Did you know that there are etiquette standards for erotic massage?  These rules are mostly common sense, but they also exist to ensure the safety and satisfaction of both masseuses and clients. Etiquette for tantric Aqua Massage has remained unwritten, until now. We have put together this basic FAQ so you look like you know what you’re doing. We have combed through hundreds and hundreds of client questions  and  feedback to give you this comprehensive guide for not looking like a fool when you are getting a tantric Aqua Massage.

The erotic entertainment industry faces a lot of stigma.  Even in this modern day and age there are many people who still morlise sex and sexuality and make the pursuit of pleasure for others uncomfortable or even reprehensible. Here at Secret Tantric we believe in the pursuit of pleasure. We believe that the Human Experience requires a certain degree of hedonism to be authentic. We are also in the unique position to actively deconstruct some of those stigmas and help people live more fulfilling and more erotic lives. 

Dismantling stigma

One way that we can tackle the stigma surrounding erotic services is by shining light on the necessary etiquette.  At Secret Tantric we strive to create and maintain an environment where masseuses feel safe and empowered by the work they do. One significant way that we can improve communication and respect between our clients and our masseuses is by educating.  We want would-be clients to know how to conduct themselves during an erotic massage. For most of you this will sound like common sense, for others there may be points here that you haven’t considered. We encourage you to think about the questions and answers that we posed here and apply your learnings to your next session with an erotic professional. 

What does “tantric” mean? 

Massages labelled ‘tantric’ refer to tantric practices. That is to say, practices that reflect the values of the ancient Indian Tantras.  The tantras were a series of documents that extolled the virtues of clean and holistic living. Developed in the 5th and 6th centuries in India, Tantra was a social and political movement that was influenced by Hinduism and Buddhism of the time.  In modern-day terms, tantric practices tend to evoke thoughts of hedonistic and indulgent sexuality, or sacred sex magic that is too foreign and exotic to be taken seriously.  Fortunately, you don’t need to be associated with tantric beliefs in order to reap the benefits of tantric massage. Tantra focuses on being present and mindful, using the body to interpret intimacy, and equality between partners. 

What is tantric Aqua Massage?

Tantric Aqua Massage is a form of erotic body on body massage that  involves an element of water, usually taking place in the shower or bath. At Secret Tantric, Aqua Massage is  one of our most popular forms of massage. It is frequently requested by new clients and repeat clients, alike. Not every one of our masseuses provides Aqua Massage, but those who do truly enjoy it. It is a fun and sensual form of erotic massage that is unique and provides a wide array of sensations and experiences.

Actions have consequences

As tantric masseuses, these women hear inappropriate comments from clients, from time to time. Don’t be that guy!  Please note that your interactions with your masseuse will directly impact whether or not you can book future appointments at Secret Tantric. We take a zero-tolerance approach to impropriety because the safety and comfort of our masseuses is always a top priority. 

Make your Mum proud

Be as polite to your masseuse as you would be to your own mum. Minding your p’s and q’s is important during an erotic massage. We understand that self-esteem, trauma, and other negative past experiences can inform your willingness and ability to relax and enjoy your massage. Our masseuses are absolutely equipped to handle those situations. What they should not be expected to endure: insolent, aggressive, or violent behaviour from their clients. If you are not prepared to be a complete gentleman, we are not the agency for you. 

Etiquette no-nos for tantric Aquatic Massage 

Here are some things to consider during your Aqua Massage:

  • You can talk if you wish but do not feel like you need to fill the silence by making jokes or flirting with your masseuse, it’s okay to simply enjoy the massage.
  • Aqua massage has a lot going on, so you don’t need to ‘drive’. Your masseuse knows what she’s doing and she will adjust her technique based on your feedback, but you do not need to control the situation. Let her do her job and enjoy the benefits!
  • Don’t try to make yourself come. The pacing of your session is carefully considered.  Tantric massage uses the tension of sexual energy to build towards the climax. If you are unnecessarily thrusting and trying to get across the finish line without her, you are defeating the purpose of the entire appointment.
  • You needn’t apologize or explain.  Believe us, it is completely normal during any kind of erotic massage for a man’s level of arousal to fluctuate. As mentioned above: nervousness, anticipation,  and many other factors can affect ‘performance’. There’s no need to apologize for this or explain because we’ve seen it all. Our masseuses are well-versed in how the human body works and they have no expectation that you will be rock hard from beginning to end. Try not to overthink!

