Tantric massage is a wonderful treat for the mind and body and here in the UK it’s a completely above board and legal service. Just like any industry, particularly industries that focus on service and experiences, there is an unspoken code of conduct. The etiquette involved in tantric massage is fairly straightforward and should not come as a surprise to anyone. Tantric massage etiquette is mostly common sense but this article will help you understand all of the nuances and ins and outs of good behaviour when you receive a tantric massage.

When it comes to erotic massage, the rules are fairly Universal and they are easy to abide by. Tantric massage is a sensual experience so it makes sense that personal boundaries might feel accessible. Even though it seems that way, consent and appropriate behaviour are always required. Here at Secret Tantric we have a zero-tolerance policy for the mistreatment of our masseuses. We expect all of our clients to be perfect gentlemen and to stay respectfully within the boundaries and limitations that they’re masseuse sets for them. Likewise our clients’ consent is always honoured as well.  If you’re thinking about getting an erotic massage but you don’t know what the rules are, this article will help you prepare yourself and learn the ins and outs of getting a tantric massage in London.

Tantra: a tale as old as time

The word Tantra is Sanskrit and it translates to “woven web” in English.  This is an apt analogy, as Tantra focuses on the interconnectedness of all things. Tantra asks that we look in Word and connect with ourselves, actively pursue connection with others, and experience connection to the divine.

Tantric massage is a sensual full body massage style that focuses on deep relaxation and creating a solid mind/body connection through guided rhythmic breathing.

Tantra is an ancient wellness philosophy that originated in India hundreds of years ago. In its inception, Tantra was heavily influenced by Hinduism and Buddhism, so it has an innately spiritual feel to it. Luckily, one does not have to be a Tantric practitioner, a Hindu, or a Buddhist, in order to reap the erotic benefits of Tantra. 

Etiquette (noun): 

The customary code of polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular profession or group.

Tantric masseuses sometimes receive inappropriate comments and propositions from clients. Don’t be that guy!  Your interactions with your masseuse will directly impact whether or not you can book future appointments at Secret Tantric. We have a zero-tolerance policy; the safety and comfort of our masseuses is always top priority. 

Did you know?

To be considered for our VIP program, which comes with lots of sexy perks, you must be in good standing with Secret Tantric and have received glowing feedback from the masseuses you have had sessions with. Poor feedback will prevent you from getting into the VIP group and it can impact your ability to book in the future.

Silence is okay! 

You are welcome to talk to your masseuse but do not feel like you need to fill the silence by making jokes or flirting. It’s totally okay to simply enjoy the massage in silence. Likewise, if a conversation helps you relax, no doubt your masseuse will be more than happy to accommodate.

Mind your manners, please

Minding your p’s and q’s is important during a tantric massage. We understand that self-esteem, trauma, and other negative past experiences can inform your willingness and ability to relax and enjoy your massage. There is nothing wrong with that, and our masseuses are absolutely equipped to handle those situations. What they should not be expected to endure is rude, insolent, aggressive, violent or upsetting behaviour from their clients. If you are not prepared to be a complete gentleman from the moment you walk into your massage to the moment that you have left, then we are not the agency for you. 

She’s an expert and a professional 

Massage is one of life’s most pure and primal pleasures. At Secret Tantric we want you to have the time of your life and leave each session feeling refreshed and renewed. We work with the best masseuses in London, if not the UK and the world. Each of them is carefully selected for her combination of: 

  • massage experience
  • skills and know-how
  • her beauty
  • sex appeal
  • personality

She is a consummate professional and she knows what she’s doing. She will adjust her technique based on your feedback, but you do not need to control the situation. 

Patience is a virtue 

Good things take time. The pacing of your session is carefully considered and designed to maximise your pleasure in the available time you have with your masseuse.  Tantric massage uses the tension of sexual energy to build towards an earth-shattering climax. If you are unnecessarily thrusting and trying to get across the finish line without her, you are defeating the purpose of the entire appointment. Let her “drive” while you relax. 

She’s seen it all before

Since your masseuse is a pro, you needn’t apologise or explain how your body responds during your session. It is completely normal during any kind of erotic massage for a man’s level of arousal to fluctuate. Nervousness, anticipation,  and many other factors can affect ‘performance’. There’s no need to apologise for this or explain because we’ve seen it all. Our masseuses are well-versed in how the human body works and they have no expectation that you will be rock hard from beginning to end. Try not to overthink! We want you to relax and feel rejuvenated by your session, not anxious or embarrassed. Leave your inhibitions at the door and trust that your masseuse is 

Focus on yourself

When you’re getting a sensual massage from a gorgeous woman it’s easy to get distracted! One of the best ways to avoid any etiquette blunders is to simply immerse yourself in the experience and let her take the reins. Do your best to relax. It sound obvious but relaxing at the hands of an incredibly beautiful woman while she’s sliding and gliding over your body can be harder than you think it is (pun very much intended). There’s nothing wrong with expressing nervousness or anticipation.  the more you share about how you feel, the better she can accommodate your needs and help you truly unwind. It can also help to remember why you’re there. You are doing yourself such a great service by giving yourself a tantric massage experience, make sure that you allow yourself to enjoy it. 

When it’s over

Part of being respectful of your masseuse is being respectful of her time. Most of our tantric massage sessions are in-call sessions, meaning that our clients travel to our masseuses, not the other way around. Our masseuses work out of their luxurious 5-star apartments, conveniently speckled across London. This means that your session is totally private and totally discreet. When your session is finished, as charming and delightful as your masseuse is, it’s important to leave her to get on with the rest of her day. She may or may not have another client shortly, but either way when your time is finished, please don’t linger. We regularly feature testimonials on our website so prospective clients can read the excellent feedback from other patrons. If, for whatever reason, your session was imperfect, we would like to know about that as well!

What are you waiting for? 

There are no tangible downsides to tantric Massage. This is especially true when you are dealing with an agency like Secret Tantric. We promise you that every element of your massage is professional and above board. There’s really no reason not to try a tantric massage! Pick up the phone and give us a call. We would be delighted to walk you through every detail and support you in this incredible journey you have begun.   

Whether you are looking for an exotic massage for you and a partner for yourself, we have what you want. Our girls are the most beautiful in London, if not the world! We are confident that every session you book with us will be better than the last. No matter your reasons for booking with us, we will always leave you satisfied, to whatever degree you desire.

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