Our romantic relationships are some of our most precious ones and deserve care. Intimacy in a romantic relationship is incredibly important, but it can be easy to slip away when you’re not paying attention. If you’re looking for ways to enhance intimacy in your relationship, you may want to consider the benefits of intimate massage. This sensual activity can you bring you closer together and deepen the intimacy between the two of you.

What is intimate massage?

Intimate massage is also called erotic massage. It’s often associated with professional erotic masseuses and massage parlours, but it can be done easily by a couple at home. Intimate massages are full body massages that go one step further than the typical massage. They include all of the erogenous zones and can sometimes end in orgasms or even sex. These special massages are a great way of reconnecting and uniquely exploring one another’s bodies.

Explore intimate massage together

This wonderful couple’s activity can make a date night special. If you haven’t spent much time together lately or just haven’t had a few hours alone, carving out the time for a relaxing night and an intimate massage will make a statement. Massage is great because you can take turns doing it or focus on one partner at a time. Remove all of the pressure and expectations of sex and enjoy being with each other and exploring their body like it’s brand new to you. Use intimate massage as a way to feel intimate with each other and strengthen the bonds between you.

Intimacy, that wonderful feeling

Intimacy can be hard to define, and you might wonder what you will enhance with an intimate massage. It is simply the feeling of closeness between you and your partner. How secure you feel with them, how happy you are, how much you feel like you can trust them. There are four types of intimacy – mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Each type of intimacy should be attended to and doted on individually. Intimate massage is a great way to take care of all four types at once, deepening your overall intimacy and taking care of your relationship.

Reap the benefits of intimate massage

There are so many benefits of massage alone. Relaxed muscles, relieved tension, and a peaceful mind are just a few things that massages can help us out with. But what about an intimate massage? By nature, these massages help couples become more intimate and feel closer together. No matter how things end, an intimate massage will help bring more trust and security to a relationship, more feelings of affection, and generally relax both of you. You don’t have to be great at giving a massage to get all these benefits. The effort alone will mean a lot to your partner.

Try something new together

Doing new things together helps build security and trust in a relationship. That includes everything from trying out a new restaurant, traveling together, or giving each other intimate massages. Trying something new with your partner says that you trust them to experience something scary with you. That you’re willing to feel a little silly or nervous with them. And that increases intimacy! There’s so much more to all of this than just the act of giving an intimate massage – you’re really deepening your relationship on multiple levels.

Lower stress and decompress

We all know that when we’re stressed out, sex is typically the furthest thing from our minds. And this is especially true for women. Planning an intimate massage means you’re removing stress and distractions, taking the time to breathe for a minute, and relax. Carving out time to devote to your partner shows that you want to make them a priority and that you care about them. Give your partner a space to breathe and relax for an hour or two and they’ll give you their love back. Lowering stress and decompressing can also help lead to some sexier, hotter fun in bed after your intimate massage.

Flood your senses with oxytocin

This lovely little hormone is known as the bonding hormone. Intimate massages bring feelings of warmth and comfort which triggers your body to release oxytocin. As you massage your partner, you’ll lower their cortisol, the stress hormone, and raise their oxytocin levels. Experiencing this hormone with another person brings you closer together and bond more deeply. This hormone tells you that this person is safe to be with, that you can rely on them, and be intimate with. If you’re giving the massage, you’ll go through this flood of oxytocin too and feel closer to your partner. It’s a wonderful experience to have together.

Enjoy sensuality together

It can be common for us to get into a rut with our sex life. A little flirting, a little kissing, then you’re in the sheets together. An intimate massage forces you to slow way down and enjoy the moment of being with your partner. It’s not about getting to an orgasm as quickly as possible but about enjoying their body, the feel of your skin on theirs. It’s about exploring what makes them moan in a stress-reliving way versus an erotic way. Bringing a little sensuality to your sex life will enhance the intimacy between you and encourage both of you to feel more relaxed and less pressured to reach a goal.

Spend time reconnecting

Intimate massage is about literal connection – your hands on their body or vice versa. It’s about spending time together, all of these wonderful things that have been mentioned. All of these things add up to reconnection and experiencing yourselves as a true couple. Think back to the beginning of your relationship – you probably couldn’t keep your hands off of each other. Use intimate massage to bring those feelings back and connect on a sensual level. Intimate massage will remind you of those first glorious moments in your relationship and why you two connected in the first place.

Improve your communication

This one may surprise you but the key to giving and receiving a great intimate massage is communication. Whether it’s having a simple check-in before you begin or whispering little questions in their ear as you massage their body, communicating with each other will help you both have the best experience possible. You’ll know what parts of the body are more sensitive, what’s feeling good, and what you should do more or less of. Intimate massage is a great way to practice straightforward communication and be truthful with one another.

Remove goals from your sex life

It’s been mentioned previously but intimate massage can help you remove goals from your sex life. This means that rather than being focused on giving them a mind-blowing orgasm or making sure you orgasm at just the right time, you’re enjoying each other in a sensual and sexual context without any ending in mind. This will relieve a lot of pressure on both of you and help you just enjoy the moment for exactly what it is. If your massage does end up including orgasms, wonderful. And if not, that’s wonderful too. The idea is to let go of expectations of what being sexual with each other is supposed to look like and just enjoy being together.

Explore each other’s bodies

Reignite that spark of excitement of exploring each other’s bodies for the first time all over again. Intimate massage forces you to slow down and pay attention to what each sensation and movement is doing to your partner. If you linger on their hip, do they lean into you? Does massaging their arse a certain way make them shiver? What about your fingers trailing down the back of their neck? Take the time to explore the things that make their toes curl and give an amazing massage at the same time.

Take turns giving intimate massages

A great thing to do is to pick special nights for each of you to give or receive an intimate massage. This way, each of you have time devoted to you alone and there’s no pressure to hurry up or switch things around. Taking turns also gives you both the opportunity to experience what it’s like to be a giver and receiver and find out what it feelings it stirs in you. Discover if you have a preference for one side or the other. Practice that communication from both sides. Be vulnerable in a different way than you have been. Taking turns giving intimate massages will help enhance that intimacy and trust between the two of you.

Giving an intimate massage can be simple

If you’ve never given a massage, not just an intimate massage, there’s no reason to be nervous about it. You certainly don’t have to be a certified expert in order to give a great one! Besides setting the mood just right, make sure you have massage oil ready to go. A high quality massage oil will help reduce friction between your hands and their body. Be generous but don’t go overboard.

As you massage, start at the top of the body and work your way down. Use long smooth strokes with your hands flat. Alternate with massaging in small circles in areas that feel tense. You can use pressure in varying levels. And, remember, communicate with your partner. Ask them if it feels good or if you should do something different. You can also check out some of the many tutorials online for other tips and tricks.

Take a deep breath and just know that you’re going to do great, no matter what. Don’t let the idea of giving a massage trip you up. Giving an intimate massage is all about spending time together so focus on that rather than the technical details of the massage.

Enhance your intimacy tonight

Intimate massage is an incredibly powerful tool to enhance and deepen the intimacy in your relationship. By taking care of all four types of intimacy in different ways – mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional – you’ll feel closer than ever to your partner. You’ll both connect on different levels than you have before and doing something new together will make you trust and love each other. Explore each other all over again and take the time to learn something different or new about your partner’s body. Go and explore intimate massage with your partner tonight!


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