Many men deny themselves the pleasure of erotic prostate massage. Why? Most men are uncertain about the etiquette.  Don’t let outstanding questions hold you back! This article details the necessary etiquette for prostate massage. We want you to be prepared and equipped for your first session with a professional erotic masseuse. 

If you have never considered the etiquette for a erotic prostate massage, you’re certainly not alone. The vast majority of our clients are perfect gentlemen and we have no issues with them whatsoever. occasionally a less refined fellow slipped through the cracks and we are reminded that not everyone has considered the necessary etiquette for erotic prostate massage. In general, etiquette should be considered for all forms of tantric massage or erotic body work. But prostate massage is more intimate and can  yield some very exciting results.  When it comes to erotic services, it’s important that clients get what they’re there for. But it’s also important that the professionals they see are treated with the utmost respect. 

Please note:  these suggestions on etiquette for erotic prostate massage have been written with  Secret Tantric’s guidelines and values in mind but it is safe to assume that these are industry standards and that you could apply these suggestions to any adult entertainment experience.


What does an erotic prostate massage involve?

An erotic prostate massage is a full body massage that focuses on developing and maintaining your arousal throughout the session,  including direct stimulation to the prostate (via anal penetration). The session finishes with a significant climax.  This is a great form of massage  for complete relaxation due to the intensity of prostate based orgasms. 

Don’t forget your manners

At Secret Tantric, our masseuses are consummate professionals, and we expect that you will also be professional and behave appropriately. But what does appropriate look like? One of the primary reasons that all of our sessions begin with a consultative discussion between masseuse and client is so that everyone understands what the session will involve.  It’s a great ice-breaker and gives both parties a few minutes to establish a game plan and an opportunity to establish boundaries.  We expect that clients will be as polite and appropriate with their masseuse as they would be with  any other woman in a professional setting.  While it is true that erotic massage is much more intimate than most professional exchanges, that doesn’t diminish the necessity of being polite and appropriate.

We take clients’ behaviour seriously

It is important that you understand that your interactions with your masseuse can and will directly impact whether or not you can book another appointment at Secret Tantric. We take a zero-tolerance approach to impropriety because the safety and comfort of our masseuses is always a top priority. 


Before your massage:

Prepare yourself

Because an erotic prostate massage involves direct contact with the prostate, anal penetration is  necessary.  any time you engage in anal play, it’s important to evacuate your bowels 2 to 3 hours prior to penetration. whether or not you do a full irrigation or douche is up to you, but to avoid any unnecessary embarrassment or discomfort, we recommend that you plan ahead. It’s also advisable to be well hydrated on the day of a prostate massage.

Consider practising

If you are a prostate play novice, or anal penetration is new to you,  a little bit of practice or a warm up will help make things go more smoothly.  You can practice and increase Comfort Inn familiarity with the sensations of anal and prostate play by using cream, well lubricated, fingers or toys designed for anal play.  There’s no need to feel like you have to stretch yourself wide, but some familiarity with how a finger feels up the bum will undoubtedly make your session more enjoyable.

Put your best foot forward

Gifting yourself an erotic prostate massage is an act of self-care and self-love. We recommend that you do whatever makes you feel most confident and most prepared for such an exciting Adventure. Although we require clients to take a brief shower before their session begins, it’s not the wrong choice to shower, shave,  change your clothes,  if these things will make you feel more confident about the experience. Many of our clients show up looking like they’re going into a business meeting or on a first date simply because it puts a spring in their step and gives them a little boost. Do what makes you feel best but you won’t be out of place if you show up looking good.


During your massage:

 Go with the flow

It’s important that both the client and the masseuse feel confident that their boundaries and limits will be respected. This includes clients following hygiene and covid-19 protocols. As an example,  every session with a Secret Tantric masseuse begins with the client taking a shower. This shower is required regardless of the state of hygiene you arrived in. Even if you’ve just had a shower at home before you arrive, you will be asked to take another one.  Arguing or refusing to take the shower will result in the session ending before it’s begun. This is just one example of going with the flow and following the lead of your masseuse. She knows exactly what to do and how to do it, best to just let her do her job.

Talk if you want to 

You can talk if you wish but do not feel like you need to fill the silence by making jokes or flirting with your masseuse. Erotic massage is best enjoyed when you are focused, present, and feeling every touch. Some of our tantric masseuses are more chatty than others, so if you need more quiet for focus, just ask. 

Feel free to express yourself

If something feels good, it’s okay to let your masseuse know. Likewise if something doesn’t feel quite right, let her know that as well. Whatever it is you’re thinking or feeling provided what you say or do is not rude or inappropriate, feel free to express yourself to your masseuse. It’s okay to ask for a bit more pressure in a certain area, or to moan with pleasure when her touch hits you just right. Displaying proper etiquette does not mean you have to censor yourself or limit your own pleasure. 

It’s okay to be excited

Your first erotic prostate massage is an exciting adventure –  it can be a lot to take in!   If you’re overwhelmed, try to remember why you’re there: this is the ultimate in self-care, and you are doing yourself a service by giving yourself this experience. Let yourself enjoy your massage!

Relax! You deserve this pleasure!

True relaxation is hard to come by these days.  Don’t be surprised if it takes you a few minutes to unwind and start to really relax at the hands of your masseuse. She will no doubt recognize your tension, but there’s nothing wrong with expressing nervousness or anticipation.  the more you share about how you feel, the better she can accommodate and improve those feelings.

No need to explain

Believe us, it is completely normal during an erotic prostate massage for a man’s level of arousal to fluctuate. Our masseuses have no expectations that you will be rock hard from beginning to end. In fact, it’s very common for a man to lose his erection, despite being highly aroused, when anal stimulation begins. Try not to overthink it and just enjoy it!

Don’t try to direct the session

An erotic prostate massage is a great opportunity to relax and enjoy yourself. Your masseuse will adjust her technique based on your feedback. You do not need to control things, just enjoy the benefits!


After your massage:

Don’t linger 

Almost all of our erotic massage sessions are in-call sessions, meaning that our clients travel to our masseuses, not the other way around. When your session is finished, as charming and delightful as your masseuse is, you must leave her to get on with the rest of her day. Part of being respectful of your masseuse is being respectful of her time. She may or may not have another client shortly, but either way when your time is finished, it’s done. 

Give us feedback on your session

We appreciate all feedback on our massage sessions see, both critique and praise. If you had an excellent time and you want to share that positive experience, contact us directly to provide a testimonial. we regularly feature testimonials on our website so prospective clients can read the excellent feedback from other patrons. If, for whatever reason, your session was imperfect, we would like to know about that as well.

The importance of etiquette in the adult entertainment industry

As an agency, we are committed to the safety, comfort, and empowerment of the masseuses that we work with. This industry is particularly fraught with stigma and roadblocks and despite evidence of progress, our culture remains quite moralistic and opposed to transactional sexual experiences. This general attitude toward the adult industry perpetuates stereotypes around the people who work in it and their social standing in our society.  Simply put, the public is highly judgmental of women who work in adult entertainment.  As a client, when you act appropriately. you help to solidify the importance and value of respect and etiquette. Your masseuse, after all, is just a person doing a job.  

What are you waiting for?

If you are ready to reap the benefits of prostate play while seeing a tantric therapist, give us a call. We want to make tantric therapy accessible and available for everyone. Give us a call today. A visit to a tantric therapist can put you on a path to self improvement and sexual freedom. 

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