Some erogenous zones—sensitive areas of the body that create a sexual response when touched—are more well known than others. You may immediately think about body parts like nipples, penises, breasts, prostates, or g-spots. However, there are a lot of other erogenous zones you never knew about all over the body, which you may be neglecting. While not every person enjoys touch on the same sensitive parts of their body, exploring them can improve your sex life. 

We’ve listed 13 unexpected erogenous zones below, including some tips on how to touch them. There’s also some tips on how to explore them, whether it be by yourself, with a partner, or through professional tantric massage.

The Scalp

Starting at the top of the body, we have the scalp. Anyone who’s ever had a scalp massage can tell you how sensitive it is! In fact, the scalp is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Scalp massages feels relaxing due to the huge number of nerve endings below the skin. Targeting this area during massages helps to release dopamine and serotonin, as well as increase blood flow to the area.

To explore massaging the scalp, try asking your partner to sit between your legs. Then, start at the back of their head, running your fingernails over their head. Pay special attention to the areas just above the neck and behind the ears. If your partner likes their hair being pulled, don’t forget it! Tugging hair gently can give them a rush of pleasure. If they don’t like hair pulling, try running your fingers through their hair.


Ears have very sensitive skin and sensory receptors, especially the ear lobe. There are about 120 pressure points on the lobe alone! If ear massage seems odd, remember that we already actually include the ears in a lot of sex! If you whisper dirty talk into your partner’s ear, you’re already using the power of ears as an erogenous zone.

Some people argue that the ear is one of the most erogenous zones on the body. We associate touching the earlobe with the intimate gesture of tucking hair behind an ear. Gently tickling the edge of a partner’s ear or softly kissing it can trigger the same feelings of intimacy. If you already play with dirty talk, extending to kissing or touching can be an easy way to explore.

Additionally, there’s a rumoured phenomenon called the “uricologenital reflex”. This supposedly stimulates a nerve in the ear canal that can bring some people to orgasm!


The philtrum is the small groove between your nose and your upper lip. It’s long been considered an erogenous zone— the word ‘philtrum’ is Latin for ‘love potion’! The lips are one of the most well known erogenous zones, and the philtrum’s proximity to them means it’s easy to incorporate into sex or foreplay. Try gently stroking down the philtrum before touching or kissing your lover’s lips, which have more nerve endings than fingertips.


Did you know that in one study published by the journal Cortex, women ranked the nape of the neck above breasts and nipples as an erogenous zone? It’s just as sensitive an area for people of other genders too! 

The neck can be stimulated in a number of ways, including through kissing, licking or through erotic massage. For people who’ve experienced spinal cord injuries, sensually touching above the injury can help with experiencing sexual pleasure.

As well as its sensitivity, the neck can be a sexy place to touch because it’s vulnerable. Letting somebody else touch your neck is a sign of trust, which in turn is a sign of intimacy. Try starting by touching the sides of the neck with gentle fingers or soft kisses, then move to the nape. Remember you don’t have to go hard— even the slightest touch can make the whole body tingle!


Working your way down from the neck, your next stop could be your collarbones. The skin that covers this area of the body is very thin and sensitive. The clavicle bone itself and the shallow grooves above it are highly responsive to light strokes. The light depressions below the clavicles are considered acupressure points, which trigger relaxation. Try gently kissing a partner’s collarbones, or tracing the area with a finger.


This one may sound a little strange, but give it a chance! The armpits are very sensitive, as anyone who’s ever been tickled can attest. For erotic armpit massage, you’ll need to go a lot slower than tickling. Using larger movements—going from wrist to armpit rather than just touching the armpit— can make it feel less ticklish. 

It is important to get consent before massaging any part of your partner’s body. It’s especially important when it comes to the armpit, as it can be uncomfortable for some people. However, for those who do enjoy this kind of touch, getting up close with armpits can be a turn-on. Some people believe that the armpits are extra sexy as they may secrete pheromones. These chemical messengers cause arousal when you smell them, and can be one of the keys to sexual attraction.


The stomach is loaded with nerve endings and the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles are connected. This means that stimulating the stomach (and especially the abdominal muscles) can lead to a more intense climax. Being close to the genitals also means that touching here can be an excellent way to tease and deny. 

Try using your fingertips, tongue, or the edge of a feather or some soft material to tease the stomach. Start by tracing circles around the naval and work your way down the stomach. If you or your partner enjoy it, soft tickling can also feel arousing. The navel (or belly button) in particular is a sensitive area. Touching it with a fingertip or tongue can in some cases cause stronger arousal than stimulating the genitals!

The stomach can also be an excellent place to try temperature play, if you and your partner are into it. An easy way to try this is placing an ice cube on the skin.