How to have the best aqua massage experience

It takes zero effort to act appropriately during your massage. Appropriate behaviour will be noticed by your masseuse, and it will be appreciated. Don’t be the guy that harasses his masseuse or mansplains to her how to do her job. Instead consider that your role in the massage is to be present and enjoy yourself, that’s it!


  • Try to remember why you’re there. This is the ultimate in self-care, and you are doing yourself a service by giving yourself as experience. Let yourself enjoy it.
  • Relax.  That may sound obvious but relaxing at the hands of an incredibly beautiful woman while she’s sliding and gliding over your body in the bath can be harder than you think it is (pun very much intended). Your masseuse will no doubt recognize your tension, but there’s nothing wrong with expressing nervousness or anticipation.  the more you share about how you feel, the better she can accommodate and improve those feelings.

Don’t forget to breathe! 

You’d be shocked at the number of times that our masseuses have to remind clients to breathe during sessions. The combination of nerves, excitement, arousal, and sadly sometimes shame, can make you forget to breathe deeply and fully.  Deep breathing floods your system with oxygen and improves your circulation, two things that are vital to excellent arousal, as well as relaxation. If your masseuse notices that you are not maximizing your breath during your session, she may lead you through some deep breathing exercises to get you back on track. 

Just enjoy the ride 

Most of our clients are men. Many men have been conditioned to control intimate situations, especially when they’re uncomfortable. You may not know what to do with yourself in the presence of a woman you hardly know who is stunningly beautiful while you’re paying for a massage –  it can be a lot to take in!  Remember, as beautiful as they are, as talented as they are, our masseuses are just people. 

Shower for Hygiene, shower for fun

All of our clients are required to have a quick shower before their session begins, even if their session is an Aqua Massage. Simply put, this hygiene protocol is in place for the comfort and safety of clients and masseuses alike. Even though she will be joining you shortly, make sure that you have a quick and thorough shower to wash off your day and get you all set for the sensual delights that await you.  When your masseuse joins you in the shower or bath she may help you  wash and rinse. If she permits it, you may be able to enjoy some mutual massage. Not every masseuse does mutual massage, but those who do definitely enjoy it. If you have permission to massage your masseuse in return, savour the opportunity.

Building towards a climax

There are no absolute rules about climaxing during an erotic massage. Many people find Aqua Massage incredibly stimulating, verging on overstimulating, so getting to the point of no return probably won’t be too difficult. We encourage you to let your masseuse do what she does best and enjoy her guiding you towards the finish. How and where you finish is part of the necessary discussion about the events of the session so don’t be a jerk and try to finish where you shouldn’t. 

Don’t underestimate the power of body language 

The Aqua Massage is an intense form of massage because it has so many elements. There’s the massage itself, with the sensual and erotic touch as well as muscle softening force. There’s the water element, adding a whole new sensation as well as temperature into the mix.  And you have the visual elements of experiencing your Aqua Massage with a stunningly beautiful woman. Obviously you’re allowed to watch, and aqua massages are particularly great for voyeuristic clients because there’s so much to see. Not only is your masseuse beautiful, her body will be exquisite and will transform into a work of art as you watch soap bubbles and water cascade down between the two of you.

When it’s over

As mentioned, we expect our clients to be perfect gentlemen. From the moment they pick up the phone to book, until they have left their session and said goodbye to their masseuse.  Because you paid your masseuse directly at the beginning of your session there is no reason to hang about when your session is done. If you would like to take another shower to rinse away the massage oil, that’s fine. When you’re finished, it’s time to say thank you and goodbye to your masseuse. Chances are she has another client on her books for the day. She will need to prepare for her next appointment.  A major etiquette flub is drawing out the goodbye or making it unnecessarily intimate or awkward. Say thank you, shake her hand, tip her if you so desire, and be on your way.

Two Is Better Than One

If you are a fan of erotic massage and you really want to blow your mind, try combining Aqua Massage with Four Hands massage. Our Four Hands massage is exactly what it sounds like: an erotic massage that involves two of our gorgeous masseuses and all four of their hands.  If you were a particularly visual person, or you have a thing for girl-on-girl action, this combination of wet and wild is the ultimate. Not every masseuse on our roster does Aqua or Four Hands massage. Those who do always put on an incredible show and deliver the best erotic massage that London has to offer

What are you waiting for?

Whether you seek deep tissue relaxation or a slippery sexy happy ending massage, Secret Tantric in Mayfair has what you need. And we know how to give it to you!  Call us today to set up your appointment. You will not regret it!

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