Happy ending massages are an incredible kind of erotic massage. A wonderful massage followed by an erotic ending is just the thing you need to try. But you may not be sure how you’re supposed to approach this kind of massage. We’ve got a few etiquette tips for you so you can get the best happy ending massage in London.

Happy ending massages

If you don’t know what a happy ending massage is, essentially it’s a full body massage the ends in you having an orgasm. Your masseuse will massage your body with our premium massage oils and slowly work her way down to your genitals. You’ll be gently massaged and stroked until you have a mind blowing orgasm. They’re a fantastic way to end a massage. They’re all about your pleasure and helping you feel as good as possible with an amazing ending.

It’s not sex

Just to be clear, happy endings are not intercourse sex. It’s strictly masturbation and genital caressing. Everything will feel incredibly sensual and sexual, you’ll be turned on, but your masseuse is not going to climb on top of you. Happy endings are legal in the UK but it isn’t the same as having sex.

So don’t ask for sex

Happy endings are not intercourse by nature. And it’s rude to ask your masseuse to have sex with you. That is not part of the scope of work that she’s agreed to and that you’ve hired her for. Pressuring your masseuse into having sex with you is a massive problem and you will be asked to leave. Enjoy the happy ending massage for what it is and seek out your desire for sex with other partners. Our masseuses want you to have a great time but within the boundaries of the appointment.

Have an open mind

If you’re new to the world of erotic massage, it can seem intimidating or very taboo. There’s nothing wrong with getting an erotic massage or a happy ending massage. Giving happy ending massages a chance will open you up to a world of new pleasures and sensations. Be open to new techniques you may not have seen before and try different kinds of massages. You may discover something you love!

Enjoy the sexual atmosphere

While happy ending massages are not about having sex, they can feel very sexual and sensual. You should enjoy that without pushing it over into crudeness. There’s nothing wrong with feeling turned on during an erotic massage. In fact, that’s what your masseuse wants! She wants you to feel sexy and turned on, ready for that amazing happy ending. Happy ending massages are a great way to reconnect to that sexy side of yourself and feel good about your body.

Show up on time

The first thing you should make sure to do is show up on time for your appointment. Our masseuses are very popular and can be quite busy. We want to make sure that you get every single second of your hour long appointment but we need you to show up on time. This ensures you get every moment that you’re paying for without any kind of rushing.

Be prepared for your appointment

Along with showing up on time, there are a few things you can do to be prepared for your appointment. Dress in comfortable clothing. Have a light meal and drink plenty of water that day. Be ready to pay before your appointment begins. And turn off your mobile to avoid interruptions. It’s not a lot of work, we want this to be enjoyable for you, but these few things can make your time even better.

Be respectful and kind

Your masseuse is very sexy and going to touch you in very intimate ways. It might be tempting to make a crude joke or touch her inappropriately. Please don’t. It’s important for you to be respectful and kind towards your masseuse. Just like any other service worker you may come across, your masseuse is doing a job. She enjoys giving massages and wants to take care of you, but she deserves respect and friendliness just like anyone else.

Don’t bargain or haggle

Our prices are available before you even make your appointment. We’re upfront and clear about what our prices are for every service. Don’t haggle or try to bargain with your masseuse. You won’t get far and may be asked to leave.

Enjoy the luxurious shower

At the beginning of every appointment, we ask all of our clients to take a quick shower before your massage. Even if you showered that morning, we still ask you to hop in and rinse off. This ensures that every client is clean and ready for their massage. This is a great time to enjoy yourself and take a few moments to ease into your appointment. A few deep breaths will have you focused on the warm water and what you’re about to have done. Enjoy the shower and what is about to come.

Share your concerns

If you have any kinds of concerns, or are just nervous, share them with your masseuse before your massage begins. She wants you to be as comfortable as possible but can only do that if she knows what’s going on. This is also a great time to let her know if there are parts of your body that you don’t like to be touched or maybe had a recent injury. Sharing anything like this will help you get an even better massage.

There’s no need to worry about your body

Your masseuse has seen all kinds of bodies and isn’t worried about what yours looks like. As long as you’re clean and ready for the massage, there’s nothing that will stop her from touching you. You don’t need to apologize for body hair (or lack there of), weight, acne, scars, or anything else. Your masseuse wants you to feel good and certainly isn’t judging your looks in any way whatsoever. She’s focused on your pleasure and nothing else.

