Body On Body Massage London

Body On Body Massage London

Secret Tantric is well known for thrilling clients with our VIP body on body massage in London. So what makes this massage so different from all the other London massage agencies? Our massage is a sensual therapy that delivers an amazing experience. We have the most beautiful collection of therapists in London, and that’s guaranteed! Our masseuse are well trained, they know the tantric arts and practice many forms of therapy. What’s more, they work from discreet and private luxury apartments in central London. To make an appointment, look at the gallery below and pick your favourite masseuse. Then call us on 07 856 666 686, tell us your preferences and we’ll take care of everything else.

07856 666 686

What is a body on body massage?

A body on body massage is an enticing experience where a hot therapist will pleasure your whole body. During the massage session, our masseuse will get naked and seduce you with her body. After she covers your entire body in warm oil to start the session, she’ll start gliding up and down your body. This will make you feel aroused and as the excitement builds, your troubles will melt away. It’s the best-proven way to refresh your mind, helping you escape the chaos and anxiety of your daily routine.

Body on body massage is an erotic therapy!

This massage has its roots in Japanese history, it’s a naked massage that awakens your body. The body rubbing motion is a practice that originates from old Tantric principles. It promotes physical and psychological health, healing both body and mind.

During the massage your masseuse will get herself naked to massage your body and tend to you. After she has lovingly covered your entire body in the warmth of hers. She will bring unscented massage oil to prepare you for the delights to follow. Starting with your back, she will work her way from your head to your toes. She will then turn you over and then keep repeating the process in different areas of your body in the body on body massage london.

She will sensually and rhythmically take over your body and touch your soul. Gliding slowly up and down on your body and make your feelings for her take over. Her training will help you derive pleasure from private areas in a way no one else can.

She will use both her body and expert hands to caress, tantalise, and tease you. Using tantra techniques, she will rub and slide her body over yours, until you feel every inch of her naked body. Your body will start to come alive as she starts to focus on your pleasure points and awakens your senses. She uses her naked body to remove stress, calm nerves and reduce muscle tension. What’s more, she will improve your health and blood circulation in a pleasurable way.

The most loved massage therapies in London

Hot stones therapy:

Hot stones therapy is an exciting treatment that uses hot stones to improve the flow of blood in your body. It provides relief from chronic pain, removes stress, and encourages deep relaxation.

Sports therapy:

London sports therapy focuses on body recovery, rehabilitation, and prevention. It’s best suited for events and training sessions. The session includes an extensive assessment followed by treatment. This ensures that you get the right treatment and benefits from this therapy.

Relaxing body therapy:

A relaxing full body massage uses slow and gentle strokes to help you drift off to your happy place. As the stresses of life are gently massaged out of your physical body, troubles and stress will melt away.

Remedial body therapy:

London Remedial therapy involves a mix of treatment, homework, and assessment. The homework requires you to stretch and exercise in your own time over a given period of time. In short, the remedy is a mix of Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, and Deep Tissue.

Therapeutic body on body massage:

We recommend London therapeutic body on body massage for those who want to enjoy something new. This massage is one of the most popular body therapies in London. The therapy walks a fine line between relaxation and remedy. Some parts will help you relax, while others will help you get the most pleasure from your time. It’s great for those who have no physical ailments, who want to relax and remove stress in a calm environment.

Premium body on massage services in London!

Without any extra cost, add a VIP massage setting to feel like a king. For your pleasure, you can choose from the various VIP add ons made available to clients.

Aqua add on

Order an aqua bath/shower bolt-on, an intimate bath or shower ritual spent with your sexy masseuse. You can experience a London aqua massage before or after your erotic body massage. Showering before therapy is mandatory, so many clients prefer to opt for aqua at the start. They say it helps them to connect with the masseuse before proceeding on to the body on massage. Other clients prefer aqua after, so the therapist can wash away oils and leave no trace of the therapy.

During an aqua bath shower, the masseuse will exfoliate, wash and cleanse your body. It’s a delightful experience that’s enjoyed by many and will help you bond with your masseuse. You can experience London aqua therapy before or after massage. When ordered as a bolt-on, the therapy extends by 15 minutes and costs £50 more.

Lingerie request

Within reason, you can request your London masseuse to wear a certain type of lingerie. As an example, you might want french nickers and a bra without stockings and suspenders. The most popular request is lingerie by colour, pick the colour which you like and we’ll do our best to arrange. If the masseuse doesn’t have what you want, you can provide her with lingerie or an outfit for role-play.

Tantric Role Play

Adding role play to the therapy, will enhance the pleasure and add a new dimension to the massage. We offer a couple of therapies that fit within this category, such as Tie and Tease and Dark Tantric therapy. Other types of massage can open your mind, build excitement and enhance the release.

