Erotic touch can be a powerful and transformative experience for those involved, but it comes with some ethical considerations. Everyone wants to ensure a safe and consensual time while having fun and enjoying themselves. Let’s explore some of the boundaries of adult massage and see how everyone can have the best time possible while keeping things respectful and ethical.

Ethics and consent

It’s a common question that comes to mind when someone brings up erotic massage. Is it ethical? And are the women consenting to what they’re doing? These are great questions and worth asking. The important answers are that yes, adult massages are perfectly ethical, and yes, women at reputable excellent agencies are consenting to what they’re doing. This is why you need to take the time to find the best agency possible for your needs. That way, you can support an ethical, above-board massage agency without concerns. There is nothing wrong with getting an adult massage – they are legal – as long as everyone involved understands exactly what’s being agreed to and stays within those parameters.

The ethics of adult massage

If you’re unsure if adult massage is ethical, you might be sceptical about the whole thing. However, adult massages are ethical because of the consent and work that goes into the client-masseuse relationship. When agencies empower women to work with screened clients, they can give erotic massages in a positive atmosphere without worrying about any bad actors. There’s nothing morally wrong with giving a sexy massage and nothing wrong with enjoying one. Pleasure is one of the cornerstones of life and something we should all indulge in a little more often. Getting an adult massage is ethically different than going to a fabulous restaurant. You’re there for a service, have a great time, and head home. Enjoy yourself!

The importance of consent

One of the basic cornerstones of ethical erotic touch is consent. Consent is simply when a person understands what is being asked of them and agrees to do so. For example, a masseuse consents to give a specific kind of massage. She is consenting to only giving a massage, not doing anything else. Consent is an ongoing continuous thing. This means that consent can be revoked at any time. For example, if you become uncomfortable during a massage, you can say you want it to stop and revoke your consent to being massaged. Consent should also be fully informed – you understand exactly what you agree to and don’t have any questions about what will happen.

Adult only, please

It’s important to note that erotic massages are only for adults who can consent to one. You must be the age of 18 to consent to an adult massage. And all adult masseuses must also be 18 to give one. This means that you are a full adult and can understand exactly what you are getting into and agreeing to. This is for your protection and the agency’s protection. So, if you’re under 18, be patient and wait! Don’t try to trick anyone into giving you an erotic massage before you’re legally permitted to have one. That is unethical and non-consensual.

Conversations are important

Because adult massage happens between two consenting adults, the conversations that happen beforehand should also be adult and mature. When you arrive at your erotic massage appointment, your masseuse will ask to have a simple conversation with you. This conversation will cover explaining what the massage entails, places you do or don’t want to be touched, and any other expectations or questions you might have. This all leads back to informed consent! Having these adult conversations might be awkward but it’s important for everyone involved to understand what exactly is going to happen. This ensures that nothing inappropriate happens and that expectations are set clearly.

So what can and can’t you do?

When you hire an erotic masseuse, you might be wondering what exactly you can explore with them and what you can pay for them to do. At an agency, you’re hiring a professional masseuse for her time. She will give you an agreed upon type of massage and it will be erotic and sexy. Anything outside of that is discussed between the two of you and not part of the massage itself. As long as everything is clear between you and your masseuse as to what you want to experience and what she is willing to provide, it’s ethical and consensual.

However, you can’t bully or berate your masseuse into giving a service she isn’t willing to provide. Doing anything by force or under threat is also unethical and extremely inappropriate. You will be asked to leave and banned from the agency. So don’t behave this way! Ask your masseuse things politely, accept her answer, and enjoy the time and experience she is agreeing to give you.

What about mutual touching?

It’s a general policy for many erotic masseuses that you can’t touch them as they’re giving you a massage. This something you should respect and not “accidentally” do. If you’d like to touch your masseuse or experience mutual massage, just ask. It’s as simple as that. Your masseuse may agree to certain kinds of touch and ask you to not do something else. Just stay within those boundaries and everything will be great. You can also ask your masseuse to touch or not touch you in certain ways. Both of you have the right to be touched in ways that make you feel good and pleasured.

When it gets too sexy

Erotic massages are, well, erotic. Their sensual and sexy nature are designed to get you aroused and heated in the best ways possible. Your masseuse will be stunning and dressed in sexy lingerie or even nude depending on the massage. She’ll be working your body from head to toe with her expert hands. Things are sure to get hot and steamy fast! But, remember, being turned on isn’t consent in either direction. You don’t have to have an orgasm just because you’re having an erection. And your masseuse has to consent to give you one. It’s perfectly okay to just enjoy being turned on, bask in the sexual atmosphere, and head home to take care of yourself.

Boundaries, consent, respect

What everything comes down to in the end is that your boundaries and your masseuse’s boundaries should be clear to both of you. You have both agreed to specific activities and only those activities. Mutual respect is exhibited by both of you through clear communication and acknowledgement of boundaries. This will help keep things consensual, ethical, and comfortable. Everyone wants to have a great time so just follow these basic steps and you’re going to have the experience of a lifetime.


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