She is also a great choice for those who enjoy a slippery Nuru Massage and enjoys Four Hands massage with friends. Emilia is very open minded, she enjoys mutual massage and always wants to please. When you book an erotic massage with Emilia you can expect to be wowed. Her personality and humour are on par with her stunning good looks and her warm Brazilian charm will make you comfortable immediately.

Meet Emilia



Park Lane Massage with Barbara - Secret Tantric VIP Massage London

Location: Park Lane, Westminster

Are you looking for a sensual massage in Park Lane, Westminster? Then you’ve most certainly arrived at the right place. Meet Barbara, a gorgeous latina blonde who’s blessed with a body to die for. Her sensual personality and seductive charm will draw you into a world of sensory pleasure. Open minded and willing to please, Barbara knows how to turn up the heat and uses her extensive massage skills to enhance your pleasure.

Meet Barbara

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