Admire your masseuse

All of our masseuses are absolutely gorgeous and amazing to look at. There’s nothing wrong with admiring your masseuse throughout your appointment. That’s what she’s there for! Your masseuse will wear gorgeous lingerie or be nude for your massage appointment. Admire her body and skill as she works on your body. But be respectful and ask before touching! Not every masseuse is okay with it and it’s rude to presume otherwise.

Keep your hands to yourself

As we just mentioned, keeping your hands to yourself is the best thing you can do until told otherwise. Yes, your masseuse is breath taking and wonderful to look at but be respectful of her autonomy and don’t touch her without permission. She’s a person first and foremost and deserves that basic respect.

Enjoy your massage

It can seem a little nerve-wracking to remember all the right things to do but ultimately you are there to have a great massage with a fantastic happy ending. Let your masseuse guide you from step to step and enjoy the process. This is all about you after all. Close your eyes, lay back, and just enjoy the sensations of a gorgeous woman massaging you from head to toe. You don’t need to do anything else but soak in all of that relaxation and let go of your stress and worries.

Don’t feel like you need to chat

It’s perfectly okay to be quiet during your massage. There’s nothing wrong with that. Your masseuse is ready to take care of you and make you feel good, not have a nice afternoon chat. She may ask you questions or check in from time to time but it’s okay to not speak much. There’s nothing rude about being silent during massages and it’s actually a pretty normal practice.

Don’t tell your masseuse what to do

All of our masseuses are professionally trained masseuses. They know exactly how to best take care of you and your body. If something hurts or doesn’t feel quite right, let them know. But you don’t need to give blow by blow instructions. Trust your masseuse and let her take the reins. She’ll have you feeling amazing in no time flat.

Remember to pay first

We require payment upfront before your appointment begins. All of our prices are available before you make your appointment so you know what will cost what. Tips are welcome but never expected.

Enjoy your full hour massage

All of our massage appointments are an hour long to give you the most amount of pleasure and enjoyment. We want you to have the best happy ending massage in London. Every moment will be about you and your pleasure. Don’t worry about watching the clock, your masseuse will make sure things begin and end on time.

Don’t linger

While it’s okay to take your time getting up and getting dressed after your incredible massage, it’s rude to hang out afterwards. Your masseuse may have another appointment or other obligation. You wouldn’t want a prior client eating in to your time so don’t do it to another. Be respectful of your masseuse’s time. When your time is up, that’s it.

Choose the masseuse you’re interested in

All of our masseuse’s have different specialties and are in different locations. Take the time to find the right masseuse for you. If you’re interested in Nuru massage or tantric massage, some masseuses offer these while others don’t. And while all of our Secret Tantric masseuses are absolutely beautiful, you should choose one that works best for you in terms of location and specialties. You’ll be getting the best happy ending massage in London no matter who you hire.

We care about your discretion and privacy

Our masseuses work out of private flats for your discretion and privacy. It simply looks like you’re visiting a friend rather than going to an obvious massage parlour. While there’s nothing wrong with getting a happy ending massage, we know that many clients prefer the discretion of private flats. We’re happy to accommodate some clients are select five star hotels when requested.

Located all over London for your convenience

Secret Tantric masseuses are located all over London. No matter where you live, work, or visit, there’s probably a masseuse in the area ready to take care of you. You won’t have to travel far for the best happy ending massage in London. Many of our masseuses are even located near tube stations so you don’t have to walk all around the city to get there.

Book with us today

It’s so easy and stress free to book a happy ending massage with Secret Tantric. Browse our website and catalogue of sexy masseuses. Decide who you’d just love to give you a happy ending. Then give us a ring and we’ll get your appointment set up. Don’t spend too long thinking about it! Our masseuses can book fast. So take the time right now to browse and ring us for the best happy ending massage in London.

What Are You Waiting For?

Secret Tantric has dozens of girls available to take you on a sensual and erotic journey that you’re unlikely to forget.

The world we live in is very stressful. So why not treat yourself to some much-needed self-care and spend some quality time with a beautiful and talented woman? Being touched sensually feels good. A massage feels good. Climaxing feels good. And you deserve to feel good. We have the most beautiful women in London waiting to make you feel fantastic. We’re confident that once you give us a try, you’ll be back again. Come see why we have so many repeat clients.

Browse the profiles of our talented masseuses or call Secret Tantric at +447 856 666 686 and tell us what you’re in the mood for. We will find the right girl for you. Each of our masseuses is fully trained in various tantric techniques and ready to show you a whole new world of sensual and erotic pleasure. 

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