Adult and erotic entertainment is an industry that is as old as civilization itself. Any large Cosmopolitan City like London will have a thriving adult entertainment scene. Wherever you go in the world you will find a corner of every flourishing city that caters to adventurous appetites and passionate proclivities.  London’s nightlife is absolutely alive with agencies just like ours providing safe and above board adult massage. Our massage menu is extensive and we offer a number of massage styles including Nuru Massage, one of the most exotic forms of intimate massage in the world.  When choosing an erotic massage, it may seem like your options are overwhelming. So how exactly does one find a genuine Nuru Massage in London?

The London massage scene

It may feel like searching for a needle in a haystack when you first set out to find a genuine Nuru Massage in London. So many massage parlours and agencies are disingenuous and unreliable when it comes to consistency. Bait-and-switch is a very common tactic in this industry, unfortunately, so it pays to know what you’re looking for and what a company really offers before you give up your time, energy, and money for a massage that may do little more than disappoint you. Secret Tantric is among London’s top tantric massage agencies but we do so much more than Tantra. We have masseuses from all over the world, some of whom are both connoisseurs and experts in Nuru Massage. Certainly anyone can go through the motions of a Nuru Massage, but a good Nuru Massage Requires Focus, finesse, and a degree of allure that very few women possess. 


What is Nuru Massage? 

Of all the forms of erotic massage, Nuru Massage stands out as One of the most stimulating. To be fully understood and appreciated, a Nuru Massage must be experienced. But in the absence of experience it can be described as a full body erotic massage made extra exciting with the presence of Nuru gel. The Nuru Massage originated in Japan and has exploded across the globe. What makes it so special is a unique Japanese  sea botanical gel made from a species of brown seaweed that flourishes off the coast of Japan. The seaweed used for Nuru gel is the same seaweed that wraps your sushi. Brimming with antioxidants and other skin nourishing qualities, Nuru gel is a fabulous body treatment while keeping your massage well lubricated. 

Why is Nuru Massage so popular?

Even though it is very popular it can be tricky to find a genuine Nuru Massage in London if you don’t know much about it.  Nuru Massage is a very popular form of erotic massage because it is so spectacular and unique. The use of the Nuru gel makes it exciting and different, as well as a highly immersive experience. Nuru Massage also remains popular because it is a form of full body massage. This means that your masseuse would use her entire body, not just her hands, to perform the massage. This is why the Nuru gel is so important and must be of such great quality.  A Nuru Massage is really an ’all in’ kind of experience, in for a penny, in for a pound, as they say. There’s no holding back with Nuru Massage which also contributes to the level of relaxation you feel afterwards. For many the relaxation benefits after the massage are just as valuable as the erotic components during it.

What makes a good Nuru Massage?

There are many components to a good Nuru Massage, one of which is privacy. At Secret Tantric all of our masseuses work from their private five star apartments which affords our clients an excellent degree of discretion and privacy.  Another defining factor of a  genuine Nuru Massage in London is the quality of the masseuses. We only work with the best and most beautiful masseuses in all of the UK, if not the world, so that is a given at Secret Tantric. For obvious reasons, the Nuru gel itself is a very important component of a good Nuru Massage and can make all the difference. High quality Nuru gel is readily available online so there is no excuse for subpar lubrication in your nuru massage.  Lastly, the enthusiasm and excitement of the masseuse will directly influence how good the Nuru Massage is. Happy masseuses make for happy clients!

Qualities of a great Nuru masseuse

We know a thing or two about incredible erotic masseuses and we happen to work with the best, most beautiful, and brightest young erotic masseuses in the United Kingdom, if not the world. We understand that an experience like a genuine Nuru Massage in London is something special  and we believe that our clients deserve the best that we can give them. An excellent Nuru masseuse will be strong, fit, and sexy. She will be enthusiastic and accommodating and will cater your experience to your needs, wants, and desires. Unlike some of our so-called competitors, our masseuses are fully trained in multiple forms of massage, human anatomy and physiology. Not only do they know and understand the human body, they know and understand the human mind, able to give you what you need on multiple levels, all in one session.

A beautiful massage by a beautiful woman

When you’re looking to find a genuine Nuru Massage in London, look no further than the Secret Tantric website. Our roster of gorgeous masseuses is not only extensive, it is varied. Whether you have a weakness for bubbly blondes, hot Brazilian bombshells, European Vixens,  or any other sort of girl, we work with all kinds. When you set up your massage appointment, we will match you to the masseuse you have chosen, provided that she gives the sort of massage you’re looking for and is in a location that works for you. Rest assured that whomever you see on your computer screen is who you will see when you arrive. We do not bait-and-switch, we have no reason to falsify the images or videos on our website. We simply have gorgeous masseuses and they are even better in person than in their pictures.

