Getting an erotic massage is always a great time. But do you know some of the etiquette involved, especially with a mutual massage? Come brush up on the basics so you can have an incredible time getting the best mutual massage in London.

Mutual massages are fun

Mutual massages are one of the most fun massages out there. Being able to touch your beautiful masseuse is like double the fun. You’ll get an incredible erotic massage and be able to run your hands all over your fit masseuse’s body. She’ll be delighted by your touch and thrilled to touch you right back. Mutual massages are a fun way to feel intimate and sexy with another person.

Don’t keep your hands to yourself

Unlike other massages where your masseuse may not want to be touched, mutual massages are all for it. Run your hands over your masseuse’s soft skin, feel her absolutely fit body against yours. It’s the most exciting part of the mutual massage. You won’t want to keep your hands to yourself once you get started.

Giving a good mutual massage

If you’ve never done a mutual massage before, you might be worried about not being good at it. Don’t fret, we’ve got some tips to get you started.

  • Move your hands firmly but gently. Try to imitate your masseuse’s pressure.
  • Pay attention to what seems to make her feel good. And listen when she asks for less or more.
  • Enjoy the moment and let your fingers glide over your masseuse’s skin. This is about making you feel good too after all.
  • Use whatever oil your masseuse offers you. Keeping things slick and sexy will help your massage be more fun.

Ask for guidance

It’s perfectly okay to let your masseuse know that you’re a little nervous or lost and need some help. She will be more than happy to help you out and show you what to do. Let her guide your hands over her curves and show you where to massage until she moans with pleasure. You’ll do just fine with a little bit of instruction.

Listen to your masseuse

Just like anything else you do with another person, it’s important to listen to what your masseuse likes or doesn’t like. Pay attention when she says something to you and do your best to follow her instructions. You’ll both have a better experience for it. She may give you special directions or want you to pay a little extra attention in a certain spot. You wouldn’t want to miss out on touching her more, would you?

Respect her wishes

Along with that, if your masseuse asks you to not touch in her a certain way, respect that. You may have limits like that too that your masseuse is going to respect. Both of you deserve to be treated like adults at the end of the day, no matter how fun and sexy it can get. Just be polite and listen kindly and you’ll be just fine.

Don’t push limits

Please don’t push your masseuse into doing something that they have said no to. Our masseuses are allowed to ask clients to move if they get too pushy. You wouldn’t want that to happen! So just respect limitations, don’t get pushy, and don’t ask for more than your masseuse is already offering.

Share your limits and concerns

It’s important that you share any limitations or concerns you have with your masseuse. This will help you get the best experience possible. This could be anything from an old rugby injury to a recent bruise. Just giving that kind of information will help your masseuse give you an even better massage.

Enjoy feeling sexy

Erotic massage is erotic for a reason. It’s all about making you feel good about your body, feeling sexy and attractive. Your beautiful masseuse is sure to help you feel desired in a way you’ve never been before. Have a good time enjoying these feelings and boost your confidence in a new way.

Have an open mind

Maybe this is your first time having a mutual massage or getting an erotic massage at all. That’s awesome! We hope that you’ll keep an open mind about the kind of pleasures you can explore and experience during this incredible massage. Your masseuse is ready to lead you through a world of bliss and you should be ready to take advantage of it.

Admire your masseuse

Yes, it’s good etiquette to find your masseuse attractive and to tell her! Especially during a mutual massage! You’ve picked out an absolutely radiant woman to give you an incredible massage and to give her a massage back. Admire her body! Tell her how sexy she is. Have a good time flirting and enjoy every minute of looking at and touching her body.

Feel great about your happy ending

It’s hard to imagine an hour of mutual massage with a hot masseuse without ending it with a happy ending. After touching each other all over, you’ll surely be aching for an incredible release. Let your gorgeous masseuse run her hands over every inch of you and work you up to an incredible explosive ending. The pleasure will be mind blowing.

Enjoy your massage

Mutual massages are about mutual pleasure but that means that you should be having the time of your life! Don’t get so focused on massaging your masseuse that you forget to indulge in the pleasure of her massaging you. Lay back and enjoy her skilful hands on your body. You’ll be glad you did.

Don’t linger

We’re sure you’re going to have an amazing time getting a mutual massage from one of our beautiful masseuses. But don’t linger after your massage is done. Many of our masseuses are extremely popular and have other clients. It’s just not polite to eat into their time. You don’t have to rush to leave but don’t hang out either.

Show up on time

A lot of etiquette around mutual massage is about respecting your masseuse and this one is no different. You wouldn’t show up late to any other important appointment so don’t be late to your massage. Your masseuse may have other clients waiting and, unfortunately, you may lose some time. Take advantage of your hour-long appointment by getting there on time and being ready to begin.

Wear comfortable clothing

For your own comfort, we recommend you wear comfortable clothing. Sometimes your body can be a little sore after a great massage and you’ll want to put on a warm jumper or sweats rather than snug jeans. The easier it is to put on, the easier it is to take off. And you’ll be ready to do that the moment you walk in the door.

Pay before you begin

We ask that you pay your masseuse upfront before your massage begins. This ensures that everything is already handled and no one has to remember to do business after an hour of relaxation. Keep things easy and smooth and pay beforehand. Tips are welcome but never expected.

Don’t haggle

On the note of paying, please don’t haggle with your masseuse. Prices are firm and shared upfront. Our masseuses are allowed to ask you to leave if you become rude about the prices.

Be ready for a little preparation

When you arrive to your appointment, there are a few things you and your masseuse need to do before your massage begins. As mentioned, you’ll go ahead and pay for your massage. Then you and your lovely masseuse will have a chat about any concerns or limits you might have. Then off you’ll go to a luxuriously warm shower to wash away the outside. From there, your massage will begin!

Hire a professional masseuse

Now that you’ve learned all about how to behave at a mutual massage appointment, you’re ready to make an appointment. We keep it easy and simple to hire the most beautiful masseuses in London. Simply browse our catalogue of massages and masseuses and decide what you’d like to try out. Then give us a ring and we’ll get you all set up with an appointment. It’s easy and simple! Then come get the best mutual massage in London.

What Are You Waiting For?

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