This one is for the ladies! Last week I promised that I’d share more about becoming a Secret Girl and this is the post! I’ll also share some hot tips on how to become a Secret Girl yourself and all about my journey into being a London tantric massage expert.

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My objective with this diary is to pull back the curtain and reveal the sexy truths about being a Secret Tantric Girl. Many people still have negative associations with erotic professionals. The media portrays us as broken, tragic, pathetic characters. Nothing could be further from the truth! We are educated, attractive, intelligent women. All of us are caring, dynamic and interesting women with rich lives beyond our work. Living in a world-class city means that there is always something to do, somewhere to go, or someone to meet. When London is running at full capacity, it can seem impossible to feel alone here. And yet it’s very possible to feel lonely. We can help with that!

London Tantric Massage

London is the greatest city in the world and no one can tell me otherwise! I absolutely love working in the London massage industry. I have been in this line of work for a few years now, in a few different capacities, and Secret Tantric is by far the best agency I have worked with. London also has an exceptionally great clientele, in part because so many dashing, erudite and exotic men travel here for work, but also because the locals are spectacular. 

Paying for an erotic experience is something that some people still turn their noses up at. For many it’s a fundamental no-go and a boundary they don’t ever wish to cross. That’s fine, and we should all, always, do what we believe is best for ourselves and the world around us. However, not everyone sees the adult industry that way. Depending on the definitions considered, anywhere between 10-14% of men in the UK consistently pay for sex in one form or another. That includes erotic contact like sensual massage, nuru massage, and tantric massage.

Why tantra?

I was drawn to tantra, and especially tantric massage, because I have always been a sensual person. I’m very outgoing and I have always enjoyed speaking with people so a job in the public sphere felt right. When it comes to relating to people in a physical way I’ve always had fairly wide boundaries. I’m a hugger! I know what I want and I know what I like. Luckily, I know what I don’t want and I know what I don’t like so working within the sphere of tantra and erotic massage has been fairly straightforward for me because setting boundaries has never really been an issue. In terms of the physical aspects of the job, being very fit is definitely a requirement. This is both an aesthetic issue as well as a physical strength issue. Tantra captures both the physical energy as well as the internal sensitivity that I have. Sharing that with others is incredibly fulfilling to me. It’s a way to make a living by interacting with people in a positive, uplifting, and empowering way.

Skills vs Personality

Working in the adult entertainment and erotic industry is a fascinating line of work. It requires certain skills, however it’s really much more about personality. There’s also the issue of morality (for some) and whether or not working in the adult industry is acceptable or appropriate for their lives, their families, and their beliefs. I’ve always had a rather outgoing and easygoing nature so connecting with people has always been a breeze for me. So long as you’re an outgoing, attractive, and confident person it’s not a very difficult job. I love meeting new people, I’ve always been a sensual and sexual person, so embracing that and feeling empowered by my sexuality has really been valuable for me.

Must love men

I also really enjoy the company of men. Not all of my clients are men, however. I certainly do work with female clients, but for the most part it’s men and that suits me just fine. Having several brothers when I was growing up means I have always been around men and male energy. I find men easy to get along with, easy to relate to, and easy to understand.

I think that men are, for the most part, doing the best that they can.  It’s impossible to believe that all men know everything about themselves, have discovered their own sexuality and learned everything they need to about the world. Just like anyone else, men in our society are learning and changing. Part of that change is about being more open and comfortable with their bodies, sexuality, and self care. Personally, I love that part of what I do helps men develop and experience things they wouldn’t otherwise. 

Why I’m pro-agency

This is an industry that has its risks and downsides, so working alongside an agency that puts your well-being first, is essential.

I have done this kind of work on my own, completely solo, and without any sense of protection or stability. Let me tell you, it can be absolutely terrifying. It’s impossible for any agency, just like any individual, to foresee negative or dangerous aspect of clients. Sometimes the scariest clients hide their scary parts the best. But by and large, I like to believe that most men are good, not dangerous, and can be trusted to respect professional boundaries. I certainly wouldn’t stake my life on the kindness of strangers, but for the most part my experiences have been very safe and very pleasant. Working with Secret Tantric means that they take care of the marketing and distribution. Our images and stats are shared and they drum up the sales. Having the support of an agency like Secret Tantric means that I can allow myself not to worry about the nuts and bolts of the appointment. I simply need to be ready to meet my client and to be present and available within the time frame that he and I set.

Reasons why you want to work with Secret Tantric

Secret tantric is non-exclusive and is open to collaborating with all kinds of escorts, party girls and independent masseuses. You don’t need any training or specific skills in massage, erotic massage, or Tantra. In fact you don’t even need to know what Tantra is all about, we will teach you everything you need to know. It’s very important to the owner of Secret Tantric that all of our masseuses, all of us Secret Girls, are well-equipped in the art of tantra. We actually have real physical and trained skills in this area. There is certainly nothing wrong with working in the adult industry, however many people feel better about seeing someone for an erotic experience if there is a skill or some sort of applicable, approachable, acceptable word to use.