Our girls never fail to satisfy, go the extra mile, and will ensure you that you have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. As with all erotic massage, we design our massage to fit around what you want. Secret Tantric masseuse ensure that you’re comfortable, relaxed, and spoilt rotten.

What is the body on body massage in London? How is it performed?

The easiest way to explain this massage is when two bodies collide and massage each other. A highly trained professional will use her body to excite and help you achieve a powerful orgasm. Below is the process to help you understand how this massage session could work.

The Process:

Step 1:

To make it a luxury massage the massage could start with an Aqua bolt-on. The masseuse will take you into the shower and clean your body with soap. A soapy wash will cleanse your body, calm your nerves, and prepare you for the massage. It also offers a good opportunity to connect with your masseuse and is a very sensual experience. If you don’t want the Aqua add-on, then you can head over to the bathroom and shower on your own.

Step 2:

The masseuse will have set the environment, and the area will be clean and ready for the therapy. Soft and relaxing music will be playing in the background to help set the scene. With dim lights and scented candles to create a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere.

Step 3:

Then the masseuse will drown her body and your body in oil and will use her body to spread the oil all over your body. The receiver of this therapy will have an experience that they’ve never had before.

What’s in a London body on body massage?

The points below will give you an idea of what benefits you can expect to receive from this massage in London:

  • You get to avail the most popular type of massage, something that is always in demand.
  • The arousing experience of an extremely passionate and sensual therapy.
  • This massage benefits your physical and mental health for a happy life.
  • It helps solve erection issues by increasing the blood flow in your body and making you healthy.
  • After the sensual massage you will feel relaxed and it will help you wind down after a rough week at work.

Body on body massage London

The Secret Tantric massage will take you on an enchanting journey of body adoration. This erotic massage is one of the most intensely warm moments that you’ll ever get to experience.

Our therapists will attend to your needs, address physical issues and provide great pleasure. Using warm and organic massage oils, they use their body to stimulate your senses with each touch. Skin-to-skin contact creates incredible sensations that awake a client’s sensual side.

Book a Body Massage In London with your loved one

This massage in London is on the rise and becoming very popular with both men, women, and couples. You can try this massage with or without a partner to claim its benefits. This massage for couples can help transform your relationship. It offers an opportunity to explore the sensual side of your partner whilst sharing a good time.

Our therapists can ignite a spark in your relationship and bring you closer together. Many clients have a couple’s massage to learn new things about their partner. It offers a great opportunity to see what your partner enjoys, and then you can practice later in your own time. Your relationship will then blossom as you learn to adore and pleasure each other in new ways.

A gift that communicates love, and good health

Stress relief:

Stress relief is one of the first benefits that come to mind when thinking of this massage. It’s also a key component for anyone trying to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Research shows that it lowers your heart rate, calms nerves, and produces endorphins. Increasing the production of endorphins improves your body’s natural “feel good” chemical. Serotonin and dopamine are the specific endorphins which massage releases.

Sexual Health:

The techniques applied by our therapists improve blood pressure and increase circulation. This helps to unlock sensual energy and encourages it to flow throughout your whole body. Good blood pressure helps you maintain a strong erection and improves your performance. Yoni, Prostate, and most other tantric therapies designed to improve your sexual health.

Reduce pain and discomfort:

This massage affects gene activity, reducing inflammation and painful muscles. You could take an aspirin or ibuprofen to mask the pain but it won’t heal the problem. This massage heals your body, improves flexibility, and breaks down knots. It also removes lactic acid which causes pain to muscles from intense exercise.

Deep relaxation:

Many people live demanding lives day to day, they don’t take any time out and have time for themselves. We all deserve some time out moment for relaxation and a soothing hour of pampering is perfect for that. A body on massage will help relax your mind and your body, it reduces anxiety and helps you relax. The length of the therapy will depend on how long you would like it to last. You can have an hour, an hour and a half, or two hours if you wish. The longer the therapy, the more relaxed and de-stressed you will become.

It is a perfect way to reignite your passion for your life!

Initially, you may feel timid about sampling the pleasure of a massage, which we get. However, once you meet with your masseuse and start the massage, these worries will melt away. Rest assured, we have created the ultimate and most sensual massage in London.

Secret Tantric masseuse are as good as it gets, they’re hot, sexy, and provide the best massage in London. They will take you both to a new and enthralling provocative world of body on body pleasure.

Our masseuse work in all affluent areas of central London, offering massage in Chelsea and other parts of town. You could book an incall massage in Mayfair, or even book an outcall massage if you’re staying at a hotel. Do you want to feel the seductive power of their erotic touch, as they soothe your body and excite your senses? Then pick a hot masseuse from the gallery above and call us on +447 856 666 686 to book your body on body massage.

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