Diary of a Secret Girl

Welcome to Diary of a Secret Girl, the only place where I tell all my secret thoughts and fantasies as a tantric masseuse.

I have had so many incredible experiences and met so many sexy people. I love what I do and I want to share all the fun, sexy details! Come with me on this sensual adventure and take a peek into the private diary of a Secret Girl. 

Secrets, fantasies, experiences, maybe even a few tips and tricks – this is what Diary of a Secret Girl is all about. I want to give you an inside look at the glamorous life of a tantric masseuse at London’s best VIP massage agency. I love this line of work because I’m a naturally sensual person (I’m a Scorpio, if that means anything to you!) and I enjoy people. Providing relaxation and pleasure to clients is so fulfilling to me and so much goes into each session. It’s more than just candles and warm oils! The work that erotic massage professionals do is an elite level of customer care. We love what we do and it shows.  

More than just nude massage

I’m a “people person” in every way and I have always been described as bubbly. I guess you could say that the work chose me! Tantra and tantric massage has been an interest and a passion of mine for years. Like many people I found tantra through yoga and I have found both practices beneficial to my mind, soul and body. I could tell you all the usual details, height, weight, and measurements, but if I did, I couldn’t be so free with sharing stories with you. Discretion is essential in this business, after all. Besides, isn’t it more fun this way? 

I travel as much as I can, and I almost always order dessert. Because of that, I exercise a lot for fitness and flexibility: lots of yoga and pilates, swimming and running! Paris is one of my favourite destinations, although my French is sorely lacking. I love to read and write, mostly fiction, though some poetry and erotica slips in sometimes too! I take a lot of photos, and love learning about photography and finding the beauty in the ordinary.

This is a visual representation of some things that I love:

My diary is full of secret, sexy things …

Our sunglasses allowed us a certain kind of mutual voyeurism. We could both look longer than was polite, and we both knew the other’s gaze more intimately than expected. We both spent time on the shore that summer, watching, wading, working, swimming, and sunning ourselves like lizards. She was golden and colt-like, skin oiled, and peppered with sand. Her toes were varnished a rich coral; the quintessential sun-bathing beauty. She’d read, tap away at her tablet, sip from a silver flask. If I was lucky, she’d stretch and arch and tip toe into the surf where I would watch the waves caress her body as only my imagination could fathom. The beach was often close to empty and my towel was never very near to hers. When she’d get up to swim she’d pass by me and I’d catch a whiff of coconut lotion and whiskey. Watching the water swirl around her legs, consuming her body as she waded deeper, I couldn’t help but press into myself through the soft smoothness of my swimsuit. The throbbing waves and the fringe of soft foam at the water’s edge took my mind to the private Baja between her legs, sunset pink and oyster-sweet was how I imagined it. She’d swim and I’d chew my lip in concentration, unable to wait until later, fingertips sliding into my bathing suit bottoms, coaxing myself to silent, sweaty orgasms as she bobbed in the tide, the mermaid of my dreams.

Erotic massage tips and more

I want to know what you want to read about! Use the comments section below to request topics for future Diary of a Secret Girl posts. I’ll definitely be sharing my experiences with tantric massage and some techniques and tips. 


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