It’s essential in this business that you know your worth, both as a human being, as well as an employee or independent contractor.

Work, worry free

Many clients are unsure of what the appropriate protocol for such an appointment would be. Part of the intake process when you call for a massage is a quick questionnaire to understand what your wants and needs are. It is such an advantage and such a privilege to have the Secret Tantric team on our side. They provide support by ensuring that we have protocols in place that make our work more safe, more accessible, and more sustainable. Historically this sort of work has been incredibly dangerous and incredibly isolating. Secret Tantric means support around every appointment and less stress.

High Standards

Secret Tantric is the premier London massage agency and there is an absolute standard that must be met. It’s essential that all the secret girls meet the physical and aesthetic criteria of the company, this is the expectation of our clientele. We have a very specific high-end clientele of erudite, well-travelled, educated, and incredibly sexy, men. Their tastes are generally quite specific and exotic. It’s not uncommon for a client to specifically request a certain look, a certain vibe or a certain colour of hair or eyes.

More than just pretty faces

It’s a good point to make that the standard is not simply about busty blue-eyed blondes. In fact many of us here at secret tantric are brunettes with different-coloured eyes from blue to green to brown. In fact many of the brunette masseuses do very, very well with clients. Many are frequently called back again for another appointment. As you can imagine, repeat business is everything! Getting to know your client and understanding what makes him tick is absolutely an essential part of the process. There is so much that can happen during a massage appointment that it’s impossible to get into all of the potential detail. However, for the most part it’s about making a sincere connection with your client. This means spending time understanding what they’re looking for and finding a way to deliver that to them that you are comfortable with.

So many perks of Secret Tantric massage

Some agencies will work with independent masseuses or other workers and try to dictate what it is that they should be comfortable or willing to do. I’m very happy to say that Secret Tantric we all set our own rules, our own hours, our own limits, and our own rates. It’s essential in this business that you know your worth, both as a human being, as well as an employee or independent contractor.

Work-life balance

This can be challenging at the best of times and in the most straightforward of industries. However, when you’re working with clients so closely, and so intimately, and also expecting so much of your body in terms of your physical fitness, it can be a lot to balance between work and the rest of your life. Because of how physical fitness driven this role is it’s essential that exercise and nutrition become the forefront of your life. This is not a role for someone who is lazy or hesitant about getting really into that mental and physical essence of tantra.

Not every aspect of my life needs to be influenced by tantric practice, however I also do a lot of yoga for fitness and training. It helps with my breathing, which is an essential part of the appointments with clients. If you’re the sort of person who needs to be able to party every Friday and Saturday and spend weekend days in bed or watching movies this will not be the role for you. As you can imagine we work when our clients need us to work, therefore we must be as available as we have said that we will be. Maintaining a consistent schedule can be absolutely imperative to making the kind of money that you want to make in this world. When it comes to the earning potential of this job you can expect to make up to  . 

Our clients

As I mentioned, our clients are the best that London has to offer. This makes sense because we at Secret Tantric, are the best that London has to offer as well. We enjoy the attention and affections of some of London’s most wonderful men. Businessmen men, artists, white-collar professionals, teachers, Pilots, etc. Because London is such an international city there’s always someone each week who’s from out of town. I personally really enjoy meeting people from other places. Spending time with men from other parts of the world, and hearing their stories about where they’ve been and what they do. I find it fascinating to see how differently men from other cultures approach things like intimacy, eroticism, and all kinds of adult entertainment. For the most part, as mentioned,  our clients are respectful, kind and generous.

Next Steps

If you’re interested in joining the ranks of the Secret Tantric girls, my recommendation is that you read through the rest of our website as well as a few other articles on this blog and get a sense of how tantra works. Get to know what will be expected of you and what the client experience can be like. Secret Tantric is always looking for beautiful women who want to work independently but with some support. Being an agency means that they don’t control how you do your work or when you do your work, not even how much you charge for your work. They do a great job of ensuring that you have all of the supplies and things that you need to do your job well, as well as some safety and security.  Someone always knows who you’re with, where you are, and when you should be finished when you’re working. This means that you are never completely alone. Even if you are in the most intimate moment with a client, headquarters always has your back. 

Apply Now

If you think that you have what it takes in terms of your physique, your aesthetic, your personality, and your availability make sure to reach out immediately. Secret Tantric is always looking for new collaborations with new girls to help expand the possibilities of VIP tantric experience in London. OOY


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