Good for your body

Nuru Massage maybe sexy and erotic, but it’s also still a massage. It’s not surprising that the biggest draw of Nuru Massage is the nudity and full body contact. But many of our clients provide feedback that confirms the massage self is still prevalent and still valuable. Yes, the session may escalate to a full body, super slippery and sensual experience, but it’s still a massage. Your aches and pains and tired muscles will still be seen and you will leave with a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation that you did not have when you arrived. Yes, we are in the business of pleasure, we are also in the business of holistic healing and improvements to the body through sensual and intentional touch. Erotic massage is an underutilized and misunderstood form of physical therapy. Your masseuse may not be a doctor, but she is still an expert!

Good for your mind

The benefits of a genuine Nuru Massage are many,  and not all of them are physical. Nuru Massage is highly relaxing and an excellent way to rid the body and mind of stress. Firstly, a Nuru Massage is 60 minutes that you have carved out of your day or your week, to spend on yourself. You may not be alone, but a session with a Nuru masseuse is a perfect example of “me time”. Self-care is more than just a buzzword, it is a practice of personal discipline and investment in yourself. Making time to relax and enjoy yourself in a Nuru massage is a completely legitimate form of self-care. And let’s remember:  self-care isn’t selfish.  It’s important to find balance in life, and for some that comes in the form of a Nuru Massage.

Good for your soul

Feeling good, feels good.  When we feel good, we do good, and we are more amenable to the goodness in others. We live in strange and difficult times. There is a lot going on in the world right now that we would all like to escape from. Everyone has their vices, the bad habits they turn to when they are feeling stressed, or wanting to get away from the pressures of life. Instead of picking up a bad habit to alleviate stress, why not try a new positive activity? Finding a genuine Nuru Massage in London may be just what you need to offset the stress, worry, and weight of your soul. Your Nuru massage does not need to be a profoundly spiritual experience, but we are absolutely confident you will leave your session feeling better, feeling lighter, feeling more alive, than when you arrived.

A massage with benefits

Of all the questions we get asked about Nuru Massage in London, the most common is by far, “is it a happy ending?”.  When people refer to happy ending massages they are referring to a massage that is completed when the client has reached climax. At Secret Tantric it’s important to us that you get your massage, your way. Technically the happy ending is always optional. However, after the better part of an hour with a sexy masseuse sliding across their body, slick with Nuru gel, very few clients say no. Luckily, here in  the UK happy ending massages are legit and above board. 

Something for everyone 

At Secret Tantric, we have clients from all walks of life, some who are residents of London, others who have travelled here for business or for pleasure. Likewise, we have clients  at all levels of ability. You may think that to enjoy a Nuru Massage in London, you’d have to be fit, sexy, or confident. Not so! Many of our clients are shy or introverted, not particularly fit, and  some are even disabled. We believe that massage is practically a human right, so our doors are open to everyone. Likewise, the majority of our clients are men, but people of all genders are welcome as clients. All of our masseuses are cisgender women,  and many of them are happy to provide massages to other women and couples. 

You get what you pay for

The adult massage industry is an area of consumerism where the customer, that’s what they pay for. Beware massage companies that advertise prices up front or whose prices appear to be significantly lower than their competitors. This is either a result of a la carte pricing which always adds up to more than you think, or they are undercutting and gouging their masseuses. Here at Secret Tantric we are all about empowering and supporting our masseuses. We only work with the best, therefore they expect that they will be treated respectfully and safely. We go to great lengths to ensure that our masseuses have everything they need to do their jobs well and to satisfy our customers. Likewise we expect our clients will treat their masseuses with the utmost respect and conduct themselves like the VIP guests that they are.

What are you waiting for?

Erotic massage is a luxury, but also an important part of your sexual health maintenance. Looking to relax? Are you touch-starved from being single? We can meet your every need.

Whether you are looking for a nuru massage or simply a full body erotic massage, we have what you want. Our girls are the most beautiful in London, if not the world! We are absolutely confident that every session you booked with us will be better than the last. No matter your reasons for booking with us, we will always leave you satisfied, to whatever degree you desire.

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