Sacrum & Spine

The lower back is the most sensitive spot on the body for some people! The nerves in the sacrum—the small of the back—are connected to those in the pelvis. This could explain why the area is an erogenous zone, as could the vulnerability of being touched from behind. Interestingly, in one study it was found that men rank this erogenous zone higher than women.

The spine is also sensitive, thanks to the nerves that run up and down it. To stimulate the spine, try applying pressure with one finger, and trailing it down the whole way down. A light touch can also work wonders for the sacrum, be it with fingertips or a tongue. As with the stomach, you can also stimulate the spine and sacrum with the edge of a feather, soft material, or an ice cube. You can even try using a pinwheel if you feel really adventurous!

Fingers & Hands

The fingertips are the part of the body most sensitive to touch, with the palms almost as sensitive. Touching anywhere on your partner with your own hands will give you some stimulation. But to really amp things up, try focusing on the hands specifically. Touching the fingers and hands can also feel very intimate, especially if you maintain eye contact while touching.

An easy way to try touching the fingers is to try tickling your partner’s palm with a fingertip. Hands and fingers are specifically sensitive to kissing or gentle licking. You may want to try gently kissing their palm or, if they’re into it, lightly sucking on their fingers. Using a flat tongue to tease the pad of the fingers can also feel good.

If you don’t want to involve your mouth, try interlocking your fingers and then sliding them out of place. This movement can help you both apply pressure to each other’s sensitive finger nerves.

The Wrist & Elbow Crook

The inner wrist is highly sensitive, and touching it can feel extremely intimate because it’s where the pulse point is. The skin here is soft and delicate, so a gentle touch is best. The wrist also carries cultural significance, as it’s the place where a body can start to feel intimate to touch. 

The crook of your elbow has similarly thin skin, and can be extremely sensitive. Some people even find they can orgasm from sensual touch in this area. As with the wrist, touch can quickly feel too rough or heavy, so start gently.

Try running your hand up and down the length of your partner’s forearm, touching both the wrist and elbow crook. Touching these body parts leaves a lot of freedom to make eye contact. That said, you may want to break eye contact to give a soft kiss, which can feel equally erotic. 

Behind The Knee 

This one may sound strange, but behind the knee is a nerve-rich area of the body. And again, the skin here is thin, making it easier to access these nerves. 

The knee actually shows up in the Kama Sutra, which advises ‘pressing’ your partner’s knees and caressing them. As always, ask first, as the sensation of being touched here may be unpleasant or uninteresting to some. They might even flinch at the touch, or find it ticklish. However, being touched here really works for other people. Some even claim they can have orgasms from a vibrator being placed in the crook of the knee!


Sometimes also called the ‘taint’, the perineum, is more intimate than the other parts of the body we’ve talked about. The perineum is the thin piece of skin between the anus and the genitals. All bodies have a perineum, although it’s located slightly differently depending on if you have a vulva or scrotum.

The perineum not only has a ton of nerve endings, but also contains muscles that connect to the pelvic floor. Touching it can be an easy addition to oral sex or a hand job with a partner. In some cases, massaging the perineum can help with stronger erections, as it draws blood to the pelvic region. It also helps draw fluid into the prostate, beginning the process of preparing the body for orgasm.

Using your fingers to apply gentle pressure to begin with is a good idea. Different people like different sensations, like sensual light touch, a rubbing motion, or tickling. You can also massage the perineum with a vibrator, or add anal penetration from a plug of dildo. Massaging the perineum also stimulates the prostate, meaning it’s a way to have a prostate orgasm with no penetration.


Did you know that some consider feet the most fetishized body part apart from the genitals and breasts? Even if you don’t have a foot kink, the foot has a ton of nerve endings. While achieving an orgasm from foot stimulation alone is unlikely, sucking and licking the toes can be extremely pleasurable. If it’s something you and your partner are interested in, you may want to alternate between using your fingers and mouth.

The soles of the feet also have pressure points that increase blood flow to the area. One of the spots to target is the soft area of skin between the toes and the foot arch.

Exploring Erogenous Zones 

If you want to start exploring sensual touch of erogenous zones you never knew about, starting with self-touch can be easiest. As you’re the only person touching yourself, you can stop immediately if something doesn’t feel pleasurable. Exploring your body and what kinds of touch make it feel good can also help you know what to tell a partner.

Exploring like this can feel daunting, however, especially if it’s not something you’ve ever tried before. If you’re London based, why not explore your erogenous zones with professional tantric massage? Our masseurs are trained to deliver high quality skilled massage, whether it be classic tantric massage or slippery nuru. Couples massages can even help you learn and explore techniques to take home with you!

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